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Should You Get FabFitFun Starter Box?

Fabfitfun Starter Box DiscountThis is how FabFitFun Started box looks

First of all, what is FabFitFun Starter Box and how does it work?

FabFitFun Subscription ServiceFabFitFun is perfect for young ladies

If you are a member of FabFitFun subscription service, you might get an invitation to send a free Starter Box to your friend. To receive a free box, your friend has to pay $5 shipping fee within 7 days, which will also start her on a trial subscription. The box includes 3-4 items and is a great way to explore FabFitFun without immediate commitment. Keep in mind though that your friend will have to cancel her trial subscription she will receive with the Starter Box in 21 days or she will be moved to automatic seasonal subscription otherwise. There will be reminders sent before 21 days are up, but it never hurts to be reminded an extra time or two. Seasonal membership is $49.99 per quarter in case your friend likes the box and would like to continue. Upon continuation, she will get whatever seasonal box is available next.

Should Your Get FabFitFun Starter BoxFabFitFun starter box is tailored for makeup counters

Getting this box is not very easy as they are not for sale. You can only get it by invitation from FabFitFun existing user and those users get limited amount of invitations. Only 1-2 offers for free Starter Boxes are usually sent to members at random times of the year.

What is the value of Starter Box?

Starter Box items are valued at least $75 and include 3-4 full size items. Some of those items have been included in previous seasonal boxes and some have never been seen before, so we never know what products our friends will get to enjoy, and who doesn’t love a bit of mystery?

FabFitFun Starter Box CouponsFabFitFun Starter box on a beach day

Will you get any benefit for sending a Starter Box to your friend?

Unfortunately – no. You will know that you have helped somebody to learn about FabFitFun, but that’s about all. And we can understand that – FabFitFun risks a lot by sending $75 worth of stuff for just $5 shipping fee. It’s great if they will gain a customer, but not so great if your friend won’t sign up for a membership. This is why no reward is allocated to you. If you do want to be rewarded, consider sending friend referral link for everybody that you think might like FabFitFun subscription. This way you will get $15 off your subscription if your friend signs up for a membership through the link you provide.

Is there any catch?

No, there is really no catch. FabFitFun is taking a risk, but not you or your friend. As long as you remind her to cancel the auto subscription before 21 days are up, your friend will get to keep 4 items for just $1.25 each. It sounds like a good deal to us!

FabFitFun Starter Box PromotionThe starter box came full of goodies

The items in Starter Boxes change all the time, so you will never send the same contents to two friends.

FabFitFun Discounts:

  • 20% OFF your First order with code JEAN10
  • $10 OFF First Box with code SMILE

What is included in the latest Starter Box for fall 2019?

First of all there is a magazine with description of all included products and some inspirational uplifting articles about beauty and self-care. Even though the boxes are said to have products valued at about $75, the last one is actually worth $167. Some have been valued at even more. Your friends are really in for some serious treat for just $5!

This is what is included in the latest Starter Box:

  • Mark & Graham Colorblock Throw in grey/ivory ($49) – lightweight enough to work as s scarf and perfect for blanket on those chilly winter evenings.
  • WAY of WILL Strengthening Nail & Cuticle Serum ($24) – wonderful product for cuticles, especially during winter when the air is so dry. Your cuticles won’t peel if you will remember to apply this product from time to time, even if it doesn’t smell all that good.
  • Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($75) – this product works really well and leaves the skin silky soft and hydrated, without harsh scrub effect. At $75 cost it’s definitely a great gift.
  • Lavido Aromatic Body Lotion in Mandarin, Orange & Bergamot ($19) – this lotion smells heavenly and completely absorbs. It can be used by the entire family and is a great aroma therapy for winter and dry skin.

What in FabFitFun Starter BoxFabFitFun introduces customers to great products with its starter box

We think that the Starter Box is definitely worth $5 shipping cost even if you end up not liking anything in there, which is impossible! If nothing else, the blanket can definitely be used and everything else can be given as Christmas gifts and wonderful ones at that.