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Chewy vs. Muttropolis

Chewy and Muttropolis OffersMuttropolis designer stuff, anyone?

While everybody knows Chewy, not many people are familiar with Muttropolis. Chewy.com is a young company, but large and still growing. Chewy is online only and has always been so, while Muttropolis has two physical stores in California and is slowly getting into online delivery and operates on a much smaller scale.

Chewy vs. MuttropolisWith Chewy, Super Chewer, and Muttropolis no coronavirus should intimidate you

Whatever the scale, we need all pet retailers right now as we are sitting at home and waiting for coronavirus to pass us and to leave us unharmed.

Chewy and Muttropolis DealsMuttropolis shipping is fast and much anticipated

Quarantine or self-isolation – we all are avoiding going to grocery stores and pet stores if we can. But our pets need supplies, entertainment, and tasty treats because our love alone won’t keep them going.

Chewy Discount OfferChewy is always reliable and smells good

If you are anything like many people, you might be disappointed with ecommerce giants that rhyme with Gamazon and Ballbart. They are too busy, too big, and too behind on orders. Plus, the latter one doesn’t even have many choices when it comes to pet food brands or toys. If you want bare minimum and long wait for delivery, go for them, but if you have other plans, try Chewy or Muttropolis.

Chewy Discount DealI scream for Whimzies and I eat them very completely

Chewy.com has everything any pet can desire, and not only dogs, but horses too. And for everybody with wings, scales, cold blooded, sharp teeth, and loud mouths.

Chewy Cat Food Delivery OffersKitties are loved at Chewy too

When it comes to dogs, Chewy rules above all else. At Chewy you can choose food for every dietary specification, every age, every allergy, and every like or dislike. Brands include Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild, Purina, Hill’s Science, Rachel Ray Nutrish, Nutro, Royal Canine, and many others.

Chewy Dog Food Promo 20OFFOrganix canned food and other goodies are a sight to behold

You can find grain and gluten free foods, organic chicken, beef, and fish based food, meat-free foods, raw and human grade foods, foods for puppies and foods for senior dogs. As we said, everything in the world, including canned food that also comes in hundreds of different varieties.

Chewy Dog Food Delivery OffersDid somebody say my teeth are not white enough?

Toys are countless from brands like Zippy Paws, Benebone, Frisco, Nylabone, Kong, USA Bones & Chews, and many more. You can choose toys based on your dog’s likes – fetch, plush, chew, rope, interactive toys, and toy storage.

Chewy Dig Toys Delivery OffersI stalk the Chewy prey and I get it with all my white mightiness

In addition to those categories, you also have:

  • Medication (prescription or not)
  • A million different healthy snacks from a hundred different makers
  • Treats (dental, soft and chewy, bones and bully sticks, biscuits, and jerky treats)
  • Other supplies (dental care, potty, gates, crates, pens, carriers, bowls, grooming, and clothing)

Chewy Coupon OfferWhimzees are cute and tough all at the same time

Chewy offers 30% off first autoship order and 5-10% off on all subsequent ones. Shipping is free for orders over $49. It normally takes 2 days to get your order, but now expect 4-5.

Chewy Discount CodesDo I hear that UPS truck with Chewy delivery approaching?

See More Chewy Coupons:

  • 20% Off Your Order when use code RX20
  • Up To 40% OFF Sale Items

In short, Chewy fulfills your pet dreams and can help you stay sane.

Chewy Dog Toys OffersStrong and mighty you might be, but somebody’s teeth will soon put an end to that

Muttropolis operates on a much smaller scale and is more of a niche retailer. The store is all about fancy and pampered pooch, mostly smaller breed, but there are choices for bigger doggies too. There are two physical stores in California – Solana Beach and La Jolla. They both are currently closed due to statewide shelter in place that’s been going on for 3 weeks now. Local residents can get their orders delivered to them or order curbside pickup.

Chewy Vuitton Toy BundleMuttropolis designer stuff is for fancy dogs

Customers who love this pet designer store, can get everything shipped anywhere in the US. What most people love about Muttropolis is their luxury and fun they have with designers and brands. You can shop Chanel dog dress, Chewy Vuitton toy bundle, Furcedes car toy, Chewnell champagne bottle, Barkin bag, Starbarcks latte cup toy, and many other mock designer brands. 

Chewy Vuitton toys

Shipping is free on $49+ and there is no such delay as at Gamazon. Yes, apparel and fancy toys are a little more expensive than at Chewy, but things at Muttropolis are unique. Shoppers find sales and periodic coupons all the time, so there are definitely ways to save.

Muttropolis PromotionMuttropolis orders come fast and bring joy for hoomans too

See Muttropolis Promo Codes:

  • 20% OFF any order for New Customers with code SIGNUP20
  • 20% on all leashes, collars, harnesses + Storewide Free Shipping with code COLLAR20

This store is a local favorite because of natural, organic, hand-made, and one-of-a-kind offers and products that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Muttropolis PromotionsI sit and I wait for more boxes addressed to me

Shopping categories include walking, eating, sleeping, wearing, grooming, traveling, collections, and sale. Each one of those categories is split into many smaller sections for your further convenience. Under Walk, you will find collars (leather, fabric, bead, personalized), leashes, harnesses, pick-up supplies, ID tags, cat collars, and training. Eating section has bowls, placemats, treats, chews, dog food, and cat food. The store caters to cat lovers as well.

Muttropolis for cat loversCan felines get some attention too?

Eating section is worthy of your attention, because it offers natural food that is categorized by ingredients, by main features, and by brands. This is definitely paradise for mutts that are fed fancy foods. You can find beef, exotic meats, poultry, pork, lamb, fruit, fish, and veggie diets.

Muttropolis Pet Food OffersDoggy picnic of treats and snacks from Chewy

You choose foods that are dehydrated, flash freeze dried, grain free, foods for puppies, little dogs, and diets for skin and hair health or USA made. Finally, you can pick anything from Acana, K9 Natural, Open Farm, Orijen, Primal, purevita, Real Meat, sojos, Stella and Chewy’s, Taste of the Wild, Ziwi Peak, and The Honest Kitchen.

Muttropolis Pet Food Coupon 20OFFI eat, you clean

Toys are irresistibly cute, can be leather, knitted, plush, fashionable, cute, funny, grouped by color, organic, puzzle, dental health, interactive, for little dogs, for big dogs, and separated by color, if your pooch is sensitive to colors that is.

Muttropolis DiscountsThis snow ball needs to come closer to me

Without going any further we can see that Muttropolis caters to a wide range of tastes and desires. The same quality and spirit applies to all their products and to customer service.

The only reason Chewy rivals this little store is because of its width of choices and brands. Muttropolis doesn’t have this scale, at least not yet. Regardless if those small differences, both stores are amazing and will take care of you and your pet in your time of need with finesse.