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FabFitFun for Him. Why It is the Best Subscription Box for Men.

Fabfitfun is a wonderful subscription box with unprecedented value which makes it far better than its competitors.

FabFitFun For Him BoxYoung men also like FabFitFun/20off.com

Fabfitfun offers an amazing “for him” box, even though their target audience is women.

FabFitFun Subscription Box for HimFabFitFun for Him looks nice from the outside too

Even though this box is approximately twice as small as the female version, it still offers a unique assortment of items, which most men will find quite useful.

FabFitFun Subscription Box for HimIt’s always nice to open a new box from FabFitFun

Inside the box, you will find quality packaging along with the items themselves.

FabFitFun for Him Coupon

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What in FabFitFun Subscription Box for MenMen like seeing exactly what they are getting, so FabFitFun for Him complies

From simple bar soap to a wireless charger compatible with iPhones and a variety of other android smartphones, this box is packed with everything a man needs.

FabFitFun Premium ToothpasteBlaq charcoal whitening paste is natural and refreshing

First, let’s start with the toothpaste. While this item doesn’t seem particularly exciting, it’s actually quite the treasure considering a standard sized bottle retails for $20. To put that into perspective, typically, an average sized bottle of toothpaste goes for $4-$6 at most grocery stores. With this premium toothpaste, you can achieve your brightest smile and your freshest breath.The toothpaste features magnesium and silica to achieve the best results.

FabFitFun Grooming Kit

Next up, we have the grooming kit. It’s contents range from nail clippers all the way to scissors. It has everything needed for great personal hygiene.

FabFitFun Bar Soap(Malin + Goetz) peppermint bar soap is good for your face and soul

Speaking of hygiene, this box features an outstanding bar of soap. It will make your crush fall in love with you due to the sexy peppermint scent.

FabFitFun Richer Poorer Mens SocksClassic Crew socks for men from FabFitFun for Him box

The Richer Poorer men’s socks will provide phenomenal comfort, whether you’re at home, at work. They’re designed in California, they’re extremely soft and pleasant to wear, and they have fantastic decorations of various leaves.

FabFitFun Minor Keychain

The box also features some minor products, like a premium keychain as well as a leather tray to keep everything neatly organized.

FabFitFun Wireless ChargerGabba Goods Wireless Charging Pad, because it’s cool

The single most exciting item that comes in this box is the Gabba Goods wireless charger. It’s got a phenomenal marble look and it also comes equipped with “rapid charge,” making it a faster charger than a typical inductive charger. It uses the industry standard “Qi,” making it compatible with many iOS and android devices. If you’ve never owned a wireless charger before, this will definitely be a huge convenience to have around your home.

FabFitFun for Men BoxFabFitFun box of surprises

The great thing about Fabfitfun is that it provides high quality products at a much lower cost.

FabFitFun Subscription NoteFabFitFun is always communicating with their customers

This box’s comments have a combined retail value of $209.94, yet it only costs $49.99 per box or $179.99 annually for 4 boxes. You can save even more money by constantly being on the lookout for a fabfitfun promo code, which arise a lot more often than you think.