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My Favorite FabFitFun Products

Favorite FabFitFun ProductsMy most beloved FabFitFun products this year

I have been with FabFitFun subscription service for about a year now and it’s time to make some conclusions. The main one is – I love the concept and most of the products I receive. Opening each box is still a celebration that usually involves me, my dog, and my camera. Once the opening ceremony is over and the surprise is gone, I am left with loving some products more than others. And I am sure I am not the only one feeling this way.

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Top FabFitFun ProductsSomething for shower and for after shower from FabFitFun

Today I looked at everything I got so far and picked what I use all the time, with some products over and some ordered again. These are my all-time hall of famers:

Human + Kind Body Soufflé

FabFitFun Human + Kind Body SouffléThe best body lotion, hands down!

This is my number 1 and was ordered a second time. First of all, it has the most pleasant smell. Then I love its healing qualities – when I started using it, my nails and cuticles were really sensitive and dry to the point of bleeding. It could’ve been a coincidence, but right at that time I started using this natural vegan cream a few times per day and all problems went away.

The Better Skin Co. Lava Magik Cleanser, Scrub, and Mask

FabFitFun The Better Skin Co Lava Magik Cleanser Scrub and MaskHeavenly facial scrub from FabFitFun

My second most favorite item is almost over. I use it in my shower routine as a facial scrub and it works wonders. I love its citrus smell and the way my skin feels afterwards. As soon as it’s over, I will buy it again.

Harper + Ari Juice Cleanse Exfoliating Sugar Cubes

FabFitFun Harper + Ari Juice Cleanse Exfoliating Sugar CubesGreen cubes smell so good you almost want to eat them

I guess smell is the most important quality for me, and this one is irresistible. They smell fresh, like lime, and seem tasty enough for eating. Rubbing one all over my body leaves my skin hydrated and smelling heavenly. My 9 year old daughter is also into these, but probably because it says sugar on the jar.

Generation Clay Brightening Purple Clay Mask 

FabFitFun Generation Clay Brightening Purple Clay MaskPurple clay mask for perfect skin from FabFitFun

I am not big on masks, but this one smells good (again), and works great for reducing pores and refreshing my skin. I don’t use it very often, but feel great every time I do.

Rebecca Minkoff hat and fingerless gloves set

FabFitFun Rebecca Minkoff hat and fingerless gloves set My most used cold weather accessories from Rebecca Minkoff

I received this set in my winter box and ended up using it all late winter and early spring. I liked to walk my dog in mornings right after dropping kids off to school when it was still quite chilly, so the cute hat and gloves saved me many times. I also like to think that I looked very cute while wearing them.

Cuccio Somatology yogahhh Calm + Clean body wash

FabFitFun Cuccio Somatology yogahhh Calm + Clean body washIt’s like yoga in the shower from cuccio Somatology

Loved this wash in spring and used it up pretty quickly. Lavender smell and fresh clean feeling afterwards kept me hooked. I might buy this again one of those days.

Deep sleep body cocoon from thisworks

FabFitFun Deep sleep body cocoon from thisworksMy favorite night cream for perfect sleep and beautiful skin

I have never heard of this brand before, but they do make a very nice night cream. It smells intense with notes of lavender and chamomile. I admit that I don’t go through whole body lotion activity before bed, but I put this on my neck, arms, and legs, and enjoy calming scent while falling asleep. My skin feels great in the morning after such routine, so I believe it works and I shall never be old.

Revive light therapy Glo wrinkle treatment

FabFitFun Revive light therapy Glo wrinkle treatmentJust 3 minutes with Glo wipes away a few years off my face

I love sun tanning and earn a few wrinkles around the eyes this way. This light treatment is gentle on my skin, but tough on wrinkles. Since it’s now almost summer and I am outside a lot, this little device is probably not offsetting sun damage, but I will use it actively in the fall to see if I can give my skin some rest over the cold months.

Wei two-in-one purify and glow mask collection

FabFitFun Wei two-in-one purify and glow mask collectionWEI facial masks are little works of art

This is my final product that got me addicted. I love everything about those cute little masks – the way they are packaged, how they smell, how evenly they apply with included brush, and how my skin looks after the application. Half of these masks are golden root for purification and another half – from brown sugar for glow. I finished them right away and will have to order more.

Best FabFitFun ProductsThank you, FabFitFun, for introducing me to all of them

There are good things to be said about so many other products too, but these 9 take the cake. Out of all my boxes, maybe 2-3 items were totally not used, like fake lashes and one leave in conditioner, but I am not very picky and loved more or less everything else.