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Chewy Goody Box Review

Freeze Dried for DogsChewy Goody Box for puppies/20off.com

Let me start by saying that I love Chewy.com. I have discovered them not too long ago and so far liked all three orders I got from the company. The website is easy to use, they have lots of sales and amazing dog toys, shipping is fast, and as I have heard, customer service is terrific. I am even planning on switching my dog food auto-ordering from Amazon to Chewy.


Goody BoxGoody box is goody looking and full of surprises

Given all my positive experiences with the company I decided to order their monthly Goody Box.

Happy DogMarlo is ready for his Goody box introduction

My dog Marlo just turned a year, so he is not technically a puppy, but he also kind of is, so I got him a Puppy Box for the first and last time. My puppy is 60 pounds, so I was a bit reluctant, but still wanted to try all life stages while I still can.

Freeze Dried BoxChewy’s Goody Box contents

The box costs $24 per month if you choose to pay month-to-month. Otherwise, with 6 or 12 month plans, you will get one month free or various other coupons and perks, such as one free toy each month. If you give it a try and like the service, the best idea is to sign up for at least 6 month plan and save while your dog has some fun.

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My Marlo is not too spoiled; at least I don’t think so. I don’t buy him treats or toys very often, but choose to spend time playing with him and taking walks instead. You know, the whole experience versus material things kind of thing. However, I recently signed up for FabFitFun and love this treat for myself, so I decided to reward my good boy with a subscription service too. It’s really fun to get a gift in the mail every month; it’s that element of anticipation and surprise that gets people going with subscription services.

Bear Dog ToyLittle bear for chewing from Chewy

So yesterday we received our very first Puppy Box. It looks great from outside with drawings of doggy mommy, daddy, and puppies. Opening it was really fun for me. Marlo didn’t know what to do and had to be encouraged to take a peek inside. The first thing that he got out was medium size Plush Squeaking Bear Dog Toy. It felt pretty sturdy, but since Marlo is a known plush toy killer, this bear won’t last long if I let him have at it.

Soft Toys for DogsCuties from Chewy’s Goody Box

The next toy discovered was a small Bungee Plush Squeaking Bunny Dog Toy, which didn’t look very small, only totally cute.

Made by FriscoA lot of products fit in one Chewy box

The next item is more useful to me then to a dog – Planet Friendly Poop Bags and dispenser, like both toys, also made by Frisco. I actually already use those same scented biodegradable bags, so this was definitely a nice touch and showed that Chewy cares about the environment.

Freeze Dried Chicken RecipeMarlo is ready for some treats from his Goody Box

Marlo got interested in the Filled Hoof that is made in the U.S. and is filled with peanut butter flavored filling. I didn’t give it to him yet, but I know he will love it and will get all the filling out immediately. I think this treat is coming later today, when kids are back from school and want some peace to do their homework.

Lil' TroublemakerHe’s a good boy, who deserves Goody Box

Next I found Lil’ Troublemaker bandana that looks nice, but will be hated by Marlo. I think I will put it on him on one of family park walks just to show off that we have it and when he is distracted by all the smells to try taking it away.

Chewy Goody Box Training BitsFreeze dried and soft bits from Goody Box

Finally, 2 bags of dog treats were on the bottom is the box. One is All Natural Freeze-Dried Treats with Chicken Recipe. It’s these little light cubes that Marlo enjoyed. I enjoyed the fact that there is no corn, wheat, or soy in them. We are working on “Roll Over”, so they will definitely be able to assist with the learning process. Last was a bag of American Journey Training Bits of grain-free chicken recipe. The treats are very small, soft, and chewy with intense flavor that was thoroughly enjoyed by Marlo. I know both treat bags will be gone in no time.

Save on Chewy Goody BoxChewy Goody Box for puppies contents

In conclusion, I have to say that both of us loved everything in the box. The toys are generic, but I still don’t have to spend time shopping for them. Treats are healthy, poop bags are very useful, and the hoof is definitely going to provide some busy chewing time for Marlo. I believe that the value of all those things separately is definitely way above $24. I feel that I got good value for the fun box for my dog to enjoy, and that’s exactly what I was looking for.