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Corona Dog Essentials from Chewy

Corona Dog Essentials from ChewyChewy always has more than you need

If you have a four legged king or queen of your house and heart, you might be worried about more than just low supply of toilet paper. Whether you shopped online before or not, these days that’s all we should do, besides an occasional dash to a grocery store. So how could you get all the needed supplies for that king or queen of yours with just a quick visit to your local Kroger?

As coronavirus is keeping us locked at home, totally rules the virtual shopping world, at least for pets. Chewy has some of the best prices in the industry, free shipping on $49+ orders, frequent sales, superb customer service, and the biggest selection anywhere with over 1,000 brands of countless pet products.

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Here is a list of amazing stuff you can get from Chewy to keep your pets healthy, fed, and entertained. It can all be yours in about 4-5 days, which is a hell of a deal these days:

KONG toys

Chewy KONG Toys

Every dog should have a KONG toy or 5. These toys are made of super tough rubber and are immune to the most avid destroyers for a long time. KONG toys come in bouncy ball shapes, as treat hiders, and as simple chewing pleasures.

KONG toys from Chewy

Potty pads

If you’ve got a puppy or are getting one now to help your emotional health during this quarantine, you might need potty training pads. They are also vital for older dogs. Even if you are home now all the time and can attend to those accidents right away, having an absorbent pad is great help!

Chewy Promotion DealsFurry love bug in the box


Crates are great for training young dogs, providing a safe space for them later, and for traveling. Many dogs enjoy their crates for night sleep and love them all their life long, especially when the crate is roomy, see through and collapsible for taking along on trips. Frisco Fold & Carry crates work best for me.

Set of stairs

While this is not a necessity for most dogs, older pups and cats who are allowed to sleep on beds and couches, will need some help getting there. The same applies for getting into a car. Puppies can also use them, so consider that help for them from Armarkat at

Air tight food containers

Nobody should keep dry dog food in those non re-sealable bags. Airtight containers have simple snap-lock latches, keep food fresh, protected, and ready to roll out when refill is due. My advice is to also get a feeding stand that is raised off the ground, so your dog doesn’t have to lower his neck all the way to the ground to eat and drink.

Chewy Promo CodesLove for Chewy should be manifested at all times

Comfy bed

I’ve made mistakes with beds that have filled sides, but not the bottom – never again! My dog deserves a bed that is soft all over and has bolster sides to serve him as pillows, because who would want to sleep without them?

Ear cleaner

If you have a breed with floppy ears, you will need these non-prescription drops with hydrocortisone, which can take care of that annoying inflammation. Zymox Otic ear cleaner works just as well as prescription strength ones, which might be hard to come by during quarantine.


Go for organic, meaty, tasty, chewy, crunchy, peanut butter, chicken, beef, or salmon – Chewy has them all. You can put your favorite ones on autoship and not only save money, but also get them constantly supplied.

Chewy Promotion CodesNobody has tastier goodies than Chewy

Dog harness

Walking is still allowed during quarantine, so make the best of this time outdoors with comfy and stylish harness. Harness works better for dog control and doesn’t pull the neck as hard as regular collars do.

Pill pockets

Greenies pill pockets can be life savers during time when you have to give your dog meds or supplements that he or she is not crazy about. These pockets can be molded to hide that pesky pill completely. It’s sure nice to not look for sausage each time I have to give my dog something small, white, and not so tasty.

Chewy Greenies Pill Pockets

Royal Canine Gastro Intestinal canned food

Chewy Royal Canine dog food

This should be a necessity for every home with dogs. Every time my dog had stomach pain, diarrhea, or vomiting, these cans saved my life and a trip to the vet. This food is easily digested, helps soothe whatever belly problem your dog might be having, and tastes amazing.

Chewy Dog Treats OffersGimme those Riley’s and those Whimzees, mom!

Allergy pills

Hoomans are not the only species dealing with allergies. If you noticed persistent scratching, paw chomping, or runny nose, it might be time to try Apoquel tablets for a few days after consulting with your dog’s vet. You both might get some serious relief for just $2.29 from Chewy.

Puzzle toys

Chewy Puzzle toys

These are the only kinds of toys I buy for my dog now! ZippyPaws has a nice selection and you can get them all from Chewy. Imagine your dog pulling out chipmunks out of a plush tree trunk or little letters from a soft mailbox – it’ll keep him busy for a long time!


Having a playpen for the first two years of my dog’s life was the best thing possible. I could leave him there when I had to go somewhere and know that I won’t find a destroyed house upon my return. Playpens from Frisco are affordable, sturdy, roomy, and easily folded.

Dental chews

Chewy Dental chewsAin’t no other love like that I feel for Chewy and dental sticks

If you don’t want stinky kisses from your dog, get him some dental chews from Bones & Chews and he will enjoy teeth brushing session seasoned with chicken flavor.