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GlossyBox vs. FabFitFun

Glossybox and Fabfitfun Beauty BoxesGlossyBox or FabFitFun/20OFF LLC

I recently discovered FabFitFun and even more recently GlossyBox, so now I can talk about both. First of all, let me tell you that I don’t consider myself a great beauty expert, I don’t keep up with the latest trends, and don’t spend hours shopping for supplies, but I like makeup and grooming products like the next girl. This makes me a prime candidate for beauty subscription boxes, where experts select products and send them to my door for trying. I am not picky, so I end up liking almost everything, but with some exceptions.

FabFitFun Beauty Subscription BoxFabFitFun under the tree joy

Let’s start this review with my love for FabFitFun! I guess you can see where I’m going with this. This love affair wasn’t born from the very first box, though. It took some tweaking and some upgrades. FabFitFun regular service is quarterly boxes with full-size products in them.

FabFitFun KitFabFitFun Winter 2020 contents/20off.com

While I heard many good things about the boxes and saw Instagram full of happy customers, my first order took forever to receive and when it came I didn’t have this euphoria. It seemed that the box was full of shredded paper to make look fuller. After some research I understood that paying per box wouldn’t get me anywhere and so I upgraded to yearly membership. The difference was immense! I got my box early, could customize, and it arrived full to the brim. Since then I am a big fan of FabFitFun and no other service will be quite equal to them.

FabFitFun First BoxFabFitFun is always perfectly packaged

The last box from FabFitFun was winter and I loved almost everything there. My favorite products:

  • Rebecca Minkoff hat and glove set

Rebecca Minkoff GlovesLook at those Rebecca Minkoff beauties from FabFitFun

  • Cuccio Yogahh shower gel

Cuccio Yogahh Shower GelCuccio shower gel is divine under the tree or in the shower

  • Body Boost Gel from Skin Volume

Skin Volume Body Boost GelSkinvolve body gel from FabFitFun goes to the gym with me all the time

  • 2020 Calendar Planner from Paper Source

Paper Source 2020 Calendar Planner2020 planner from PaperSource can be found at PaperSource.com

I use those items constantly and would buy them myself in a heartbeat.

Some items, while good, are not of much use for me:

  • Makeup eraser towel

MakeUp EraserReusable Original Makeup Eraser from FabFitFun is for saving the planet

  • Faux lashes

Faux Lashes From FabFitFunFaux lashes from FabFitFun Winter 2020

  • Prime and Prep Detangler from Prep Rally

Prep Rally Prime And Prep DetanglerPrep Rally hair solution is ‘gnometastic’

  • Damage Remedy for damaged hair from Aveda

Aveda Damage RemedyAveda daily repair comes to aid my tired tresses

All those products are great in their own right, but I simply don’t use them very often in my beauty routine. They are, however, great for re-gifting and served as perfect stocking stuffers for my friends.

Adore Bracelet From FabFitFunAdore bracelet is loved by me and by my dog

FabFitFun Promotions:

  • 20% OFF your first order with code JEAN10
  • 20% OFF Your Order with code TOPFAVES

Oh, I forgot to mention my new favourite soft faux fur blanket that gets used every night on my bed.

Soft Faux Fur Blanket From FabFitFunFabFitFun faux fur blanket for my side of the bed

Dead Sea bath salts also will be loved on my bath soaking nights when I get so stressed out I have trouble falling asleep.

AHAVE Dead Sea Bath SaltAhava bath salts from FabFitFun for winter evening soaks

The main reason for my FabFitFun love is the fact that I get full size items. I got Birchbox subscription from my husband for Christmas a couple of years ago and received so many little samples every month that I still have one full drawer today. Full size products can be loved for a long time or re-gifted a lot easier than little samples.

Birchbox The On-the-Go Skincare KitBeauty kits/20off.com

I love the aspect of surprise and trust FabFitFun professionals to pick something nice for me, so this is why I don’t go in to customize my order, but I can if I want to. I understand that many other customers love this option with their yearly subscriptions.

When it comes to GlossyBox, I feel that based on my first and only experience so far it might not get a fair trial. As you can understand, I only got one box, the December one.

Glossybox Beauty Subscription BoxGlossyBox is totally glossy

My expectations were high because I read that products will be full size and because I got spoiled by FabFitFun.

The box that came was small, but good looking. I paid only $17.95 vs. $49.99 for FabFitFun, so naturally those full size products would have to be small, which they were. I got a total of 5 items, which is not bad at all.

Glossybox KitGlossyBox monthly box contents

The first thing I saw was faux lashes. Again! I don’t wear them and don’t care for them at all, but fine, I will gift them to someone who really likes this beauty accessory.

3D Faux Mink LashesGolden Gatsby lashes are attention grabbers for sure

Nail and cuticle rejuvenator from Nail Medic looked good and I will be using it while working at my computer. I will find a use for a cute pink makeup brush, definitely! Cherry lip gloss was without cherry flavour and extremely small. It looks like a lipstick, not the gloss, but I suppose you can’t be too picky about product names.

Nail Medic Rejuvenator Nail And Cuticle EnergizerNailmedic Rejuvenator from GlossyBox goes on my nails almost every day

GLOSSYBOX Discounts:

  • $5 OFF The 1st Box with code FIRST5
  • Your 1st Month for Free with code ONEFREE

Steve Laurant Cherry Lip TintSteve Laurant Beauty brand lip color from GlossyBox

And then a disaster came – the last product, Ultimate Glow Getter cheek trio from RealHer was all broken inside and spilled all over me, my carpet, my dog, and my camera as I was sitting and taking pictures under the Christmas tree. It took me a while to clean up and it was quite upsetting that the entire $38 worth of product had to be thrown away immediately. Needless to say it put quite a spoiler on my first GlossyBox experience.

Realher Ultimate Glow Getter Cheek TrioUnfortunate arrival of cheek bronzer

This is why it stands no chance when compared with my annual FabFitFun subscription, but I will give it another try. Accidents happen; it’s not their fault, I can blame FedEx or UPS for this. I just hope I won’t get any more faux 3D lashes any time soon. All in all, getting $60 worth of products for just $18 every month is not bad at all!