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Petco vs. Chewy Online Ordering

Petco vs ChewyChewy delivery makes furry friends tremble with excitement

As crazy as things stand in the world, life still goes on. Coronavirus might have closed us in our homes and left us scared for our own health and that of our loved ones, but it did not prevent us from enjoying life. This also means we need supplies, constantly. We are all cooped up at our homes with kids that seem to be hungry all the time and with our pets that need to be entertained, and stimulated, and yes, fed too. And did we say how many pet treats do we need now when that ball of fur is following us everywhere all day long?

Chewy Delivery PromotionI and my still friend wait for UPS to bring more from Chewy, every day

Many people shopped in advance and stocked up on necessities. That’s amazing, but as social distancing or even ‘shelter in place’ orders are dragging on without an end in sight, supplies will inevitably start running low. Sure, most grocery stores will stay open and online giants like Amazon will continue to operate, but will they have everything that you need?

Chewy Delivery OfferI sniff and I evaluate the contents

If you have a young and healthy dog that can eat just about anything, you are in luck. In that case you can run into any grocery store and buy a bag of dry dog food, grab a toy, and a few cans of moist food, and be done with it. But what if you have a senior dog that needs special diet or young puppy in need of some medication?

Most pet supply stores probably won’t close as they are considered essential business. However, you probably won’t want to come in and hang out will all those people. We want to keep our social distance and going to stores would undermine that completely.

Petco Promo 20offPetco invites dogs in, but modern dogs like online ordering

The good news is that we don’t have to go out shopping to get what we need, even for pets. Let’s leave Amazon and Walmart alone and let them deliver our food and groceries. When it comes to everything for pets, we have Petco and Chewy, online. Petco, of course, has physical stores in every city, but let’s stay away for the sake of our health. It’s worth mentioning that stores still operate, but with reduced hours.

Petco PromotionsGoodie stations at Petco

Online shopping is always open, both at Petco.com and at Chewy.com. Petco has a small advantage – you can order things online and get them faster than from Chewy. Petco invites you to order online and pick your stuff curbside in 1-2 hours. This means minimal contact and everything you need fast. To make this offer even sweeter, Petco is offering 10% off on such orders. You can also get free 1-2 day delivery with $35+ orders. All repeat orders are discounted 35% for the first purchase.

Petco DiscountsFour legged customers can do some testing at Petco

See more Petco Coupons:

  • 10% OFF Select Items  with code WELCOMEFG
  • 25% OFF First Repeat Delivery Purchase with code RDNEW25
  • Up to 60% OFF Online Deals

Petco Dog Food DiscountsHealthy nourishment from Orijen

All that sound fine and dandy, but ordering online from Petco is not a norm for many people, and neither is curbside pickup. You just don’t know what to expect.  Petco is a regular retailer with an average customer service and average amount of choices for specialized food and other supplies. It is liked by people, but rarely loved.

Chewy Treats DiscountI am in love and I am grateful to Chewy

Chewy.com, which actually belongs to Petco, is a different story. The young company was established in 2011 and from the very start focused mostly on customer service. They never had physical locations and never will. You can find over 1,000 brands on Chewy and unmatched variety of toys and other supplies. Chewy.com caters to dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, fish, horses, and other pets and their parents. If you have any problem, concern, or question, you can call them and you will always get to a live person in minutes. Chewy goes out of their way to solve every issue, comfort their customers, and reward them with extra gifts and perks. You will never get that at Petco or any other pet supplier.

Chewy 20% OFF Coupon OfferChewy ships and brings savings too

Chewy.com has a large sales section, offers discounts on auto-orders, free shipping on $49+, and various discounts on a regular basis.

See Chewy Discounts:

  • 30% with Your First Autoship Order
  • 20% Off Your Order with code RX20
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $49

Chewy 20% OFF Pet Food Coupon20% off can buy me more delights and will be here waiting for them

As expected, Chewy.com is currently experiencing some delay due to high demand. You can see that on their website – “due to high demand, current delivery times are running considerably longer than usual on food and supplies”. Long-time customers will understand and will work with those extended times. New ones might have some doubts, but every online business is experiencing this right now. Chewy.com is known to take care of their customers, so I wouldn’t be surprised that once we return back to normal, the company will make you happy. And even if nothing extra will be done, just knowing that you can find virtually any food and toy you want and get it delivered without going to a store is worth some wait. All we can do right now is wait and hope for the best anyway and the same goes for Chewy, Amazon, Walmart, and everybody else.

If you have something urgent that your pet needs, go to Petco curbside pickup, but if you need something specific, high quality, and not urgent, order from Chewy.com and you will be taken care of safely.  Other than that, stay home and stay healthy!