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Is Chewy Better Than Amazon?

Chewy vs AmazonMarlo is a proper Chewy.com delivery man/20off LLC

This is definitely a question worth exploring. For so long Amazon has been for e-stores what Walmart was once for mom and pop shops. In fact, Amazon’s reach is felt by retailers with physical stores too – they are seeing loss of business and customer migration to online and fast shipping convenience. So can Amazon be stopped?

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We think it can, at least when it comes to pet products. Chewy entered the picture in 2011, started very small, grew immensely and fast, and sold to PetSmart in 2017 for a cool $3.35 billion. And now Amazon is losing the competition to this young company that stayed an independent subsidiary even after the sale.

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So what does this company do so right that it can compete with a giant like Amazon? The main reason is its undivided attention to customer service that became legendary. In our oversaturated markets customers are searching for that special touch and experience, which Chewy offers with 24/7 live customer service that is based in the US. How many companies do that?

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Chewy surpassed Amazon in pet market share and is still gaining popularity among veterinarians and pet owners. They focus on selling best quality products and providing the most personalized and responsive customer service. They don’t employ too many people, but those who do get employed are highly knowledgeable and trained, so you can rest assured that when you call them at 2 am on New Year’s night, you will get your questions answered and promptly.

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To accommodate growing needs, the company is opening new shipping and customer service centers all the time. The newest call center was just recently established in Hollywood, Florida. The new quarters are in a state-of-the-art facility equipped with modern technology, all to serve one goal – take care of customers.

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Ever since the founding of the company by Ryan Cohen, intimate contact with customers was essential because without it Chewy stood no chance in competition with local pet stores and the likes of Amazon.

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Call centers like the new one in Hollywood are all equipped with scoreboards, where you can see the efficiency of people who take care of customers. The goal is to answer each call within 4 seconds or two rings, and the result is often times at impressive 97%!  The Hollywood center currently employs over 1,000 people and is looking to hire another 400 in near future. There are no answering machines and no voicemail in the entire facility, none, so it’s all up to people to be fast and efficient.

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South Florida town of Hollywood is benefiting from heavy investment from Chewy, which is looking for people who want highly trained stable jobs. All new employees go through 4 weeks of training and more education is available to them if desired. Not many traditional retailers care this much about their employees and as a result their customers. This is why so often you don’t even want to ask a question in stores. Creating stable positions for hard working smart people would benefit any retail business.

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Chewy is very open about promoting from within, it’s up to employees to decide how high up they want to move. If a person masters his position, he will be advanced to the next one. Career opportunities at Chewy are plenty and that helps with retention rates. It all starts with customer service representatives who are in direct contact with customers and then grows from there.

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To facilitate communication and desire to move forward, the company has open door policy, which means that employees can go and talk to management whenever needed. They are also encouraged to bring their pets to work. Sounds like a dream office yet?

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Only close relationship with customers and careful monitoring can ensure that clients will get sympathy cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards, and even free surprise paintings of their pets. Can Amazon do that? They probably could, but they simply grew too big to care.

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All the above reasons are why people switch from local pet stores and Amazon and go to Chewy for food, toys, and medication needs. Chewy prices are not always the cheapest and might be a few pennies more, but customers are happy to receive cans of food that arrive in time and not damaged. Amazon ships cans in regular boxes, which causes frequent damage, while Chewy puts a piece of carton between them, so that everything arrives intact. That’s money saving right there too.

Unlike so many grim reports, the retail is not collapsing, it’s just reinventing itself, and at the core of this Renaissance is the consumer. So all the ‘walmarts’ with unhappy employees, take a note – encourage your employees to advance and take care of them – that will result in happy customers and profits. It’s that simple, but requires a different mindset. Changes are hard, but they are necessary if you want to not only survive, but thrive. If Chewy can do it, so can you!

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And there is an issue of food ordering – the delivery speed, the shipping options, and the price. Let’s take a look:

If you have selected food that your pet likes, you can schedule an auto delivery from both, Chewy and Amazon. Doing that saves worrying about food, saves time, and saves 5%. Amazon’s “Subscribe & Save” program allows for deliveries every month through 6 months. Chewy’s “Autoship” offers delivery weekly, monthly, every 5, 6, and 8 months. As you can see, Chewy is a bit more flexible. You can save 30% off your first scheduled delivery at Amazon and 40% off at Chewy.

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Shipping is free for Amazon Prime members. All others get free shipping with $25+ orders, which are easy to achieve with big food bags. Chewy has free shipping on $49+ orders. Both companies deliver food via 2-day shipping.

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We took a look at 5 different bags of food that both companies carry. All of them were cheaper at Chewy by a few dollars with auto-delivery. One of them wasn’t even available at Amazon for auto shipment and one time purchase was $20 more than at Chewy. So price is clearly not an issue. We have also heard that when Amazon is a week late with its auto-shipment, people simply get notified, no apology, and $5 consolation prize after complaining. Chewy might send a free pet portrait if that happened, or so we hope.

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So at the end we say again, it’s the little things that matter to customers, combine those with a few saving opportunities and your company will come out a winner, as Chewy definitely is over Amazon in this case.