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Chewy Best Toys Under $10

Top Chewy Toys Under $10

Chewy is always my go-to place for everything our furry love Marlo needs.

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He is still a bit puppy and is in constant need of toys, so I am on the lookout for the best deals everywhere I go. Since I don’t go anywhere during corona and especially when my favorite Home Goods is closed all together, Chewy is my savior in dog toy department.

Marlo and Chewy Box

Without Chewy the legs of my Italian birch dining table would probably be gone, not to mention computer cords and kids’ toys. I was able to avoid all that thanks to Chewy and their huge selection of toys for cheap.

Chewp Chewy Toys

When it comes to toys that are destined to meet my dog’s young jaws, not many survive past a few days. This is why I see no reason to invest any more than $10 in any toy. Marlo loves a new toy, he kills it, I throw it away, and my heart doesn’t ache if that thing was just $5. If he would kill something for $20, we would have more issues here. Plus, when you buy all toys for $10 and under, you can fit quite a few in a $50.

Chewy Toys Under $10

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So this is exactly what I did this time. I didn’t want to pay for shipping, so I decided to get as many toys as I can for $49, which is free shipping threshold. I think I did pretty well. Take a look at what Marlo got for $50:

Chuckit! Ultra Duo Tug Tough Dog Toy – $4.52

Chewy Chuckit Toy

This toy is not big, but who cares about the size when you have too balls and a tough rope thing for throwing and tugging. Marlo enjoys a ball like any other dog, so he would never say no to two of them!

Petstages Dogwood Tough Dog Chew Toy – $6.33

Chewy Petstages Dogwood Tough Dog Chew Toy

This toy used to be $19, but now it’s only $6 for some reason, so needless to say I felt that I am getting a good deal.

Chewy Dogwood Tough Dog Chew Toy

It is big and looks so tough that it might last a little longer than 2 days. I can see us playing fetch with this natural wood flavored stick for hours.

Outward Hound Tough Skinz Squeaky Plush Dog Toy – $4.90

Chewy skin plush frog

I love plush dog toys, but regular ones don’t last a day in this house, so I really wanted to try this tough skin plush frog. It looks very cure, sounds even cuter, and does feel very durable. Even the squeak should continue to squeak after it gets taken out and chewed up!

Outward Hound Tough Skinz Squeaky Plush Dog Toy – $8.09

Chewy Skin Plush Snake

I expected a small snake for this price, but was very pleasantly surprised that it is actually huge. Just like the frog, it looks indestructible, but that remains to be seen.

Chewy Plush Snake Dog Toy

Whatever happens to it later, for now it looks very good and very playful.

Multipet Loofa “Pink Ribbon” Squeaky Plush Dog Toy – $4.19

Chewy Multipet Loofa Plush Dog Toy

This cute doggy is not going to last, but I wanted some plush toys like this too. I might like them more than Marlo, and so do my kids, so we’ll enjoy it before it gets all its insides pulled out.

Chewy Loofa Plush Dog Toy

The toy is quite big, squeaks nicely, and is a steal for $4.

Booda Soft Bite Medium Hamburger Plush Dog Toy – $3.99

Chewy Cheap Hamburger Plush Dog Toy

This burger costs about the same as a real McDonald’s burger and is just as satisfying for Marlo, if not for the taste, but at least for fun.

Marlo and Chewy Hamburger Plush Dog Toy

He lunged at this burger right away and will destroy it fast, but at $3.99 I won’t get heartbroken about it.

All Kind Toss & Play NO Squeak Boomerang Dog Toy – $3.79

Chewy Boomerang Dog Toy

It might take a few tries to get it to come back on its own, but today we tested it and Marlo brought it back without a problem.

Chewy Boomerang Dog Toy Tested by Marlo

It is made tough and will be used for a long time outside, or so I hope.

Hartz Bug Eyes Squeak Latex Frog – $4.15

Chewy Hartz Bug Eyes Squeak Latex Frog

This toy Marlo liked the most right away and I can see why – it is so cute!

Marlo and Hartz Bug Eyes Squeak Latex Frog

It is quite unfortunate for the toy as it got all his limbs chewed off right away, but the rest of it is still intact, so it will live to see another day yet.

JW Pet Dogs in Action DNA Sequence Toy – $3.39

Chewy JW Pet Dogs in Action DNA Sequence Toy

This toy is pretty large and very colorful. It also extends and bounces back.

Chewy JW Pet Dog Toy

This makes it perfect for tugging games and, hopefully, tough rubber will ensure its long life.

JW Pet Play Place Lattice Dog Ball – $3.28

Chewy JW Pet Play Place Lattice Dog Ball

This rolling wonder has a rope and a rubber ball – it’s pretty much doggo heaven!

Marlo and JW Dog Ball

Marlo certainly appreciates the ingenious design and proudly carries the toy in his mouth without trying to destroy it.

Hartz Frisky Frolic Squeaky Latex Toy – $2.97

Chewy Hartz Frisky Frolic Squeaky Latex Toy

This cheery character is beloved by kids, so I am considering giving it to them for their role play games. Marlo would love it too, but its end would be swift and would start with all the little soft spikes.

Chewy Hartz Latex Toy

I might allow him to have it only because it’s just $2.97 and I can get another delivered in 2 days from Chewy if I wanted to.

Hartz Double Play Pal Squeaky Plush Tiger – $5.47

Chewy Hartz Double Play Pal Squeaky Plush Tiger

The designers behind Hartz toys know what they are doing. They make toys not only cute, but unusual and multi-purpose. This tiger has soft head, which is good for chewing, but also a tail that will serve for throwing and for tugging. It is definitely double the joy for Marlo.

Marlo and Chewy Toys

At the end I got 12 toys for just $53 and had everything delivered in 2 days. I only wish I would get spoiled like this! Thanks, Chewy, as always!