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Best Toys from Frisco at Chewy

Top Toys from Frisco at Chewy

Chewy.com has long been my go-to place for everything pet related. I get Marlo’s toys and snacks there; I also order canned food from Chewy and plan to schedule auto-ship for his dry food there too. Chewy has it all and also backs all orders with fantastic customer service. Even during the busiest days of corona panic the retailer was able to ship pet supplies with just a short delay. I think this last part just made me their customer for Marlo’s life!

Marlo's Favorite Toys from Frisco

While we were mostly sitting home, the need for dog toys became hard to ignore. Home Goods was closed and Petco wasn’t very appealing during the quarantine lockdown, so Chewy.com it was. I spent hours browsing and discovered literally hundreds of awesome toys for sale. Every brand had a ton of selection and there were tons of brands to choose from. I really don’t ever need to go anywhere else for dog toys. I also enjoy frequent sales on pet supplies at Chewy. 

Chewy Frisco Delivery

I have tried Frisco toys before and was always happy with not only their quality, but how fun each toy was for Marlo. He eventually destroys everything, but Frisco creations take just a little longer. After having Marlo for over a year, I know very well which toys appeal to him and which he couldn’t care less for. Frisco happens to have many that he is attracted to, so I decided to treat him to a special Frisco toy delivery from Chewy and make his days a bit happier.

Chewy Frisco Offers

It took five days to get everything instead of normal two, but Chewy.com was very nice and sent me an email apologizing for the delay, which they also warned about while I was purchasing everything. While toys are needed, they are by no means essential, so I was fine waiting a few extra days.

Grand Opening of the Chewy box

Finally today was the day of grand opening of the box and Marlo was excited. I always make him pose with his deliveries and I don’t think he likes the picture taking process when he has to sit like a good boi and wait to dig into the goodies, so I tried to be very fast today. After the pictures were taken, he had his fun for hours.

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Opening of the Chewy box

This is the best toys from Frisco for Marlo and also his opinion about them from top to bottom:

Frisco Birthday TPR Bone Dog Toy – $4.57

Frisco Birthday TPR Bone Dog Toy from Chewy

It’s not Marlo’s birthday, but the bone looked very festive, so I got it for no reason. This is the first thing he went for and the first thing that died, in an hour. Thankfully he doesn’t swallow little bits that he chews off, but spits them all over the house. So the silicone bone was properly enjoyed and abandoned until tomorrow. This is not a good buy for a dog that swallows everything he sees in sight.

Frisco Rope with Squeaking Barrel Dog Toy – $5.88

Frisco Rope with Squeaking Barrel Dog Toy

There is something about this extra loud and annoying squeak from Frisco. Marlo is in love and he shows it by endless squeaking, which causes my husband to lose his cool and take the toy away at least while we have dinner. We had a similar toy before and the ball is still around even though the ropes are long gone.

Frisco Mythical Mates Viking Sword Nylon Plush Dog Toy – $7.99

Frisco Mythical Mates Viking Sword Nylon Plush Dog Toy

This sword is currently not available and I think I know why it got sold out – when my son saw it, he asked me why I didn’t buy it for him! This is how good it looks. It also squeaks, fits great in the jaws, and is fun to carry around for dogs and little boys.

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Tree Puzzle Dog Toy – $15.98

Frisco Hide and Seek Plush Tree Puzzle Dog Toy

I have tried a toy like that from ZippyPaws before and Marlo loved it to the ground, so I decided to get one from Frisco via Chewy for comparison. I think I like the style of ZippyPaws a little bit more, but it comes with 3-4 cute animals for a trunk this size, while Frisco included 6 monkeys.

Chewy Frisco Plush Tree with Monkeys

This is like 7-in-1 toy and will last for weeks, because for every monkey killed there are many more left.

Frisco Zombie Rope Dog Toy – $10.98

Frisco Zombie Rope Dog Toy from Chewy

This creation has it all – fun expression, squeaker, and ropes! Ropes are always a hit with Marlo.

Chewy Frisco Zombie Rope Dog Toy

We play some tug games, he loves to fetch toys with ropes, and then he also enjoys chewing the ropes off and spreading them all over the house.

Chewy Frisco Zombie Toy

The zombie’s body seems to be tough, so hopefully it will be with us for a while.

Frisco Flat Plush Squeaking Raccoon – $5.48

Frisco Flat Plush Squeaking Raccoon from Chewy

Marlo hasn’t had a toy like this before, so he is still not sure about it, but I have confidence that it will be great for flying. We will be testing it tomorrow outside as today was a little wet and I didn’t want to mess up the new toy right away. 

I paid just over $50 for 6 toys and am sure that it would be hard to find a similar deal somewhere else for that many brand name toys. This is why we love Chewy and will continue to get fun things there for as long as Marlo will have energy for them all!