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Sierra vs. Chewy.com Dog Supplies

Sierra vs. Chewy.com Dog SuppliesSierra.com has some unusual toys

Both of these companies have some supplies for dogs, but they go very differently about it. I recently used them both to buy toys for my dog Marlo and would like to share some insights with you about Sierra and Chewy.com.

Sierra Dog Supplies CouponMarlo is ready for this Sierra box to be opened

Sierra just very recently was called Sierra Trading Post and was known for outdoor gear, apparel, and active wear for the entire family. You went there for skiing costumes, snow shoes, and camping gear, and always found good selection and good prices.

Sierra Trading Post Dog Supplies Offers

Dog supplies at Sierra are plentiful

Since we moved to Georgia from California 3 years ago and chances of snow diminished for us, I haven’t been to Sierra.com or their physical store since. It turns out that during this break or even before that Sierra changed not only the name, but also started selling supplies for our most faithful travel and outdoor companions – dogs.

Sierra Dog Toys PromotionIs this Zippy Paws popcorn tastier than the bucket?

There is a chance that Sierra sold pet items before, I just never thought of it. But now I do think about it since adopting Marlo, the Portuguese Water Dog, last year. I am always on the lookout for the greatest and most affordable toys and the best places to order his food and get other supplies.

Quality Dog ToyLet me try it all and I will inform Sierra.com about my preferences

I found out that Sierra is selling dog supplies from a friend and was so surprised that I had to check it out right away. I opened the website and voila! – there is definitely a section called Home & Pet, which is then split into other home and kitchen categories, including Dog Supplies.

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Sierra Trading Post Dog Supplies CouponPet accessories and natural care products

There are 5 subcategories there:

  • Dog Travel – vests, strollers, leashes, pet carriers, car seat protectors, and more.
  • Dog Bowls and Treats – bowls, antlers, chews, snacks, water fountains, and travel water bowls and bottles.
  • Dog leashes and clothing – this is the biggest section with over 230 items, mainly leashes, vests, and sweaters.
  • Dog beds and hygiene – dog beds, cleaners, shampoos, furniture protectors, brushes, poop bags, cloth crates, and even a litter box for cats.
  • Dog toys – toys and chews from Zippy Paws, Nylabone, Chuckit!, Jax & Bones, Ethical Pet, Animal Planet, and many more. In total over 130 items.

Dog's Favorite toy DiscountsSierra Zippy Paws toys are interactive and provide long play times

Those categories are definitely the most important and cover all the basic necessities, except for food. I absolutely loved the toy section! I picked six toys from Zippy Paws simply because each toy was just $6.99 and included some type of burrow and three little plush animals hiding in each.

Quality Dog Toys from ChewyCuteness overload

Marlo loves this game when he kills a plush toy and takes all his white insides out. The toys from Zippy Paws don’t have to be killed and destroyed for that purpose – he pulls the critters out, I put them back in, and the game continues.

Toys Trom Zippy Paws DiscountZippy Paws can be bought with great discounts at Chewy.com

The toys are totally cute and nature-oriented; you can choose squirrels, chipmunks, monkeys, hedgehogs, rabbits, and more. A huge log with 3 chipmunks inside was $12.99 with 30% sale. Actually, all the toys were on sale up to 30% and I also had a coupon for 20% off, so my total was just $65 for 6 amazing toys. The biggest reason for my happiness was that I couldn’t find such toys in Home Goods, Amazon, or at Target.

Dog's Favorite Toy OffersI am in heaven and heaven is full of Zippy Paws toys

Chewy.com works a little differently. It is strictly pet supply store online and caters to all sorts of pets, not just dogs. The company is relatively young, has been around only since 2011 and is currently an independent subsidiary of PetSmart. While Sierra has about 700 dog supplies and toys, Chewy has tens of thousands, like 18,000 separate items from over 1,000 brands.

Chewy Goody Box Dog SuppliesGoody Box from Chewy is worth waiting for

Given this information, you can see how difficult it is to compare them both. There is no reason to talk about dog food and medication, because Sierra simply doesn’t carry all that, but we can always compare the toy section.

Chewy Dog Supplies PromotionGoody box from Chewy includes tasty things

When I open toy section at Chewy.com I can see that there are 3,026 toys, compared with 132 from Sierra. But sometimes quality is more important than quantity. Scrolling through pages I can marvel at all the toys from Kongo, Zippy Paws, Nylabone, Frisco, Mammoth, GoDog, and many others. Toys can be searched by a category: rope, chew, fetch, plush, interactive, new, and toy storage bins. Everything under the sun can be found here and for affordable prices.

Dog Supplies DiscountsWho wouldn’t like to see this many Sierra toys?

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Dog Toy PromotionChipmunks from Zippy Toys via Sierra.com

I was interested in Zippy Paws and those burrowing critter toys. Turns out Chewy has them and plenty! The selection is definitely bigger than at Sierra, but everything is also $1-2 more expensive. I was surprised about that, but here it was – Sierra had cheaper toys than Chewy.com.

Sierra Trading Post Dog Toys OffersI am set for a few days – thanks, Sierra!

$1 or $2 difference is not a big deal, but buying 6 toys would make quite a difference. Here is the catch though – Chewy offers free shipping on all orders over $49, while Sierra charged me $9.95 for shipping, so there went my savings. And Chewy delivers everything in 2 days, while Sierra’s order came in about a week.

Sierra Trading Post Dog ToysI wants this Zippy Paws carrot and rabbits!

Based on plain facts, I would have to admit that Chewy beats Sierra in the width of choice, quantity of items and brands, pet food offers, delivery speed, and free shipping. I also hear that their customer service is fantastic. Sierra on the other hand is also not bad – they have dog essentials, good prices, and easy to navigate website. I would go to Chewy.com for my main pet needs and food, but if you have a dog and are shopping at Sierra for outdoor gear, get some toys and bowls along the way, and you might even be eligible for free shipping with a larger order or a coupon code.

Sierra Dog Goods CouponDogs are people too

In conclusion, both stores have something good and inviting to make sure that your pet will never be out of toys for long.