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Charitable Pet Companies during COVID-19

Charitable Pet Companies during Pandemic

COVID-19 has been hurting us all, but some people and organizations are affected more than others. The same can be said about pets and shelter animals. The animal situation is of great concern for many companies in pet industry. Sitting at home and working, and schooling remotely are bad enough, but what about rescue animals that are stuck in shelters or those from homes where owners are sick?

Fostering animals is on a rise these days, but there are still plenty of pets in need all over the US and neighboring countries. Let’s take a look how some companies are getting involved in their areas and beyond:


Chewy Promo 2020

The company, as one of the largest pet retailers in the country, definitely has the means to help. It teamed up with GreaterGood.org and so far donated over $3 million in various pet products and food. All those resources will be distributed to animal support organizations in the country. Those organizations suffer a great deal because of shelter in place orders in many states, with supplies running low. Donations like Chewy’s can ensure that shelters will stay open and save lives.

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New York, California, and Washington are three most affected states and that’s where Chewy’s biggest donations are going. According to Chewy.com CEO, the company will continue donations as long as they are needed.

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In South Florida, where the headquarters are located, Chewy is supporting their local community – in partnership with Humane Society, Chewy distributed more than $24,000 in food through local food drives. The funds reached 580 families and counting.

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Wellness Natural Pet Food

Donated 300,000 pet meals to Boston are pet organizations and groups, and pledged to donate 2 truckloads (33,000 lbs) of dry dog food to Greater Boston Food Bank (GBFB). Those type of donations will help rescue pets and provide for pets from homes in need.

Rachel Ray Nutrish

The brand is collaborating with GreaterGood.org to give away 4 million pet meals to animals in shelters and from affected by coronavirus families.

Purple Heart Rescue

Purple Heart Rescue

As coronavirus is taking time to back off, many of us enjoy movement in fresh air thanks to our pets. But let’s think about all the pets that are stuck at rescue and adoption organizations with fewer people to take care for them. They need our help right away and in turn they might be just what we need to stay sane. Thankfully, many pet product companies and people rally around organizations like Purple Heart Rescue to supply food and foster or adopt pets.

Purple Heart Rescue Offer

Purple Heart Rescue is a charitable organization for dogs that have been mistreated, abused, and abandoned. They are heroes in our hearts and deserve a happy and safe life. At this time, more than ever, donations are welcome to make sure that the mission of Purple Heart Rescue can remain to care for, train, feed, and re-home all animals.

Nestle Purina

The company is allocating money and support to three organizations. First, Petfinder Foundation, offers financial support to pet organizations all over the country. Second, GreaterGood.org distributes pet food and other necessities to pet charitable organizations. Third, RedRover, will be offering financial support for pet families, where somebody is a domestic violence victim or sick with COVID-19.


The Canadian company donated close to 300,000 meals for pets in shelters, various rescue organizations, and pets without homes in some regions in Canada. The donated food includes highly specialized food for various pet life stages and diets.

The company’s spokesperson is hoping that others who have means will join them in their effort to support local animal care groups during the lasting and devastating pandemic.

Charitable Pet Companies

Vital Essentials

Green Bay, Wisconsin, based brand that belongs to Carnivore Meat Company, donated $100K to local food pantries, shelters, and charitable groups. The company has implemented Vital Relief Challenge, a campaign to encourage all pet product makers donate to their local pet organizations.

The Challenge to other companies and their CEO’s can make a huge impact if many of them join in and lend a helping hand to offset some impact left by COVID-19. This strategy will pay off in the long run when customers will come back and will repay for their generosity showed during the time of the pandemic.

PetSmart Charities

PetSmart Discount

This philanthropic component of PetSmart is donating $1 million for organizations and pet owners that got affected by the virus one way or another. The immediate beneficiaries are shelters and other organizations i the most affected states.

PetSmart for Small Pet

Gott Pet Products

The maker of Charlee Bear and Hound & Gatos brand is working with Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, Wisconsin, to supply pet food and treats to their just recently created pet food pantry.

Pet Donations


The Canadian company is giving away 1,000 pounds of raw dog food to people with immune diseases and those who lost wages due to corona virus. NutriCanine also offers 30% off everything on their website and no contact shipping for the next month.