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Chewy.com Puppy Box vs. Birthday Box

Chewy Puppy Box vs Birthday BoxChewy’s Puppy box or Birthday box?

I am new to Chewy and so far I like what I have experienced – the ordering process, fast delivery, convenience, and even though I didn’t have any problems yet, their legendary customer service. It’s great to know that if in need, I will be able to reach a live person day and night 365 days per year.

What in Chewy Puppy BoxHealthy snacks, cute toys, and useful accessories from Chewy/20off.com

Because I liked Chewy so much, I decided to get involved even more and try their monthly subscription Goody Box. My Marlo just turned 1 year old, so I got him a Puppy Box, which he still technically is, and also a Birthday Goody Box for extra spoiling.

Chewy Goody Birthday BoxHappy birthday from Chewy.com

The Puppy Box arrived first and we went right to opening it! Marlo can be shy and so he was surprised that he is allowed to go through the box with brand new stuff. I do try to keep him away from boxes that I receive.

Chewy Puppy BoxStuffed animals and treats from Puppy Box

But after a little encouragement, he got brave and started pulling stuff out of the box.

Chewy Puppy Box ToysSqueaky cute delivery from Chewy Puppy box

Out came a cute brown bear that also squeaks, and then bungee plush squeaking bunny toy.

Plus Squeaking Bunny ToyI’ll just pretend I’m not interested

I liked Planet Friendly scented poop bags and a green dispenser.

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Chewy Puppy Box DiscountFor me, really, from Chewy?

I use the same bags now and really like the message they send – less plastic and more biodegradable replacements. Peanut butter flavored filled beef hoof treat looked good, but was wrapped in plastic, so it didn’t create lots of enthusiasm for Marlo, until it gets unwrapped.

Chewy Frisco Lil' Troublemaker BandanaChewy thinks I’m a troublemaker

The box also included a dog bandana, which is cute, but Marlo hates them passionately, so it won’t be used that often.

Chewy Puppy Box TreatsAll natural and grain-free treats from Chewy Puppy Box

The Puppy Box also had two bags of treats. The first was chicken recipe soft and chewy small bits and the other also chicken recipe all-natural freeze dried dog treats.

Chewy Puppy Box CouponI’m loving these item, mommy

Both smelled good, were loved by Marlo and contain no soy, corn, wheat, and grain. I can definitely say that they both will be gone in no time.

Chewy Birthday Box CouponGoody Box Happy Birthday edition from Chewy.com

A couple of days later we went to open the Birthday Box. Marlo must’ve thought that he died and went to heaven – two boxes in two days! I don’t buy him toys or treats very often, so these were definitely good times for him.

Chewy Birthday Box DiscountAnd there is a cake from Chewy

The birthday box had this amazingly looking plush cake toy complete with layers and candles. It was so cute I wanted to keep it to myself, but relented and with heavy heart let Marlo have at it. Fortunately, he took it slow and didn’t destroy it just yet. It’s probably because he has so many other toys and chews to keep him distracted lately.

What in Chewy Birthday BoxTreats from Goody Box are so good they are human grade

One of the treat bags was what we already had in the Puppy Box – the freeze dried chicken pieces, which I know is good. Another treat bag was Happy Birthday Soft Baked beef treats. Marlo had nothing against them either.

Chewy Birthday Box TeatBeach birthday celebration with Chewy

Finally he discovered the peanut butter filled beef hoof again and another bandana. To end the feast there was big purple rubber or plastic bone shaped chew toy, and we love chew toys in this house, especially when kids need to get some homework done without Marlo bringing toys and asking them to play all the time.

Frisco Birthday TPR Dog BoneFrisco birthday bone chew from Chewy Birthday Box

Having tried both boxes, I have to say that they are more similar than I expected. They had the same bag of treats, the same beef hoof, and the same bandana even if it features a different pattern. I would say that getting a birthday box is not the best idea if you already subscribe to Chewy’s Goody Box. Otherwise, you should totally order a birthday box and make a perfect birthday surprise for you dog.

Chewy Frisco Plush Birthday Cake with SqueakerWhat a totally stunning toy from Birthday Box!

Both boxes cost about the same – $24, but the first monthly box can be received totally free of charge with a new customer coupon code, providing not only a great treat, but also great savings. Extra savings can be had in the future with friend referrals and occasional coupons.

Chewy Dog's Birthday Deals

If you go ahead and order Chewy Goody Box for 6 or 12 months, you will pay lower price for each and for the birthday you will get some extra surprise with your box anyway, so again, Birthday Box might feel kind of redundant. I say choose one or another for birthday, unless you are not limited by budget at all.