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SinglesSwag vs. FabFitFun

SinglesSwag vs FabFitFunSiinglesSwag or FabFitFun Editor’s box?

Subscription beauty boxes are amazing if you ask me. I loved quite a few lately and enjoyed testing all kinds of products sent to my door every month or every quarter. I am determined to find the best one, so my quest for goodness is never over even if I like FabFitFun more than others. But as my daughter’s dance teacher says after her competitions – it was great, but it can always be more. Take note, FanFitFun, and keep up the good work!

FabFit Fun Winter Box 20OFF CouponFabFitFun Winter Editor’s box has some adorable fans

I have learned about SinglesSwag box recently and accidentally. I am happily married (most of the time), so this must be why I have never heard of it before.

SinglesSwag Box CouponIt’s nice to find SinglesSwag box under the orange tree

Me being my curious self I just had to try this box that is meant for single ladies. I immediately envisioned something fabulous, inspirational, fresh, and just simply extraordinary – forbidden to us, married women. The truth was a little different as it was not as fabulous as I hoped for.

SinglesSwag CouponsSinglesSwag goodies sure look good

Anytime I get a new beauty subscription box, I immediately compare it to FabFitFun, because it’s as close to perfection as it can be, at least so far. I would like to compare SinglesSwag and FabFitFun boxes here for all to see, because there might be somebody trying to decide on which one to get as we speak.

FabFitFun 20OFF Coupon CodeFabFitFun winter delivery is as cozy as it gets

First of all, the boxes have more similarities than differences, at least I think so. They both say that items included will cover beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. FabFitFun also delivers some home and fitness items. SinglesSwag includes a book and snack each time. FabFitFun comes every three months, while SinglesSwag arrives every month. You can select some items from FabFitFun each month, but everything is picked for you at SinglesSwag. FabFitFun is one size for seasonal subscribers and larger for annual members. SinglesSwag comes in two sizes – 6-7 item regular size and 3-4 items for petite size. FabFitFun doesn’t promise organic products, while SinglesSwag does promise, but doesn’t always deliver.

FabFitFun Winter Discount DealIf she could only read!

After listing all those differences I might take my words back – they seem to have more differences than similarities. And then there is a price issue. FabFitFun costs $49.99 per box and includes products that are valued way over $200. SinglesSwag costs $39.99 per month and also promises over $200 value in each box. The value is a very relative thing because each one of us will value only those products that we like and are going to use. If you will look at annual expenditure, SinglesSwag will cost you way more, but you will get boxes more often and thus will have more products. Both companies offer some discounts, but mainly towards the first box you order as a new customer.

FabFitFun Winter Promo

SinglesSwag advertises their 6-month deal as the best value and FabFitFun suggests that signing up for a year will save you not only money, but will give a few perks – you will get discount off the total price when compared with monthly prices, will be able to choose 5 items out of about 10, and will get more items (9-10 instead of seasonal 7-8). If you like a particular company’s box, my advice is to sign up for a longer period of time and save money.

SinglesSwag 20offSinglesSwag box is meant for good vibes and nice savings

Now let’s go to the part about what I really think about both boxes. FabFitFun is my favorite, as I said before. So far I’ve got two regular boxes from them and one editor’s box – all excellent with very much used products. Then along comes SinglesSwag, I open it and I suddenly feel very thankful that I am married. In all seriousness though, marriage has nothing to do with my first impression.

SinglesSwag PromotionsA book and a brownie, just for me? – thank you, SinglesSwag

I just feel that we, women, married or single, are worthy of more than this. I will go through the items that were included, but I am disappointed. It seems that at least some of those items were a bit junky and really would do nothing to make me feel empowered and self-confident, hint hint, sweet little brownie.

This is what my Winter Editor’s FabFitFun box included:

  • Jonathan Adler Fleur de Sel Ceramic Candle ($48) – I love every single scented candle I meet

FabFitFun Winter SaleAnd who wouldn’t like a scented candle from FabFitFun?

  • Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm ($30) – I use it on my lips and all dry skin that needs healing

FabFitFun Restore Healing BalmTulips and restoring balm go good together

  • Genie by Eugenia Kim Brady Hat ($60) – love this hat and will take it to my next Californian vacation

FabFitFun Briogeo Hair TreatmentBriogeo brand from FabFitFun Winter Editor’s box

  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System 2-in-1 kit ($36) – it takes a little bit of time to use it, but I did all 4 treatments

FabFitFun VictoriaLand BeautyLips and eyes can use every possible help, especially in winter

  • VictoriaLand Beauty Skin-Loving Treatment for Eyes and Lips ($55) – wonderful for tightening skin in lip area

FabFitFun Mighty PatchLittle patch for a big problem from FabFitFun

  • Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Invisible ($18) – I am almost 40, but I still get acne sometimes and will be using this for big ones

FabFitFun Tease Tea Self Care ElixirShe knows a thing or two about teasing

  • Tease Tea Self Care Elixir ($12) – I want to give up my coffee and am loving this tea instead

FabFitFun SpongelleSpongelle body wash from FabFitFun really looks and smells fab

  • Spongelle Boxed Flower in Freesia Pear Body Wash Infused Buffer ($16) – this sponge doesn’t need any shower cream for 14 washes – what’s not to love?

See FabFitFun Coupon Codes:

  • 20% Off your Box with code FABFITFUN20
  • Take $10 Off First Box with code SMILE

Total value was $275 and I really used most of the items. I love the fact that FabFitFun promises new and exciting brands and products and delivers on those promises.

FabFitFun Winter DiscountRestore and heal can be a theme for FabFitFun Winter Editor’s box

SinglesSwag claims to bring exciting items that are tasty, organic, and empowering, but I didn’t see them delivering on that. This is what I got:

  • Blue Revival Knit Twist Pompom Beanie ($36) – I like this beanie and plan to wear it

SinglesSwag Pompom BeanieThis little beanie from SinglesSwag is my favorite item

  • Eat Pray Love Made Me Do It – Life Journeys Inspired by the Bestselling Memoir ($16) – kind of expected the real best-selling memoir and got disappointed with this book

SinglesSwag Eat Pray Love Made Me Do ItThis book is second best to the original

  • Lily Sky 3-Piece Beaded Bracelet Set with Charms ($58) – this is another item that I can see myself wearing

SinglesSwag Bracelet Set with CharmsLove me some bracelets from SinglesSwag

  • StandUp Socks, I Love Me ($18) – not my colors, style, or quality

SinglesSwag SocksSocks from SinglesSwag are interesting

  • Heart Shaped Love Cookie – I’d rather eat a spoonful of ice cream

SinglesSwag Coupon CodeSweet surprise is always hiding in SinglesSwag boxes

  • Manna Kadar Goddess Luxe Bath & Body Collection Refreshing Face Mist – smells good, but not natural or organic

SinglesSwag Refreshing Face MistHair repair is a sure way to self-esteem, per SinglesSwag

  • Brilliance New York Hair Couture Essential Hydration Repairing hair Mask with Argan Oil – long name, but nothing special about this product

SinglesSwag PromotionEverything is for you at SinglesSwag

I think that every single lady would feel much better if she shopped for similar items herself and ordered a box like FabFitFun, which targets all the women and makes them all feel good, regardless of marital status. Sometimes it’s important to not chase labels, but look at the total package instead. I can say that I will remain loyal to my FabFitFun after trying SinglesSwag.