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Chewy vs. Target for Dog Supplies

Chewy vs. Target for Dog Supplies

Both of these companies are good at what they do. Chewy is probably the most celebrated pet supply retailer online, and Target is just loved by all housewives who go into the store for a toilet cleaner and two hours later come out with curtains, towels, and full wardrobe for a family. Men mostly dislike Target, for the reasons above, but unanimously love Chewy for pet supplies and low prices.

Chewy and Target for Dog Supplies

Today we are interested in dog food and entertainment because when we all sit at home under quarantine orders, curtains and towels lose the immediate urgency, but pet supplies don’t. In fact, pets are keeping us calm and collected, unlike our rowdy kids, so taking care of four legged sons and daughters is of primary importance.

Chewy Dog Supplies

When we try to avoid going outside, shopping online becomes our preferred option even more so than before. So let’s explore if Chewy and Target are compatible in pet departments.

Dog Food from Chewy

Let’s cover vital needs first – dog food. When you type ‘dry dog food’ on Chewy.com, you will get 1,556 results, while Target will offer 896. The difference is significant. If you are looking for organic dog food, you will be able to choose from 339 items on Chewy and from 40 at Target.com. Here the difference is felt even more. We strongly believe that the quality of food is very important and always go for organic. Needless to say we vote for Chewy here.

Target Dog Chew

While it’s very hard to compare organic dog food offers, let’s try.

Target Dog Treats

While Target doesn’t have many options, the ones it does have are not bad.

Target Dog Food Offers

Target is selling Nutro, Full Moon, Newman’s Own, Halo, I and Love and You, Purina Beyond, Blue Dog Bakery, Buffalo Range, and Nutri Chomps.

Target Dog Chews and Treats

For comparison, Walmart carries just 3 brands of organic dog Food. Chewy.com offers an insane amount – Adirondack, Animal Essentials, Brothers Complete, Canine Caviar, Caru, Crypto Aero, Dr. Harvey’s, Earthbath, Gather, Halo, and Lotus to name just a few.

Target Dog Dental Treats

When it comes to prices on a few items that both retailers have, we found this out:

  • Full Moon Organic Beef Jerky Dog Treats are $10.79 at Chewy and $11.99 at Target.
  • Halo Holistic Chicken & Chicken Liver Adult Dry Dog Food, 4-lb bag – $19.21 at Chewy and $19.99 at Target
  • Full Moon Organic Training Treats – $5.39 at Chewy and $5.99 at Target.

As you can see, even besides the width of choice, Chewy wins with prices too, even if by little.

Chewy German Shepherd Promo

See Chewy Discount Deals:

  • 30% OFF First Autoship Order
  • 25% OFF Select Items with code 25OFF
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $49

Chewy Pet Food and Supplies 20off Coupon

Another issue is the speed of shipping – none of us are used to long wait. That is changing a little bit today with our crazy panicky shopping habits, but both retailers are still catering to us quite flawlessly. Chewy is almost back to normal 2-day delivery, with occasional delay by 1-2 days, while Target is not experiencing anything abnormal. In addition to shipping, you can get your order picked up curbside, and here Target one ups Chewy.com.

Target BarkBox toys

Target is known for supporting and selling BarkBox toys, which is a subscription box for unique dog toys, all natural treats, and healthy chews.

BarkBox Toys with Discount at Target

Target sells those unique toys and they are really worthy of your attention.

Target BarkBox Toys Offers

The toys are fun not only for dogs, but for their hoomans too – plush dollar bill stack, soft Starbucks coffee cup, rain cloud toys, dumplings dog toy, a pretzel, and many other items from our everyday life.

BarkBox Bad Apples

The prices range from $7.99 to $11.99 per toy.

BarkBox Toys at Target

The best part is that you won’t find these toys anywhere else, but at Target and in monthly BarkBox.

Target BarkBox Dog Toys

BarkBoxes are beloved by dogs and by their owners because of fun themes.

Monthly BarkBox Deals

Each box comes with a cute theme, but holiday months are especially cool with Christmas Nutcrackers and snowmen, Easter Bunnies, Valentine’s Day hearts, and 4th of July fireworks that can be chewed and tasted.

Chewy Goody Boxes

Chewy has their own subscription box, called Goody Box, and sells toys that can come with that subscription and more. Some of the most fun entertainment pieces are from Frisco collections. Those toys come in all shapes and sizes, from little balls to big rope toys, birthday cakes, and hide and seek ensembles.

Chewy Viking Toy

This depends on personal tastes, but in our humble opinion, Frisco toys for Chewy are some of the most fun in the industry – Vikings, flat hunting animals, alien hide and seek flying saucer, rope and plush toy bundles, every animal on the planet, yeti, unicorns, and 7 pages worth of goodies. The prices of Frisco toys start at $5 and go up to $20 for big ones.

Chewy Goody Box Promotion

Finally, as a last proof of Chewy’s win, here is the count of toy variety: Target has 350 dog toys, while Chewy offers 2,860. Shall we say Chewy.com is your guy for everything dog from now on?