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Chewy Goody Box and BarkBox Comparison

Chewy and BarkBox

I got really interested in dog subscription boxes recently. I am getting a box for me, so why shouldn’t Marlo, especially when he is so interested in mine? I did some research online and read plenty of reviews to understand that two top ones are BarkBox and Chewy.com Goody Box.

Barkbox And Chewy Goody BoxBark Box or Goody Box?

Not sure which one to get, I ordered both. With discounts and a coupon from friend, I got them both for free.

Barkbox Winter BoxMarlo is tasting his first Bark Box

They arrived at about the same time, promptly, right before Christmas. I decided to keep them unopened until after the holidays for two reasons – first, Marlo already had something under a Christmas tree to unwrap, and second, I wanted to keep some gifts for when it’s all over and a bit sad.

Chewy Goody Box Dog treatsThe Goody Box is so big that it takes all my bed space

Once all the holiday hoopla was finished and all the parties done, it was time to open the boxes. We started with BarkBox. While Marlo is a known chewer, I decided to not go for Super Chewer upgrade, but instead try their regular kind. I think I would go for the extra tough Super Chewer toys if I decided to sign up for this box.

Barkbox reviewBarkBox Christmas theme/20off LLC

Overall, BarkBox left me with a very good feeling. I loved my experience from the beginning to the end, end meaning the destruction of toys, which hasn’t happen just yet. This box had a Nutcracker Christmas theme and it was beautiful. I can say that toys were really original and I am not sure if I would be able to buy them somewhere else, besides BarkBox website. This is what the box included:

  • Wilhelm the Walnut – a sturdy round chew rubber ball covered by plush cover on the outside that could be hung on the Christmas tree.

Barkbox Wilhelm The Walnut Dog ToyI want this walnut from BarkBox

  • Nikolai the Nutcracker – an ornament, a toy, and a treat dispenser in one. It squeaks, crinkles, holds a treat, and is all together fun. I love that it feels tough.

Barkbox Nikolai The Nutcracker Dog ToyI can crack this nutcracker from BarkBox

  • Lamb Stick for chew – it’s hard and crunchy, so hopefully it’ll provide some long lasting chewing pleasure.

Barkbox Lamb StickLamb Stick from BarkBox is looking delicious

  • Bark Mother Ginger’s Cranberry Cookies – the triangle treats smell amazing, have no soy, corn, wheat, or grain, and are loved by Marlo.
  • Bark Dance of the Sugar Yum Piggy – pork recipe dog treats that smell divine and go into Nikolai treat dispenser. Marlo would even roll over for them.

Barkbox GoodiesAll the tasty supplies from BarkBox

Barkbox Coupon Codes:

  • $10 OFF with a Multi-Month Subscription
  • $5 OFF First Box

All, in all, I think I will give 10 out of 10 for BarkBox. I simply found nothing wrong with it at all and don’t imagine what else I could ask for. Even if the box is not for Super Chewers, the toys look and feel sturdy. I love the theme and toys that I don’t think I could find somewhere else. It is definitely worth my $29 monthly dollars. Or $21 if I decide to sign up for a year!

Barkbox Goods For DogThat’s a lot of goodies in one BarkBox

Let’s take a look at Chewy Goody Box for puppies now. I ordered a puppy box, because it’s the last time Marlo can pass for a puppy since he just turned 1 year old. This puppy is 60 pounds, but is still acting like my 7 year old son.

Dog Play with Kong Tugger Knots Moose Dog ToyRunning mate for Marlo

This box normally costs $24, but can be had for free with 12-month subscription or with first time customer coupons. It looks bigger than BarkBox and has 7 items, versus 5 from BarkBox. It is also cheaper than BarkBox, so it wins for the value provided.

Chewy Goody Box ReviewI fit in this Chewy.com, but I don’t like it too much

Chewy.com Coupon Codes:

  • $15 OFF Dog Subscription Box
  • Free Shipping on $49+ Order

I love Chewy already, so I am a little biased towards this company. But let’s take a look inside the box:

  • Bungee Plush Squeaking Bunny Dog Toy – great for pulling, but I am not sure how much of that it will withstand. We are planning on testing it as pulling is Marlo’s favorite game.

Chewy Goody Box CouponGoody Box puppy stuff

  • Planet friendly Scented Dog Poop Bags and Dispenser – a gift for me. I already use those bags and appreciate that Chewy cares about the environment with these biodegradable bags.
  • Frisco Plush Champagne Dog Toy – cuddly and not very sturdy, so very likely to die soon

Chewy Frisco Plush Champagne Dog ToyGive me that bottle, please!

  • American Journey Chicken Recipe Grain-Free Soft & Chewy Training Bits Dog Treats – they will be great for our “Roll Over” training, which is taking place now. They smell divine and make Marlo stand around the box with hope for a while.
  • Peanut Butter Flavored Filled Beef Hoof Dog Treat – it looks tasty and long-lasting, and I have a great feeling about everything that can keep Marlo occupied for a while and not making a huge mess.
  • Bones & Chews All-Natural Chicken Recipe Freeze-Dried Dog Treats – little light cubes of nicely smelling treats that go down in a second.
  • Lil’ Troublemaker Dog Bandana – this one looks good, but provides little use for us as Marlo hates any kind of clothing on him, including bandanas.

Chewy Frisco Pet ApparelI wants whatever Chewy sends me

I am rating this box 9 out of 10, only because toys seem very easily destroyed, but then it’s a puppy box, so I can’t really complain. OK, let it be 10 out of 10. I love the value it offers for $24 and 6 items out of 7 are perfect for us. The bandana is amazing for dogs that can handle it, but in my case I will have to gift it to someone else, which shouldn’t be a problem. I am just as likely to order this box as I am BarkBox, so that still leaves me with dilemma. It’s quite possible I will go with one for 6 months and then another 6 months with another!