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FabFitFun Fall and Winter 2019 Editor's Box Comparison

FabFitFun Fall vs Winter Editors BoxWhich one, which one?

FabFitFun subscription boxes are wonderful, but FabFitFun Editor’s Box is even more wonderful. There is one available every season and can be purchased two different ways. First way is to get it when you join FabFitFun midseason and regular box of that season is not available, which is when you get Editor’s Box for $49.99. Another way to get it for existing members is simply buy it during Add-ons or Edit Sales for $39.99. If you are a new subscriber and this is your first box, you can get this wonderful collection of products with $20 off coupon, for just $29.99.

FabFitFun Fall and Winter Editors BoxFabFitFun Fall Editor’s and Winter Editor’s boxes both look beautiful

The value of any Editor’s box, just like of regular seasonal boxes, is way over $200, making them a very popular buy. You can open Instagram or eBay and see how many pictures and boxes for sale people have, from celebrities to regular people and from beauticians to fitness trainers.

I have tried both boxes and can tell you that they are great, I was happy with what I got, as is always the case with FabFitFun. I imagine that there are people who are a lot better versed in beauty products than I am and probably have a bigger supply of them, so they might have different feelings about FabFitFun. I am a big fan of it and feel thankful when a specialist selects a nice variety of trendy products and sends them to me.

FabFitFun Fall and Winter BoxesThere is something for everyone at FabFitFun

Editor’s Box allows for some customization, so even the biggest experts in beauty can find and select only the products they are likely to use. Regular quarterly boxes don’t allow for this much customization, unless you are an annual member, which is then possible.

Fabfitfun Fall Box Promotional OfferFall 2019 Editor’s Box is full of cozy surprises

My Fall Editor’s Box was lovely. I was able to choose 5 products and got another 3 selected by FabFitFun. It has been a while since I got the box, but I am still using all the products. It was my second box ever, so I had little to go on for any kind of comparison and loved everything that I got. This is what came in October:

  • Kate Spade New York Lunch Box – $30 – It is funny, but I didn’t understand that is was a lunch box at first. I put all the products I got that day in the lunch box and it looked good. Only later my daughter pointed out that it says something about lunch, but since I work from home and don’t need to take lunch with me, and all the products fit there so nicely, I left them there, so in my case it’s a beauty box, not a lunch box.
  • Skinvolve Body Boost Gel – $45 – I have never heard about such product that can be massaged into the skin before workouts and help to tone the muscles. I go to gym early in the morning and never have time to put this gel on, but I am going to use my will power and start trying it, because it sounds amazing.
  • Milk Makeup Holographic Stick – $20 – this highlighter stick is universal and can be used anywhere on facial skin and areas that need illumination. It also hydrates and looks good on lips, cheeks, and eyes.
  • IGK Expensive – $25 – don’t let the name fool you. It’s not too expensive, but works great and conditions my hair after daily washes, leaving them soft and silky.
  • Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in Juice Cleanse – $25 – this skin treatment feels like refreshing spa every time I use it. My skin becomes soft, I feel relaxed, and everything smells like pineapples, kiwi, and lime.
  • Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Eye Masks in Gold (6) – $25 – not only they sparkle gold, but they make my eyes feel rested and ready for whatever life throws at them. I am done with all 6 of them and will be buying more.
  • Feel Beauty Renewed Pumpkin Walnut Facial Cleanser – $28 – this vegan cleanser gently scrubs and then infuses my skin with hydroxy acids, zinc, and vitamins A and C for fresh glow.
  • Whish Beauty Blue Matcha Restoring Mask – $58 – I use this mask at least once a week and enjoy its detoxifying and purifying qualities and how it moisturizers and deeply soothes my skin.

Total value if this box is $256. Now let’s take a look at Winter Editor’s Box, which is not any worse in quality even if I was able to customize only 3 items out of 8.

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FabFitFun Winter Editors Box PromoWinter Editor’s box from FabFitFun is like a Christmas gift

This makes no difference and I still love it just as much:

  • Jonathan Adler Fleur de Sel Ceramic Candle – $48 – scented candles are my new obsession and I go through them like there is no tomorrow. This refreshing one with orange and mimosa scent is at the end already, but it sure gave me some happiness.
  • Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm – $30 – I reach for it every time I feel my lips are getting dry or anything else needs petroleum jelly type of healing.

Fabfitfun Healing Balm CouponHealing balm from FabFitFun Editor’s winter collection is spot on

  • Genie by Eugenia Kim Brady Hat – $60 – winter is not going anywhere yet, so I chose this hat to keep me toasty on morning walks with my dog.
  • Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System 2-in-1 kit – $36 – this hair treatment comes with 4 sachets and a cap and takes 15 minutes once a week for visibly nicer hair.

Fabfitfun Briogeo Deep Conditioning Hair kitHair repair kit from FabFitFun is flower good

  • VictoriaLand Beauty Skin-Loving Treatment for Eyes and Lips – $55 – show me one person over 30 who doesn’t need skin tightening around the mouth and lips? I certainly do and thus I am enjoying this cream.

Fabfitfun Beauty TreatmentFor smooth lips and silky hair from FabFitFun

  • Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Invisible – $18 – just as I am writing this I have a big red blemish on my cheek, so I have a chance to test this patch with acids and nutrients. So far it feels good, but the red spot is still there.

Tease Tea Self Care Elixir from FabFitFunKitty sniffing good from FabFit Fun

  • Tease Tea Self Care Elixir – $12 – I am replacing my morning coffee with this organic tea and feel amazing, just as awake as do with the help of coffee.
  • Spongelle Boxed Flower in Freesia Pear Body Wash Infused Buffer – $16 – this luxurious sponge is infused with soothing lotion and smells amazing. It should last for 14 washes and then I’m buying a refill!

Fabfitfun Body Wash Infused BufferSpongelle from FabFitFun Winter Editor’s box

Total value of this box is $275, which is just a little bit more than previous box. All in all, I love both and would buy both again since it doesn’t matter to me if I am allowed to choose 3 items out of 8 or 5.

FabFitFun Fall and Winter 2019 Editors BoxHard to choose between Fall and Winter FabFitFun Editor’s boxes