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How Much Does Dog Food Cost at Chewy.com?

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This is not an easy question because of all the possible variables. First, you have to consider the brands, the quality, the ingredients, the size, and much more. To take a rough average – it’s $49.49 per bag.

To arrive at this number, we read reports and looked at 1,300 dry dog food varieties that can be found on Chewy.com. All those foods came from 111 different brands. The range of prices was immense, some as little as $5.65 and some as high as $120.99. The main reason for price was the size of the bag and the variety of food.

One of the cheapest found bags of food was just 4.5 pound bag of the most generic Purina Moist and Meaty kibble. One of the most expensive was 32 pound bag of highly specialized Royal Canine Veterinary Diet Skin Support dog food.

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The only way to really understand the difference between prices is to find a price per pound, which was done. The least expensive dog food came to be $0.46 per pound, while the priciest is $3.78. This means that the average price of all food sold at Chewy.com is $2.80 per pound.

There are quite a few brands that cost less than $0.75 per pound, 20 to be exact. Unsurprisingly, all of those foods are low cost and include the likes of Kibbles ‘n Bits, Dog Chow, and Alpo. More than one kind of dog food from those three brands was in the list of top 10 least expensive. The cheapest of all, Kibbles ‘n Bits is only $22 for 50 pound bag.

The most expensive dog food is definitely premium and of top quality, with natural ingredients and usually highly specialized diet requirements. Take Addiction Nutri-RX Allergy-HS Ultra-Hypoallergenic dog food at $28.50 per 2.2 pound bag, for example. Hopefully your dog won’t need something like this anytime soon!

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Royal Canin brand products proved to be the most expensive per pound overall. This high price has something to do with more than just quality of ingredients. They have a known and respected name in the industry and make small bags of food that other makers don’t even produce in such sizes. For example Royal Canin Dachshund Puppy Dry Food costs $18.89 per 2.5 pound bag, making it the most expensive from this brand, at $7.56 per pound.

Royal Canin brand are the makers of many prescription dog foods, which are expensive and also not available from anybody else, so this definitely comes at a high price. Royal Canin brand’s dry food took 18 out of 20 most expensive at Chewy.com awards. Such prices are definitely affected by small bag sizes.

Dog Food DiscountDry dog food comes in all shapes and sizes

Just like in human food industry, buying dog food in bulk results in saving money and being more frugal. Our suggestion is to consider buying big bags when shopping, unless you need specific diet or vet-approved formula. Staying in the middle of the road is always good, because you will spend a little more money, but you will provide your pet with better quality food.

Overall, Chewy is definitely not the most expensive retailer out there. Most food brands have the same prices as on Amazon or at PetSmart, but one beneficial thing is the ability to save up to 10% on every bag when getting the food ordered via auto-order, where you won’t need to remember to order and will save money too.

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If we take a look at some other things, we can see that Chewy.com offers better prices for quite a few pet products. For example, we looked at Castor & Pollux Good Buddy USA 7” Rawhide Braids Dog Treats at Chewy.com and at Whole Foods. Chewy has them for $5.69 and even lower, $5.41 with auto-order service. Whole Foods offers the same chew treats for $6.49. The difference is $0.80, and if your dog loves them and you will order them all the time, auto-ship will save you $1.08, which becomes significant over time.

We also wanted to compare Organix Grain-Free and Pristine Grain-Free canned dog food at Chewy.com and Whole Foods. Organix cans are $3.15 at Chewy and $2.99 at Whole Foods. However, if you sign up for auto-order with Chewy, each can will be $2.99 as well, making it the same + added convenience of getting it automatically delivered. Pristine Grain Free cans go for $3.15 at Chewy and $3.19 at Whole Foods. Auto-ship price per each at Chewy is $2.99.

I think that the last two comparisons determine the ultimate price winner and our award goes to Chewy.com!