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My Honest Chewy Review. Why Chewy is My Favourite Pet Store Online.

My Experience with Chewy.comMarlo is in  love with Chewy toys/20off.com llc

One year ago I decided that our family, and especially both kids, needs a dog. It’s been 3 years since my beloved German Shadow passed away and I was finally ready to love another dog again. This is how Marlo, the Portuguese water dog came to our lives as the best Christmas gift ever. I picked this breed because they don’t shed, are very smart, and probably the friendliest dogs in the world. After a year I can confirm all three things – almost no hair, way too smart and human-like, and sees all people and all dogs as long lost best friends.

Chewy Box for DogsChewy delivery comes in a clearly marked box

This long introduction of Marlo leads to my first experience with Chewy.com. The company seems to be everywhere and have everything for pets, so I decided to give them a try. It’s worth mentioning that I normally get dog food from Amazon via auto-ordering and all other supplies at Home Goods.

Chewy.com Surprise GiftMy fur baby is looking forward to Chewy box opening

I simply wanted to try Chewy because I have heard so much about them and their customer-centric approach. I don’t use PetSmart or any other pet store, so having one-stop-shop online made total sense. And what better occasion for ordering toys than Marlo’s first birthday?

Chewy Box for Dogs ExperienceSo much good stuff from Chewy.com

Kids insisted for months that we have to have gifts for Marlo, so I relented and did some online shopping a few days ago.

Does Chewy Send Birthday GiftsI will jump for Chewy toys

I loved how Chewy website functioned and how easy it was to find what I was looking for. All products are categorized by type of pet and then by types of items, like food, supplies, toys, and medication. All of those categories still had subcategories, so it was easy and fast.

Chewy.com Online ShoppingToys, treats, and chews from Chewy.com

Marlo is not big on treats and I wasn’t looking for food because of Amazon, so my interest was toys and chews. While shopping, I also noticed that many products are heavily discounted and feature coupons. This probably had a lot to do with Christmas approaching. I can’t remember if there was a separate section for sales and clearance, but I saw discounted products among regular priced and loved being able to select the best deals without any special search.

Chewy Tips and Tricks

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What in Chewy Box for DogsNice selection of tough toys and tasty snacks

I picked quite a few things simply because I couldn’t say no to some deals and promotions, but my plan was not to give him all the toys at once, but rather save them for a period of time.

Chewy Monthly Subscription Box for DogsUnboxing Chewy is always half the fun

The box arrived promptly in about 3 days. The company guarantees 2-day delivery for 100% of US territory and 1-day shipping for 80%. I live in Atlanta suburb, but did not get it in 2 days. It wasn’t urgent and I give them some slack due to busy Christmas time, so it’s all good.

Chewy ToyMe and my time with a turtle from Chewy

The box came half way open at the top and it wasn’t even heavy. Again, not a big deal as nothing inside got damaged and the blame might be on the delivery company, which is crazy busy these days.

Chewy Box Dog Packing PaperChewy also sends some brown packing paper for extra activities

I loved opening the box not any less than my kids and the dog. He didn’t know that the box is for him and was shy about getting in even after the encouragement. He did love to rip the packing paper though.

That evening we let him keep a couple of toys after looking at them all. He was excited and loved everything, just like every happy puppy on his birthday would.

Chewy Box DogLoving my little rabbit from Zippy Toys

One side note: he is an active chewer, so all soft plush toys didn’t live for long before getting all their insides all over the house. It takes him a few minutes of casual chewing before every cute squeaky toy dies. The only reason I ordered some plush toys for him was good discounts and coupons. Some of them also came in a package of toys, which included some rope entertainment, which lasts longer. Rope toys are used for pulling games and for throwing outside for fetching – both kids are deeply appreciated by Marlo.

Chewy Box Dog DiscountOne spoiled dog and with one of his toys from Chewy

Overall I have to say that toys’ quality was great, I was happy with all my choices. Marlo got to keep a long scrunchy giraffe, a little monkey (both RIP), a rope knot, and a treat ring brush chew from Busy Buddy Toys. The rope knot is still loved and I ended up ordering a supply of ring treats for the brush chew, because it took a good amount of chewing to get the treats out and it also brushed his teeth. The toy came with 4 treats and it takes 2 at a time, so yes, we ran out on day 2.

Chewy Birthday BoxCooling off after playing with Chewy toys

Marlo is absolutely in love with Redbarn Naturals Peanut Butter Flavor Bully Slices. It takes him about 15 minutes to chew one, so he’s busy. I love that they are a good source of protein, made of natural cow hide, and beneficial to joints.

Box for DogsLong lasting delight from Chewy.com

Another hard chew I got for him is True Acre Foods Hearty Bones Chicken Flavor Hard Chews. He had his first one today and ate it in about 10 minutes, so I don’t buy their long-lasting claim, but they sure are tasty and a good source of Omega-3 and 6 fatty acids.

Chewy Box for Dogs CouponMore jumps for Chewy

Other than those described items, we have a big foot toy, a few ropes from the discounted bundle, a squeaky rubber dog, and tough looking Kong Tugger Knots toy in the shape of a cute moose. I think it’s safe to say that we are good for a couple of weeks and then I will go to Chewy.com to look for after Christmas sales, because it makes no difference to Marlo if he is killing a Santa Claus or an Easter Bunny.

I give Chewy.com 9 out of 10 (the box was ripped) and look forward for future orders. I am sure Marlo will be looking for boxes full of toys and treats too.