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VitaCost vs Chewy for Pet Food Delivery

VitaCost vs Chewy for Pet Food DeliveryVitacost and Chewy offer luxurious delivery

Vitacost and Chewy are two companies that are widely known and popular for ordering online. While they are quite different, they both have supplies for pets, and that’s what I am interested in. I am looking for best places to buy what I need for my dog without leaving the house.

VitaCost vs Chewy DiscountsPets are family too

While we are not under ‘shelter in place’ orders, I chose to stay home and reduce all social contact. All of that is, of course, needed to slow down the spread of corona virus. We are all in this together, including our pets that are also home and often bored. Most of us are doing our best to avoid venturing out, unless it’s a walk or a hike on an empty trail. Needless to say we are staying away from grocery and pet stores as much as we can.

Chewy Discount CodeDelivery of goodies from Chewy.com

I did my best to get supplies stocked up when the virus was first recorded in the US. I got my freezers and my pantry full. I also bought dry and canned dog food and have an auto order coming every two months, but what about entertainment? I usually get him toys from grocery stores or from Home Goods, but now I’m avoiding the first and the latter is completely closed. I have kids home since schools are closed for 2 months and all they want to do is play with their dog and give him treats. This is resulting in killed toys and gone treats, so today I decided to find the best places to order online and get all those things delivered.

VitaCost DiscountVitacost has various supplies for pets

While I have used Vitacost and Chewy before, things are very different now for both retailers. Normally both companies offer free shipping on orders over $49 and 2-day delivery. Today the shipping is still free, but due to the increased demand there is no 2-day delivery anymore. The speed of delivery became a lot more important for people than the price. I need some toys and entertainment, but there are pets that might require something urgent, like medication or special diet, so speed is everything.

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VitaCost 15% off CouponVitacost offers best prices and biggest savings

If you go to Chewy.com, you will see an urgent message right on the home page: “Due to high demand, current delivery times are running considerably longer than usual on food and supplies”. My sister ordered dog treats lately and it took Chewy 4-5 days to deliver, which was always 2 days before. This is not surprising at all, since everybody is ordering everything online. Despite all of that Chewy still remains focused on customer care and very accommodating.

Chewy 20off Discount CodeDogs are loving boxes for them from Chewy

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Chewy Discount 20% offChewy features amazing savings opportunities

Vitacost doesn’t have the same amount of pet supplies, but you can still find all the essentials. Vitacost is experiencing shortages on many items too and is apologizing for longer shipping and delivery times – 5-7 days for processing and shipping out and 1-4 business days for delivery. Outages and limitations apply to human food and supplements more, pet food doesn’t seem to be as affected, but delivery times are definitely longer.

Chews for dogs from ChewyHealthy chews and treats can be delivered

If you are patient and understanding, using both websites is still a pleasure. They both have great company culture and treat their customers right. Both websites offer low prices on all products. Chewy has been found to have lower than average prices on most pet supplies. Vitacost is always cheaper than Amazon or Whole Foods. This is very comforting in our time of need. The best way to go about it is to think ahead and order supplies before you are running out. This way you won’t need anything urgently and will give time for retailers to restock and ship your order.

Dog treats from ChewyBully sticks are always favorite

I am always interested in natural food and supplies for my dog. Both websites offer a wide array of those items. Chewy has everything you might need for any kind of pet, but Vitacost also has healthy food and treats for dogs. Vitacost is always having lots of sales and special pricing, so shopping their sales section helps save money.

Plato pet treats discountPlato Pet Treats fish snacks are healthy and tasty

I am very happy with choices both websites offer in healthy pet snack section. The prices are very similar, so I have my choice of shopping at both places and benefiting from both.

Chewy.com has lots of toys and cute pet costumes, so I always shop there for those items. I recently bought my German shepherd a shirt that says ‘I love mommy’ and it melts my heart. I also enjoy their subscription boxes and ordered quite a few of them so far. Those things can’t be found on Vitacost, but food and snacks can.

Organix canned dog food promoOrganix canned dog food is available at Chewy and Vitacost

I buy Organix canned dog food all the time and both websites usually have it for similar price – $3.15 at Chewy and $3.78 at Vitacost. Actually currently Chewy has a large supply of different flavor cans, but Vitacost is out of their one available flavor, which was on sale for $2.73 per can. I suppose Chewy will have my business here.

Rileys Organic dog treats couponRiley’s Organic dog treats can come from Chewy and Vitacost

Riley’s Organic dog treats is another thing that we always have to have in the house. Chewy has many different flavors for $6.99 per bag. Vitacost has one flavor, but it costs $4.84. If you go for savings, you will choose Vitacost, but if you need variety and particular flavors – it is Chewy all the way. I think the same goes for all dog snacks, including natural bully sticks, which are plentiful at Chewy and out of stock at Vitacost at the moment.

Whimzees dental treats discountWhimzees dental treats are loved from Chewy

And then there are little snacks for training, Whimzees dental treats, and toys that can’t be found at Vitacost. However, you can find other snacks and a small supply it toys at Vitacost that will be quite a bit cheaper than at Chewy. My advice is to always check out both online retailers, compare prices, and look for best deals and the fastest shipping. If you do that, you and your pet will be alright until all the craziness is over and beyond.