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FabFitFun Fall and Winter Box Comparison

FabFitFun Fall and Winter BoxFabFitFun Fall and Winter boxes/20off.com

Those two boxes are my first and second so far, so I am actually very excited to do this comparison. I am relatively new to FabFitFun, but I think I am quite hooked already. I love the expectation factor and the chance to find wonderful surprises upon opening each quarterly box. We don’t have many surprises in this age of instant gratification and technology, so this definitely feels refreshing.

Let me start by saying that this comparison is not easy as I loved both boxes about equally. FabFitFun Fall box was my first, so I wasn’t sure what to expect and was very pleasantly surprised. I can even say that it exceeded my expectations.

FabFitFun Winter Box OffersWinter FabFitFun box is beautiful to look at

Winter box wasn’t so new to me and I already had very high expectations after the first one in September. However, I loved all the products too as I sat under my decorated Christmas tree opening it and taking everything one by one. It truly felt like Christmas morning!

Fabfitfun Fall Box ExperienceFabFitFun Opening ceremony

Let me talk about the Fall Box first. When opening it I was blown away by the full sizes of all the products because before I have only tried BirchBox, which was monthly delivery of a few sample size beauty items.

FabFitFun Fall Box OffersFabFitFun Winter box content would work for summer too

Now let me remember my most and least favorites from three months ago:

To this day I am still using the pink spa towel every time I wash my hair, which is almost every day.

Skin&Co face mist and tonerFabFitFun Fall box delivered some goodness from Skin & Co

Skin&Co face mist and toner didn’t get used very often and I still have them almost full. This is not because I don’t like something about them; those two products are simply not my routine.

Human + Kind Body Souffle in Fall BoxHuman + kind body soufflé is my everything now

Human + Kind Body Souffle was my absolute favorite from FabFitFun Fall box and I used it every day because of how my hands felt and smelled. I ran out of it in a month and had to order more from Amazon for $30.

Human + Kind Body SouffleI love this lotion everyday everywhere

I fell in love with Generation Clay Brightening Purple Clay Mask with the first sniff and used it often. I still have some left because you don’t need to use a ton to cover the entire face. My skin feels amazing after it.

I also use green sugar exfoliating cubes from Harper + Ari Juice Cleanse and The Better Skin Co Lava Magic, a 3-in-1 miracle all the time. The first one is for the entire body and leaves the skin wonderfully scented and smooth. The second can be used as a mask, scrub, or cleanser, but I love it as facial scrub.

Anthropologie and Kate Spade lunch bagAlmost all the FabFitFun contents can fit in Kate Spade lunch bag

Finally, Anthropologie and Kate Spade lunch bag serves as perfect cosmetics bag for all those products I received. I like to keep my new beauty supplies in one place and pick what I need every day.

As you can see, I am still in love with FabFitFun Fall box and use almost everything, with the exception of hair repair lotion and those two face sprays.

Fabfitfun Winter Box Wonderful SurprisesFabFitFun winter box contents

FabFitFun Winter Box brought more wonderful surprises to me, so let me go over them. I can’t be certain about which ones I will end up using constantly and which ones will not be needed as often as I received this box just recently, but some things are clear already.

Fabfitfun Winter Box Wonderful ProductsFabFitFun winter box/20OFF LLC

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Rebecca Minkoff Hat and Glove ComboRebecca Minkoff cozy winter set

I love and use the faux fur plush blanket and rose-gold plated bracelet since day one. Rebecca Minkoff hat and glove combo is also useful for my mild Georgia winters. Right away 3 items are loved all the time!

Rose Gold Plated Bracelet Adore bracelet is one of the kind

Aveda daily hair repair product is most likely going to be neglected, just like similar one from the fall box.

Aveda daily hair repair product at FabFitFunAveda hair repair is amazing for winter

The same might be said about Prep Rally hair primer and detangler. Yes, I will spray some of that when curling my hair for parties, but that’s probably it.

Prep Rally Hair Primer and DetanglerPrep Rally hair detangler can be a perfect gift

I doubt that fake lashes from Battington Lashes will be used – I am afraid of glued ones since one bad experience.

Fake Lashes from Battington LashesFancy eyelashes from FabFitFun winter box

This is probably it for the least loved products that I received.

Fake Lashes from Battington Lashes

LashesMD can give you faux-like lashes/20off.com

I might just re-gift them to friends who take better care of their hair and love fake lashes, so nothing will be wasted.

Calendar Planner from Paper Source2020 planner from PaperSource can also be bought on their website

Two items I am planning to make work for me is the calendar planner from Paper Source and the innovative Makeup Eraser, which will replace makeup wipes that get thrown away and pollute.

Innovative Makeup EraserOriginal Makeup Remover is great for the environment

I love trying something new like that and this is part of why I enjoy FabFitFun subscription – I would never take time to find new products like that on my own.

Cuccio Yogahhh Epsom salt body washCuccio shower gel smells refreshing

My daughter and I will enjoy the Dead Sea bath salts this winter and Cuccio Yogahhh Epsom salt body wash.

Dead Sea bath saltsAhava Natural bath salt is very luscious for cold winter evenings

See, lots of salts this festive season!

Skinvolve Body Boost Toning GelSkinvolve body gel for body toning

Finally, Skinvolve Body boost toning gel and LashMD Eyelash and Eyebrow conditioner are both great surprises for me.

LashMD Eyelash and Eyebrow conditionerSurprising little box from FabFitFun

First of all I would never think that such products exist, let alone look for them. I always say that FabFitFun box is a great beauty education al tool for people like me, who like beauty products and yet don’t shop for them.

/Fabfitfun Winter Box DealsFabFitFun winter style loot

To sum all this up I have to admit that I liked the Fall Box just a tiny little bit more. I think it is because it was my first one as I have no complaints about the Winter one. Both had amazing products that are destined to become my beauty routine staples. The biggest impression I had from the Fall Box are the body soufflé, green sugar exfoliating cubes, purple clay mask, and rose water facial scrub. I simply can’t live without them!

Fabfitfun Fall Box PromotionsFabFitFun Fall box joy

It remains to be seen what products will mean that much to me from FabFitFun Winter Box. My suspicion is that maybe not as many. This is why I would give 5 stars to Fall Box and 4 to Winter Box. But overall, my love for FabFitFun did not diminish after receiving my second box and I remain a loyal customer for the long haul!