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How to Keep Dogs Moving with Chewy

Keep Dogs MovingPeople are not the only ones getting nice and round these days – dogs do that too. And why wouldn’t they when their owners are too lazy to take them out and instead entertain them with more treats? Just as we have to make ourselves move sometimes, so do our pampered pooches.

Chewy Dog DiscountsHow much longer will I have to deal with this quarantine?

And just like with us, there are many ways to get the required daily torture, I mean, exercise for pups too. All you have to do is use your imagination and rely on technology, if you don’t want to take your dog on walks, play times, or runs outside.

Keep Dogs Moving with ChewyInteractive dog toys from Frisco via Chewy.com

There are dog treadmills, treat dispensing robots, and simple balls with treats inside created for the sole purpose of getting dogs to move around. You can get them all at Chewy.com. All of these great Chewy products are needed not only because you don’t want to get a fat puppy, but because being physically active will help him stay mentally stable as well. See, dogs are people too!

Chewy Dog Toys PromotionsChewy has toys that are perfect decorations of dog’s world

Exercising helps dogs behave better when they don’t have all that energy stored – sleeping dog is a good dog, you know. Overweight dogs can be prone to arthritis and diabetes, and you don’t want that. Sure, low calorie diet will help, but exercising will do so even faster.

Chewy Dog Toys DiscountsPets keep us happy during every pandemic and quarantine

Finally, lying around all day can make anybody depressed, and the same goes for dogs. Just going for a walk can be a very stimulating activity – just think about all those cars passing by and poop smells everywhere you sniff! Dog parks, walk games, and swimming are perfect boredom killers too!

Chewy Interactive Dog ToysGive me this Frisco rope, I am a good boi

All the above things are great for young and active owners and their pooches. But what if you are elderly, too busy, live in extremely cold climate, suffer from limited mobility, or don’t have an easy access to outdoors? In those cases there are interactive toys and equipment from Chewy, which rules when it comes to affordable choices and fast delivery for everything pet related.

Interactive toys and equipment from Chewy

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Chewy Interactive ToysWhen I asked for it, I didn’t mean on my neck

This is what we think will keep your pooch moving and all of that you can order at Chewy, with big discounts, superb customer service, and quality guaranteed:

Ricochet dog toy – $56. 94

This toy is pretty much two balls that roll around, hide, and engage in echoing squeaks, encouraging your dog to bounce together with them and from one to another. We say energy overflow doesn’t stand a chance with these toys. The toys require batteries and are made of durable rubber to withstand those jaws.

Ricochet dog toys

Dog treadmills – start at $496

Dog treadmills work the same way as for humans – the dog jumps on it and walks as long as he wants. Those machines are great for bad weather, busy ‘hooman’ schedule, and for overcoming whatever else stands in our way of walking. Animal treadmills usually are quiet and feature side rails to keep your dog less distracted.

Wooly snuffle mat – $39.95

This simple mat is inexpensive and interactive, making things complicated for extra ferocious eaters. You can hide treats in the mat and watch your pup work his appetite up sniffing for them. It helps dogs stay active, train their noses, and wiggle their brain. The mat is washable, so no lingering smells will stay behind.

Starmark treat dispensing chew ball – $12.95

It can’t get much better than this – a chew ball and a treat dispenser 2-in-1! Getting reward for moving, pushing, and searching will keep them on all their toes. The ball bounces, floats, and is dishwasher safe. The toy fits quite a few treats, so your pooch will stay busy for a while.

Chewy Dog Chew Balls

Frisco rope with squeaking ball dog toy – $88

Chewy Frisco rope with squeaking ball dog toySun tanning is nice for dog toys too

This toy seems simple, but so often ropes get dogs moving more than anything else. This one is sturdy and features a ball that is very enticing with squeaks, so is a double whammy. Playing fetch and tug of war is perfect with this toy, and that way you both can get some workout.

Chewy Rope with Squeaking Ball Dog ToyI am Marlo, nice to meet you, I will now eat you

Frisco rope with double handle grip dog toy – $5.88

This is another interactive creation from Frisco. It has ropes and rubber handles that can be used for holding or for chewing. It’s colorful and it flies far, so toss it to your heart’s content and get your doggo moving.

Chewy Frisco dog toy for German Shepherd

Tugging on it will work both of your muscles, which is a desired effect too, so invest $5.88 at Chewy.com and get outside.

Frisco rope with 5 knots dog toy – $6.94

Chewy Frisco Rope with 5 Knots Dog ToyColorful display of doggy world essentials

This toy completes the collection of colorful ropes from Chewy. It’s long and provides many grip points for your hands and for you dog’ teeth. The knots won’t get untied and that means that your pup will be able to enjoy this toy for a long time, or until both of you are fit and healthy.