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Super Chewer vs. Chewy's Puppy Box

Super Chewer vs. Chewy's Puppy BoxSuper Chewer or Chewy’s Goody Box?/20off.com

This year just started, but my dog has been spoiled many times already. It’s all thanks to my recent obsession with subscription boxes. I am trying quite a few of them for our human family members, so it wouldn’t be fair if our dog didn’t get anything. And when it comes to dogs, the choices can make you dizzy. I wanted to try a few different boxes before subscribing to one for a period of time.

Chewy’s Goody Box PromotionChewy’s Puppy Box is a delight for every puppy

During my search for the best one, I tried Chewy’s Goody Box, BarkBox, and Super Chewer, which also comes from BarkBox. I have to admit that choosing the best one out of all of them is very hard because I liked them all. The best thing about delivery service like that is the delivery itself – you get toys, treats, and chews right to your house, so you don’t have to go shopping and struggle choosing from hundreds of toys at any given pet store. Here wonderful items come to you. They are designed for Chewy and BarkBox exclusively, so you know you won’t find them anywhere else. And best of all – buying all items one by one would cost a lot more than the price of the box!

Chewy's Goody Box CouponsLet me smell this box, mom, it has some good stuff!

When I ordered a box from Chewy, Marlo was just about to turn one year old, so technically he was still a puppy. This is why I got him a Puppy Box from Chewy. I have to admit that Chewy has been my favorite since discovering them a few months ago, when I was looking for options to order dog food on auto-ship, since Amazon disappointed me with their auto-delivery service. Chewy works great for all my pet needs, so I am a bit biased towards the company.

Chewy Dog Goody Box CouponChewy.com knows what little dogs like

Chewy Puppy Box came in December, so by now most treats are consumed and had been totally enjoyed. Surprisingly, plush toys are still alive a month later, but that’s probably because Marlo has so many toys to divert his attention to.

The box looked great from outside with its illustration of dog mama and daddy carrying a baby. It was rather big and hefty with all the generous offerings inside. Marlo looked into the box upon opening and immediately pulled out Plush Squeaking Bear toy and Bungee Plush Bunny toy. He likes the cute soft toys too, just like his mama.

Chewy's Goody Box DealChewy.com offers all of that in its Puppy Box subscription service

He then went on to sniff Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Soft & Chewy Training Dog Treats. He really enjoyed getting some of those while learning how to give high five. I liked Planet Friendly Scented Dog Poop Bags and Dispenser. I am already using those exact bags, so this was a nice refill and a signal that Chewy cares about the environment.

Chewy Dog Goody BoxThis Goody Box is mine, all mine

Peanut Butter Flavored Filled Beef Hoof was Marlo’s all time absolute favorite. He was busy with it for two days. I liked how he stayed out of trouble while chewing, but also felt that it should be eaten outside because it was quite smelly. Unfortunately Marlo doesn’t like being left outside on the patio by himself, even with a bone, so I let him have it at home, and then just washed the floor and his bed.

Chewy Goody Box ToysChristmas theme had never taste this good before, curtesy of Super Chewer box

The last two items were All-Natural Chicken Recipe Freeze-Dried treats and a bandana. The treats were light and flavorful, and he would’ve eaten them all right away. The bandana is definitely one thing that Marlo and I have very different opinions about – I love he cute he looks with it and he totally hates it.

Chewy's Goody Box BandanaHappiness is Chewy’s Puppy box/20off.com

Overall, I liked what I got in the box. It was really affordable at just $24.99 and free shipping. If I decide to stick with Chewy boxes, it’ll have to be not for a puppy anymore and with a subscription plan in order to save money.  Next time I would like to see more sturdy toys, but for that I might just have to call them, since I heard that their customer service is legendary.

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Chewy Goody Box CookiesBarkBox’s Super Chewer treats are lickin’ good

After the puppy box from Chewy and two boxes from Bark Box, I decided to go for something more serious and ordered a Super Chewer box from BarkBox. At this point in his life, Marlo is an ultimate super chewer, killing plush toys on a daily basis.

Super Chewer Game Night themed box couponSuper Chewer boxes are always themed and festive

Super Chewer box was $39, but the price is significantly lower with 6 or 12 month subscription – $34 and $29 respectively. In addition to that, you can get the first box for 50% off and with free shipping if you sign up for at least 6 months. I didn’t want to sign up right away, so had to pay a little more. Even with that the value of all the goodies was above $50, so I felt good about my purchase.

Super Chewer Game Night Box CouponGame night from Super Chewer

Super Chewer box came looking just like Bark Boxes, but felt a lot heavier. It must be because there were no cute soft toys inside. And that’s exactly what I wanted!

Super Chewer Game Night themed box

This is what the Game Night themed box included:

  • Benebone peanut butter flavor chew – long lasting and loved by Marlo before, so definitely a useful item, which he is going to enjoy. The bone is for dogs under 60 pounds, but looks just perfect size for Marlo’s mighty 60.

Checkmutt Chess Tug ToySuper Chewer knows a thing or two about big chewer toys

  • Checkmutt Chess Tug – this one looks sturdy and extremely fun. Made of rubber, tough, and with squeaks – Marlo could hardly imagine anything more perfect than this chewy goodness.

Super Chewer Checkmutt Chess TugTry me Super Chewer, says Marlo

  • Treat Rack – made of natural rubber that feels like wood and designed to have peanut butter smeared in its crevices or tile treats snapped onto its ridge for some tasty chewing pleasure.

Super Chewer Box CouponSuper Chewer delivers many hours of productive chewing

  • Game Night Bites Pork Rack Snacks – these are treats that can be snapped onto the treat holder and enjoyed together. The snacks have no wheat, soy, corn, or grain, and are made in the US.

Super Chewer Box PromotionsPork and beef snacks from Super Chewer

  • Game Night Beef Jacks – different flavor treats for the treat rack to ensure that good taste will last for a while. Kids love refilling them for Marlo a few times per day.
  • Hard & Crunchy Lamb Stick treat – we have tried it before and it was enjoyed in about 3 minutes

Super Chewer Hard & Crunchy Lamb Stick treatI want them and I want them now!

  • Peanut Butter & Carob Stick – this one also came in one of the previous Bark Boxes, so I know that it’s a hit and doesn’t last too long. It’s big enough to serve as breakfast though.

February Super Chewer Box DiscountThe bone from Super chewer is like chicken

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Super Chewer Dog Box DiscountSuper Chewer box contents

I like the fact that Super Chewer box is filled to the brim and brings treats that will last for a long time. I did miss a cute plush toy, but I suppose they don’t come in a sturdy mode. The box is a bit more expensive that Chewy’s Goody Box, but it also offers more long-lasting stuff and no bandanas that are often questionable by dogs.

Chewy’s Goody Box CouponPerfect entertainment on a rainy day from Super Chewer

As I mentioned at the beginning, I have very tough time choosing one box over the other, and so does Marlo. It might be that we will rotate both through the year, which we can do with 6 month subscription for each.