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So you guessed it right!

We are doing affiliate marketing or we earn money promoting products from different companies. If we generate a sale for the company, we get paid. If we don't generate a sale, then we get zero commissions.

Can you do the same?

Yes! Of course. Just read some good books about Affiliate marketing (such as “Quick Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing” by Geno Prussakov and ‘The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimization’ by Stephan Spencer and you will be ready to go. It’s free to join and it can be your new career during this unstable time.

Ready to Join affiliate Networks? These are the best in the industry:

Please note that currently Walmart is paying zero commissions as well as Amazon. Target does not pay commissions on toys and many other categories. So be sure to check all terms and conditions of every advertiser.

We support small businesses by promoting them.