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Chewy or Petco for Cat Food?

Chewy or Petco for Cat FoodCats are loved at Chewy too

Online shopping is ever popular these days with people shopping for most of their needs from the comforts of their couch sipping a glass of something cold or something hot. Even the biggest sceptics are now buying increasing amount of necessities online. And necessities include everything pet related.

Cat Food OffersCat food comes in all shapes and sizes at Petco

Pets constantly need something – toys, food, accessories, and medications. And there are plenty of online choices when it comes to buying all of that. Some of the ecommerce retailers have physical stores too for extra convenience. 

Cat Food Deals


Cat ToysPetco offers a huge variety of cat toys

Let’s talk about Chewy first:

What are some pros?

chewy 20% OFF Cat Food and Supplie20% off at Chewy is a big deal/20off.com

  • Free shipping on all orders above $49
  • Huge assortment of pet food, accessories, supplies, and meds
  • 5-10% savings on auto-orders
  • Affiliate program
  • A page dedicated to sales and deals

Cat FoodPurely Fancy Feast for cats at Petco

What are some cons?

Organix Kitten FoodOrganix kitty food can be bought at both retailers

  • Customer service can be questionable sometimes
  • Not all major brands are available

Chewy Promotion CodeChewy.com delivery feline

Chewy Coupons:

  • $15 OFF Your Order with code CHEWYRX
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $49

Chewy Coupons and Promotions

What are Petco pros?

Petco Cat Food PromotionPetco looks inviting all the time

  • Free shipping on all orders above $49
  • Physical locations
  • Free online returns to stores
  • Affiliate program
  • Live fish sales
  • No need for account to order
  • Grooming and vet services

Petco Holiday DealsChristmas ty stock at Petco can get low

What are some Petco cons?

  • Extra shipping fees
  • Pharmacy items can’t be returned to stores

Petco Cat Food Coupon

Petco Promotions:

  • $30 off your $100+ purchase with code save30
  • Free Shipping on All Orders over $49

Overall both retailers offer very similar things, with the exception of Petco services and live fish sales that can only be available with physical location.

Cat Food DryMeow Mix cat food

Let’s look at some services that can be compared:

Shipping and delivery

Both brands offer shipping and delivery, so it’s fairly easy to compare this service. Chewy is pretty straight forward – orders above $49 ship free, smaller ones have flat rate fee of $4.95. If you order early in the morning, chances are that your order will be shipped on that day.

Cat Food Coupons

Simple orders arrive in 1-2 business days. Personalized items and medications will take longer. You can track your order and see its status from your account.

Sheba Cat FoodSheba cat food can be found at Petco

Petco also offers free shipping on $49+, but some heavier items are excluded from this offer. Specific information will be provided for those products. The speed of delivery differs from Chewy though – standard shipping will take 2-5 days. There are paid options for 2-day or overnight shipping.

What is their return policy?

Chewy wins in this category too – it has one of the most liberal return policies ever. Pretty much anything can be returned there, except prescription medication, but even those can be returned if damaged during shipping or if the company sent you wrong ones. Just contact the customer service and start your return process.

Whole Paws Cat FoodWhole Paws grain free recipes for cats

Petco’s return policy is slightly different. First of all, because of physical stores, you can return your unwanted items there and save on shipping back cost. All products have to be returned within 60 days of purchase date.

Discount Cat Food

The receipt is needed for a refund and can be printed from your order page. If you don’t have a receipt, you will get store credit. Online returns will have shipping charge. Medications can’t be returned to stores, so you will need to contact customer service for directions.

Rachael Ray Cat FoodRachel Ray Nutrish makes delights for cats

How do prices compare at both pet retailers?

We looked at many different cat foods and litter box products on both websites and clearly saw that most prices are identical at Chewy and Petco. There was only one product, The Bravecto Topical Solution for cats that was $2 cheaper at Petco.

25% OFF Cat Food PromotionDiscounts for canned many different  brands at Petco

How does customer service compare?

Here we see the biggest difference: Chewy invested in training their employees, who are nice and can answer any questions about customer orders. Petco customer service experience is less satisfactory for most shoppers and has been reviewed as terrible. Customers complain that many orders don’t come at all or promised discounts are not applied.

Friskies Wet Cat FoodFriskies canned food for cats

Chewy doesn’t have brick and mortar locations, so no offline services are provided. Petco does offer training, grooming, and adoptions, but all of them have some bad reviews.

What is our conclusion?

At the end of any review it is important to understand that your experience will be unique and can be very different from anybody else’s, so you should always test services yourself before deciding which one works best for you.

Organix Cat FoodOrganic and natural food varieties from Organix and Wellness

Different people care about different things – to some shipping speed is the most important consideration, while others need the best price or the best customer service.

Natural Cat TreatsWildly Natural for wildly loved felines

Our verdict and the winner’s crown goes to Chewy because of their fast shipping and friendly customer service as those two things were the most important to me.

Cat Food WetFriskies varieties at Petco