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Best Dog Supplies from Chewy

Top Dog Supplies from Chewy

Ever since we adopted our dog over a year ago, Chewy has been my go to place for all essential and less essential supplies, from food to toys. Amazon and Home Goods were also OK, but with corona’s arrival Home Goods closed down and Amazon started messing up delivery times and raising prices. After this calamity is over, I will still be faithful to Chewy and Chewy only.

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They have everything, hundreds of brands, fast delivery, and the friendliest customers service in the world. This is why they also have mine and Marlo’s business.

Chewy Dog Supplies Promo

I have ordered many things over the happy months of puppyhood and young adultness of my Portuguese water dog. This bread is very “mouthy” they said, and I can now see that they were right – Marlo has to have something in his mouth when he is happy and when he is sad. Needless to say, we went through countless plush toys so cute that my kids wanted to play with them. Sadly, they all died sooner or later, lost ears, and all their white insides. Some lasted hours, lucky ones – days, and temporarily lost ones – weeks.

Best Chewy Dog Supplies

We also went through many bags of treats and a few tough chews. I am not against buying all these entertainments for our dog, unlike my husband. He thinks that it’s a waste of money, but I see destructed toys as an alternative to chewed up table legs and computer cords. Believe it or not, but in his 15 months with us, Marlo didn’t touch a single table leg or a cord. This is thanks to Chewy’s toys and Bitter Apple spray.

Marlo's favorite toys

When I look back, I remember so many great toys that are now long gone, and which might’ve been considered Marlo’s favorites. However, we still have some tough ones that he plays with or uses frequently and which are still holding up. I can even take pictures of them, which is a testament to their durability and strength.

Here they are, our toughest contenders for the strongest and most loved title:

Max & Neo adjustable collar – $14.99

Chewy Max & Neo adjustable collar

Red is definitely our color and has been since the beginning. It looks great on Marlo’s black and white coat and after 12 months of usage still looks like new. It’s very sturdy and easily adjustable – we used it since he was 5 month old and will do so for years.

Chewy Max & Neo Red collar

I tend to get attached to things and don’t change them unless I need to. I still have my last dog’s collar and leash that he used for 12 years, for emotional reasons mostly, since it’s been 5 years since he crossed over the rainbow bridge.

Benebone Chicken Flavor Wish Bone – $11.59 for medium

Chewy Benebone Chicken Flavor Wish Bone

This tough chew is loved day in and day out. Marlo can spend 2 hours chewing on it one day and then forget about it for a week. But he always returns to it and loves sharpening his pearly whites on it, making me think of it as a worthy investment.

Petkin tennis ball – $0.75

Chewy Petkin tennis ball

I don’t even remember when I bought it, but it’s still here rolling around and resurfacing from time to time. We play fetch with it outside and just throw it for Marlo inside the house. It doesn’t have a squeaker and this must be the reason for its long life (stuff with squeakers gets disassembled fast and furious).

Frisco rope and ball dog toy – $6.89

Chewy Frisco rope and ball toy

This simple creation is genius! It’s a simple rope and a simple blue ball in the middle of it, but the ball has the most annoying bird like scream, which works like drugs on Marlo.

Frisco rope and ball dog toy from Chewy

He destroyed the rope after a couple of days of tug games with kids, but the ball is still here and still intact. We have to hide the ball from him periodically just to stay sane, but the dog is in love with it.

Chewy Frisco rope and ball dog toy

ZippyPaws burrows carrot with 3 rabbits – $8.99

Chewy ZippyPaws burrows carrot with 3 rabbits

This is 4 in one toy and we will be getting more for sure when all rabbits die and the carrot gets completely destroyed.

Chewy ZippyPaws Toy

For now two rabbits still live albeit without right ears. Kids loved hiding the rabbits inside this burrow carrot and watch Marlo pull them out at first.

Chewy ZippyPaws burrows carrot

After they got tired of this game, Marlo was left to his own devices and thus killed one rabbit, damaged the other to, but has left the carrot alone for now.

Tuffy’s Ocean Creatures Burtle Turtle Plush Dog Toy – $18.21

Chewy Tuffy’s Ocean Creatures Burtle Turtle Plush Dog Toy

Burtle the turtle is the toughest plush toy I have ever seen. We have it for months and Marlo managed to just chew its tail and 3 fins just a little bit. The rest of the body and the head haven’t been touched, which is unprecedented. This toy will have a long life in our house and will be able to spend many quality chewing hours with Marlo.

Chewy Tuffy's Turtle Plush Dog Toy