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Chewy vs. iHerb Pet Food

Chewy and iHerbCan iHerb beat Chewy in pet product department?

Our apocalyptic world is still very much apocalyptic – we are drinking wine at home in front of video conferencing calls with friends and just experienced socially distant Easter for the first time in our lives. The end of coronavirus caused quarantine is not yet in sight and we are forgetting how to drive our cars.

Chewy vs. iHerb Pet Food Delivery Love for Chewy and mommy is strong and undeniable

People who are definitely not forgetting how to drive their cars are delivery workers and all essential profession employees, including medical staff and those who work at grocery stores. Thanks to our pets, we are still moving a little when we take them for a walk; otherwise we would forget how to start ourselves too.

Chewy vs iHerbLittle gardeners enjoy Chewy treats too

As we stay home working, homeschooling, or just casually suffering, our pets are here to comfort us and to express their joy that we don’t have to leave anywhere in the mornings. To reward them for that comfort and to encourage more joy, we need to take care of them.

Chewy Pet Food Delivery PromoNew diet means new happiness, I am serious about it

Taking care of anything is not easy these days, but there are those ready to help. Chewy.com rules when it comes to any kind of assistance with pet needs. The company is relatively young, but is handling this epidemic crisis and shopping frenzy in stride and with dignity. They too had to implement some changes, but the service is still very reliable, so we don’t have to be on edge about our pets’ needs.

Chewy Pet Food Delivery OffersHi-five, mom, now get to opening of that package!

Chewy.com caters to owners of all kinds of pets, not just dogs. You will find supplies for cats, birds, fish, reptiles, rodents, turtles, and even bigger animals like horses. My focus is dogs though. It’s personal since the king of my house, my heart, and my wallet happens to be a Portuguese Water Dog Marlo. We all revolve around him and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Chewy Pet Food DiscountsWhat smells so good, is it the Hills Science Diet food from Chewy?

So how do I care for him during this challenging time?

I try to avoid grocery stores as much as possible. I stockpiled non-perishable foods before it all started and now order many supplies online. I go to one grocery store about once per week for milk and bread and that’s the only outing to society I allow myself. My grocery store doesn’t carry the food I give to my dog, nor his favorite snacks, and no natural supplements for him. I have to look for those things somewhere else.

Chewy Pet Food DeliveryMe and my supplies from Chewy

Thankfully, there is Chewy for everything Marlo related. Chewy not only has all I need and more, but also sells those goodies at lower prices than other pet retailers and big box stores. Delivery is free on $49+ orders, which helps. The best savings come from autoship orders – 30% off for the first order and 5-10% off for all subsequent ones.

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Chewy Savings Tips

I am getting Marlo his dry Purina Pro Sport 20-30 food on autoship and not only save money, but know that it will be delivered in time and for free. Even during this tumultuous time for all online retailers, Chewy is delivering with a couple of day delay, unlike one certain giant that instead of usual 2-day shipping now offers at least a week, sometimes 18 days. You can expect your order from Chewy to arrive in 4-5 days in most places.

Chewy Zippy Paws toysToys from Chewy are for a “good boys”

In addition to food, I buy Marlo’s heart worm medication and flea prevention when I get his vet’s prescription. I also buy his oatmeal shampoo and conditioner in one, his favorite Zippy Paws toys, his all natural beef jerky treats, and his Kongo chews at Chewy. If all of that is not enough, I also get him Chewy Goody Box subscription delivery from time to time. Is there a more spoiled dog anywhere?

Goody Box subscription deliveryChewy Goody Box satisfies all the cravings a dog’s heart might have

In my quest for best online services, I recently discovered iHerb while looking for natural vitamins for kids. The website is well known in health conscious community and is great for supplements, vitamins, sport nutrition needs, baby, bath, beauty, grocery, and pet needs.

iHerb Pet Food PomoiHerb is known for their healthy approach to life

The last one is of great interest to me. I did my research and found plenty of valuable things for Marlo, vital even, because you don’t keep this good boi without his peanut butter treats for long! While the selection is not as wide as at Chewy and iHerb is not a place for dry or canned dog food, they will rival anybody in the market for natural supplements, grooming essentials, and treats.

iHerb Pet FoodNatural is what iHerb strives to bring

iHerb currently offers 10% off $60+ orders and just $2 flat shipping for all orders of $20 or more. There is no information about delayed shipping on the website, so it might be your holy grail for delivery that is hard to come by when everybody else is so overloaded.

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  • 15% OFF Pet Care Products with code CANDF15

iHerb Pet Food CouponiHerb delivers grooming supplies and treats for dogs

My last dog treat order came in just 2 days – try to beat that in times like this! When it comes to food and Zippy Paws toys, I will stick with Chewy, but supplements and anti-stress drop shopping I’ll start at iHerb.

iHerb Pet Food DeliveryiHerb boxes are plain, but full of good stuff

The website offers 200 various supplements, soft hip and joint chews, probiotics, vitamins, calming products, natural treats, and so much more. I also found over 50 grooming products that range from shampoos and nail trimmers to brushes, ear cleaners, and wipes.

iHerb Dog SupplementNordic Naturals make tasty supplements for dogs too

Between those two online retailers, I can have Marlo covered, looking good, fed, and happy during corona or any other disaster.

Chewy and iHerb DealsBetween Chewy and iHerb, your pets needs will always be covered