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Chewy Offers Virtual Pet Pharmacy

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While we dutifully stay home and suffer through toilet paper shortages, some things might be more complicated to overcome. Take medical pet needs – we are not talking about broken limbs, but getting Heartgard or flea medication is also pretty important. So how do we handle those needs that no Instacart personal shopper can deliver?

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You can take your pet to the vet for a curbside drop off or call a mobile vet division that’ll arrive in white hazmat suites, but should you do that just to renew an existing prescription or get something simple for the first time?

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This is where Chewy.com comes to your rescue and will get you what you need before you freak your pets out with those mobile vets. Besides delivering all brands of food in the world, thousands of toys, and other essentials for pets with fur, fins, wings, and even hooves, Chewy also has an online pet pharmacy. It is usually a middle man between your vet and you, but today it’s stepping up its game to become even more involved in keeping us worry-free and our pets healthy. Those are good news because we need our furry companions now more than ever to help us overcome all kinds of social distance related anxiety and keep us out of mental asylums.

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Chewy has veterinarians on call that can consult you and answer your burning questions about staying home safe and taking care of minor pet health related issues. In addition to those services, Chewy has become an avid donator to pet-related charities that experience hardships due to COVID-19. The company has so far donated close to $2 million to various animal shelters and organizations.

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This is what Chewy offers for you now and always:

Pet Pharmacy

Customers will find and will be able to fill in vet prescribed medications for their pets that come directly from manufacturers and approved distributors. This includes not only medicines, but also prescription food for special diets. You can get allergy remedies, antibiotics, medication for skin and eyes, heartworm and flea treatments and prevention, and more. All of that is ordered online and delivered to your door usually in 2 days, but during the pandemic it might take 4-5.

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To get some of those medications, you will need a prescription from your vet, but Chewy.com goes an extra mile for you – instead of going to the vet’s office, you simply enter their name and contact information into your Chewy.com shopping cart. The RX team will then contact the doctor and see what can be done. Once your prescription is verified, the meds will be shipped to you in 24-48 hours, and you will get them in under a week with some luck.


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Autoship is a service that you can sign up for if there are some products that your pet needs repeatedly and on the continuum, like dry or canned food, particular treats, medication, and even toys. Autoship is free to sign up for and can be done by every customer with a free account at Chewy. This service can be modified, updated, or cancelled any time.

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The first order will save you 30% and all subsequent ones will always be 5-10% off regular price. In time such savings become significant, not to mention your convenience and peace of mind that you will never run out of some sort of essential.