• Started promoting different brands since 2005, first as californiafreebies.com.
  • Focusing on content, shopping news, tips, product reviews, and comparisons, mostly on pet products, personalized gifts, food delivery, subscription boxes, clothing, and toys. New customers, and sales is the top priority.
  • Now promoting through Display ads networks such as Google Display Ads, Bing Native Ads, and other Display and Banner exchange networks.
  • Over 300,000 unique visitors per month from the U.S. Audience: mostly American Moms, Pet Owners.


Constantine Philippoff, Co-founder, Managing Member

Mari Philippoff, Co-founder, Managing Member

Oldrobot team, oldrobot.us
Ivan Svitlychnyi, Co-founder, CEO
Mykyta Troepolsky, Co-founder, CEO
Sergey Ryabushko, Senior developer
Vadim Nosach, Developer, QA

Anna Kobetz, Marketing Manager

Andrew Prokopenko, HTML Coding of site design

Vladimir Filipov, Content Creator, Web Designer

Egle Andrikonite, Writer

Marina Zakharova, Content Creator, Web Design

Tania Volk, Web Artist, Logo Design, Illustrator