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Happy Birthday Chewy Style!

Chewy Happy Birthday Goody BoxChewy has perfect style for birthdays

Chewy is one of the best, if not, THE best place to buy various toys and treats for your dog.

Chewy’s Birthday GiftsChewy’s goodies are hard to beat

When it’s time to celebrate your dog’s birthday, nothing can provide a better experience than Chewy’s special birthday box.

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Chewy’s birthday boxPuppies love birthday celebrations too

The box has many wonderful toys to make your dog the happiest in the world.

Chewy birthday box promotionChews and toys galore from Chewy for the special day

For example, there’s birthday bone for your dog. Dogs love bones! Naturally, this is the perfect birthday gift.

Chewy’s special birthday boxBones, cakes, and bandanas for dogalicious celebration

It is made from a special rubber that makes sure your dog’s teeth stay healthy, and this bone provides much fun for your dog!

Chewy Birthday Discount

However, with the birthday prize, your dog might start feeling overwhelmed and start misbehaving.

Chewy Birhday TreatSoft treats for training and for pure pleasure

In order to make your dog the most well behaved pet, this box comes with some freeze dried and soft-baked treats.

Chewy freeze dried treatDecadent salmon snacks – healthy and crispy

Whenever you hold a treat in your hand, your dog will look at you in awe! Holding a treat in your hand while giving a command to your dog, will make your dog instantly sit, roll over, jump, bark, and much more depending on your command!

Birthday plush cake from ChewyChewy knows that this face needs to be celebrated

Finally, let’s not forget the birthday plush cake! Wow! Even though it is plushy, I can still look at it, and crave a real cake! It looks incredibly delicious, and I feel like I can eat the cake, even though it is plushy.

Chewy birthday plush cakeGive me dis, I deserves dis!

Sometimes though, I forget that, and really wanna eat the cake! Imagine taking a picture of your dog holding this plushy cake in her mouth!

Celebrate Dog's Birthday with ChewyEvery Spiderman needs a birthday celebrating super dog

That would look incredibly cute! In addition to the prizes from the birthday box, you can also buy many wonderful birthday gifts for your dog from chewy separately from the box. For example, you can buy the Frisco birthday squeaky balls.

Chewy's Frisco birthday squeaky ballsIt can never be too many balls, birthday or not

Dogs love to play fetch with tennis balls, especially if they’re squeaky. There’s no better way to surprise your dog than with squeaky happy birthday tennis balls!

Chewy Tennis Balls for DogsPerfect size snacks for my jaws

These are the perfect gift for your cute dog! Another sweet toy to surprise your dog is the plushy happy birthday cup-cake with a candle!

Chewy plushy happy birthday cup-cake with a candleBirthday cupcakes from Chewy are best!

This is the best way to wish your dog a happy birthday. Your dog will have a blast chewing up the birthday cup-cake, and she will be the happiest dog! But wait, there’s more!

Chewy birthday bearSo good looking that it should definitely hide in flowers

Finally, you can buy the special plushy birthday bear. First of all, this is the cutest toy I have ever seen!

Chewy Plushy Birthday BearThe Teddy at the end of his life

Combining this bear with your cute dog makes the cutest picture of all time! This will truly make any dog, extremely thrilled and happy to be your pet!

Chewy birthday dealsThe beauty like this should always be celebrated with Chewy.com