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How to Survive with Chewy

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Chewy Quarantine Survival GuideChewy delivery to the rescue!

We live in curious times for sure – empty grocery store shelves, empty highways, work and school from home, shelter in place order in most states. Let’s hope that at least our pets will not go crazy and will not spend an enormous amount of money on shrinks.

So here is my Survival Guide for Pets:

How to Survive With Chewy.comGoodies from Chewy to make survival more likely

Why Chewy rules

Chewy is the king, hands down. They have all the brands in the world and every toy or fancy food Fido could possible desire.

Chewy Dog Promotion 20OFFChewy is good for queens and for princesses

Saving at Chewy is easy: set up autoship for your most used products and you’ll save 30% on your first order and 5-10% off each subsequent one. Note that you will need to wait 7-10 days for your delivery during this crazy time. But this too shall pass. Or Chewy will be extra successful and will beat their own estimates to deliver in 4 days – that has happened.

Chewy Offer 20OFFLet me out of here!

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 How to Survive with Chewy Offers

Chewy is owned by Petsmart, so hopefully we don’t need to worry that it being destroyed by Amazon, like so many good beginnings have been.

If you don’t want to set up autoship, which you can cancel anytime or modify with one click of a button, buy a $20 off coupon from eBay and you will still save. Finally, if you are in a hurry, just order and rest assured that Chewy sports some of the best prices in the industry.

Chewy Dog TreatsThose smell delicious, mom, right?

Make your own meals

Be ready to make simple meals for your pets from scratch. Yes, you can do it!

Make Simple Meals for PetsFuture Chewy chef

If your Chewy order is taking its sweet time to arrive or if you ordered a little too late, don’t despair. Put some chicken, brown rice, carrots, and water in the Crockpot and your furry friend will think you are the best chef ever.

Make Your Own Meals for PetsWorking on those recipes for four legged Chewy customers

Connect with you neighbors

Be nice to your neighbors. Connect with them on Facebook or Nextdoor. Many people will ask if anyone needs anything. They can deliver pet food or even groceries to you. If you are faced with common modern day problem and run out of toilet paper, you can always ask you kind neighbors if somebody still has some left. Granted, you might have to trade your sanitizer with them, but it’s not like you can ignore your urgent bathroom needs.

Nextdoor Offers 20OFFIf you’re running out of toilet paper, ask your neighbor

Mobile vet service

Use mobile vets. Yes, they can come to you! They will emerge equipped with those cool alien looking Hazmat costumes, so you can stop worrying about another germ or sneaky corona virus crawling into your house. Keep your pet leashed though as those costume-clad people will be looking wild.

Chewy Mobile vet serviceMobile vets or aliens emerging from there?

Another option is going to your regular vet by appointment and dropping your dog curbside. That’s right, you drop him off, they take him from you, you wait in the car for procedures or shots to get done, they bring him back out to you, you get a call from the vet inside, and then an invoice in your email. All of that is fast, efficient, and safe.

Chewy Discounts 20OFFFelines love Chewy as well, when they are in the right mood

Don’t wait for the last minute to order

Those times when you could order stuff at 11 pm and get your haul delivered at 11 am are gone, at least for now, so don’t wait for the last minute to order.

Chewy take care of your petLove is free, corona or not

In fact, order, get your delivery, count a few days, and order again. This way you will keep goodies coming.

Chewy Promo 20offGive them food, but also give them cuddles

The same strategy works for toilet paper – order some, receive it in 2-3 weeks, and order again. Also don’t forget to breathe – one day we’ll be able to laugh from our experiences.

Chewy Dog OffersThey know what’s good and will come hunting it

Pet stress relievers

Chewy Crazy Dog DiscountsThe queen guard is on duty and seriously lovely

If your dog looks more stressed about the entire situation than your craziest friend on Facebook, try using Pet Wellbeing Adrenal harmony drops.

Chewy Pharmacy DiscountPanicky pets can be managed naturally with products from Chewy

Again, Chewy is your savior here – they have the drops and can ship them to you right away, in 4-7 days that is.

Chewy Crazy Dog CouponsI beg you to reconsider those shelter in place orders

Subscription boxes

Chewy Delivery Promo 20offReliability of subscription boxes from Chewy has a calming effect on me

Consider getting Chewy Goody Box or BarkBox subscription for your pet and you will have a constant supply of best toys and the most natural treats and chews possible without leaving your house or actively shopping online.

Chewy Dog Food OffersI love you for all that you get for me

Pet grooming

If you have one of those breeds that start looking like a walking bush every two months without groomer’s pampering, you will have some learning to do. Most groomers are taking a break from all that dog hair during quarantine, so get a dog clipper and get to work.

Chewy Delivery DiscountChewy has supplies for snowy coats and for rough coats just the same

Chewy.com has every clipper under the sun – kits, with cord, without cord, red, black, silver, and every other color of the rainbow. All you need is a steady hand and some other hands to hold the dog. Make it a weekend family project, it’s not like you have places to go to anyway.

Chewy Dog DiscountLove is the most important gift you can give me, besides some Chewy treats

Finally and most importantly, don’t forget to relax, enjoy your down time, keep your pets active with play and cuddle time, and give your furry and two-legged kids extra love and healthy treats. It’ll all work out in the end and we’ll come out on the other side of this together!

Chewy Online DealsDo you take me out or do I?