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FabFitFun Winter Box 2019. What to Expect

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FabFitFun Winter Box 2019 - What to ExpectFabFitFun box is licking good

I’ll have my Christmas in a few days all thanks to FabFitFun box’s arrival. I can barely contain my excitement; I’m like my dog on Thursdays waiting for a trash truck all besides himself and glued to the window. It’s going to be my second box only, but I liked the first one so much that now I have some serious expectations. In fact my fascination and advertising got one of my good friends interested and she is now not only a FabFitFun fan, but a VIP kind. This got me thinking that I would like to upgrade my status too, but after I get at least one more regular FabFitFun box 2019. After all I now have annual subscription and can change it or upgrade it any time.

Fab Fit winter box 2019FabFitFun box goodies can rival sunsets

Yes, I peeked at what’s coming online already. I like surprises, but this is too much to handle. While it’s still going to take a few days for the FabFitFun goodies to reach me, I am already planning what I will do with everything.

Last quarter’s box had some lovely products and I used every one of them. One particular FabFitFun lotion I had to order again because it was just too good. The rest of the products are used a lot, but nothing is out yet, hence full size containers.

Fabfitfun Winter Box ContentsDrybar, cuccio, and Ahava products from FabFitFun Winter 2019

This box is going to bring some winter comfort for me, so I’m bracing myself for coziness and beauty care. OK, let me share my dreams with you:

FabFitFun Winter 2019 CatalogueFabFitFun magazine is always inspirational

The first thing to come out of the beautiful wintry box will be the magazine. I loved all the information about the products I received last time and featured articles for inspiration and positivity.

Beautiful Wintry box DiscountMany feel good stories to be discovered

I raved about FabFitFun box so much last time, remember, that my friend became a VIP member, after I gave her $15 off your first box FabFitFun promo code and now she is hooked too. This time the FabFitFun discount might be needed again – I have a few more future fans waiting.

FabFitFun Hello Fresh coupon9 free meals from Hello Fresh coupon/20off.com

One other thing I know is coming is Hello Fresh coupon. I’m not sure how big it’ll be, but I’ll take it anyway because my husband and I started talking about trying some meal kit delivery service as our schedules are looking especially crazy over the next two months. So it’s as if FabFitFun read my mind here.

FabFitFun Box CouponFabFitFun introduces $15 off your first box

I am looking forward to meeting a new bracelet that is coming in the box because, you know, a girl can never have too many sparkling stuff on her hands and everywhere else. This might even start a collection.

Fabfitfun Personal Day PlannerGood looking planner from Paper Source

I only flipped through pictures on the website during a few traffic light stops and so can’t be sure, but I think a personal day planner or a 2020 calendar is coming my way, which might be put to a very good use as I don’t like neither my phone’s calendar nor what Google has to offer, and writing appointments and things to do in my notepad is getting tiring.

Fabfitfun Winter Box BodywashCuccio body wash was my shower companion for weeks

Next is some sort of fancy looking cream or body wash, I am not sure, but given how awesome all beauty products were last time, I will be waiting for this one with anticipation.

FabFitFun 20off CouponAnother great discount – 20% off the first FabFItFun box

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Fabfitfun Makeup Eraser - Winter Box 2019Original Makeup Eraser from FabFitFun Winter 2019 box

I have never heard of it, but some sort of makeup eraser is coming. Don’t get me wrong, I do use makeup, but not daily, and during those times when I do use it, I never feel like I have enough supplies. For example, I don’t have waterproof makeup remover and run into troublesome endless face scrubbing on the days when I get all decked out. I hope this product will help me. It remains to be seen.

Fabfitfun Adore BraceletAdore bracelet with Swarovski crystal is always with me

Georgia doesn’t get too terribly cold very often, but even when it’s not that cold, I spend my days at the computer, so my feel get cool on a daily basis. And you know what – some cute warm slippers are coming!

FabFitFun Cute Warm SlippersSlippers for this winter from FabFitFun to protect my toes from cold

This next one will show just how illiterate I can be about beauty. I saw that a Prime & Detangler from drybar is coming, and I don’t know if it’s a face primer or a detangling conditioner for hair. I will sure be ready to find out because I could use both.

Detangling Conditioner for Hair.Drybar hair detangler works miracles on my hair

And finally, I am looking forward to some bath salts for two reasons: I bought a bamboo bathtub shelf that needs to be tested and I am ready to get into bathtub for the first time since we bought this house, which is almost 3 years ago. Hey, I didn’t have a bathtub caddy or bath salts until now!

FabFitFun Bath SaltAhava Bath Salts are the reason for testing my bathtub

This is what I think about the upcoming FabFitFun box and how excited I am to finally get my hands on it next week. Stay tuned for another opinion piece and all the feels once I finally open it.

Fabfitfun winter box 2019 plaidFabFitFun fur blanket that is not fur

You might guess what I tell to people who ask me if FabFitFun worth it – read FabFitFun community forum, look at reviews, or listen to me and you will be ordering that starter box in no time.

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