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Purr-Palooza Cat Subscription Box from Chewy

Purr-Palooza Cat Subscription Box from Chewy

Cats rule, dogs drool – have you ever heard of that? Chewy.com definitely did, or so it seems. I am not a cat person and have never had a cat, but I love all animals, so when I heard that my good friend got a cat, I was intrigued, especially when my kids are always asking for it, as if the dog is not enough.

Chewy BoxesAre Chewy boxes better for cats or for dogs?

My friend has a stunning cat – Balinese, which looks a little bit like Siamese, but with more distinct features, long coat, and sapphire-blue eyes. That kind of beauty would find a place in my house and in my heart, no doubt, but I will stick to one dog for now.

Chewy Purr Palooza CouponsSuch beauty is especially hard to please

Chewy caters to all kinds of animals, I always knew that, but only after the discovery of this beautiful friend’s feline, I looked at what exactly is available for cats there, and it’s a lot. In fact, I don’t think cats have fewer choices than dogs at Chewy. They even have a subscription box dedicated to them, aptly named Purr-Palooza.

Purr-Palooza is a monthly box, just like for dogs, but it’s for cats. Feline perfections also want treats and toys, and they may be bothered by your constant presence at home these days way more than dogs. The independence of cats is really taking a hit now with their owners not leaving for work and school in the mornings. A box with goodies from Chewy can be a small consolation prize for felines in your life, so don’t wait to get it delivered to them.

Purr-Palooza boxPurr-Palooza for cats is taking in the view

Purr-Palooza boxes are currently just $21.99 per month; they usually cost $26.22, so this is as good time as ever to reward your kitty for having to deal with you day in and day out. Shipping is free for all boxes and no input is required from you – just fill out a short questionnaire, order, and receive a box of treats and toys.

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Chewy Purr-Palooza Box CouponsYoung felines are treated to a party by Chewy

The box for cats comes filled to the brim with goodies to enjoy: five different treat bags, 3 cat nip scented mice, and a play chute – that’s a lot to enjoy for a little intelligent kitty, which is very sure of what she likes and what she doesn’t.

Chewy.com has it trickier with cats than with dogs. Cats are pickier and won’t just throw themselves on everything that comes out of the box, like any dog does. But based on positive reviews and experiences, it is clear that Chewy knows cats too.

What’s in the box:

  • Tiki Cat Stix Wet Treats with Chicken and Shrimp – the treats are licking good and grain free. It’s six of them in there, so goodness can be spread for a few days.

Chewy-Tiki Cat Stix Wet TreatsAll independent minds crave Tiki Cat Stix

  • Wellness Kittles Crunchy Treats – also grain free and all natural. Each bite is bursting with tuna and cranberry flavor and so good that she will forget that you are home bothering her all the time.

Chewy Wellness Kittles Crunchy TreatsKittles or Skittles – only Chewy can know

  • Blue Bursts treats – they are crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, which is the ultimate pleasure for felines, and features salmon as first ingredient. Purrfelicious indeed!

Chewy Blue Bursts treatsBlue Bursts will make every queen meow

  • Blue Bursts treats – same as previous ones, but with chicken.

Chewy Blue Bursts treats with chickenBursting with flavor for bursting with life kitties

  • Wellness Kittles Crunchy Treats – more delicious treats to spoil your best friend with chicken and cranberry flavors.

Chewy Wellness Kittles Crunchy Treats offersReal ingredients from Wellness delivered by Chewy

  • Frisco plush mouse trio – they are filled with Canadian catnip and thus irresistible. They have tails for games and enough mischief to keep your cat happy for a good while.

Chewy Frisco Plush Mouse TrioFrisco mice are filled with catnip for all addicted felines

  • Peek-a-boo cat chute from Frisco – cats need stimulation and entertainment just as much as we do during quarantine. Chewy is to the rescue here with the cave that folds and unfolds in seconds, so no extra cleanup is needed. This game will keep your kids entertained too, so it’s a nice side effect for sure.

Chewy Peek a Boo Cat Chute from FriscoPeek-A-Boo Cat Chute is also kids’ on quarantine chute

All in all, the box looks good. And affordable too. If I had a cat, I would get it to help her survive me, and the kids, and corona. We all need positive emotions and some of us need catnip.  What we might also need soon enough is cat litter if TP won’t make it back to the shelves in the near future. This only proves that having a cat is not a bad idea, especially when you can have Chewy deliver goodies right to your door without any need to visit pet stores.