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FabFitFun vs BirchBox. WHICH ONE IS FOR YOU?

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It seems that there is a subscription box for everything these days. In this abundance of choices we might get lost while picking the best one. Let us help you by comparing two of the most popular beauty subscription boxes, FabFitFun and BirchBox, and laying out some facts.

First of all, what is a subscription box?

Fabfitfun vs BirchboxFabFitFun or BirchBox?

This is a convenient delivery service of certain category of products at different periods of time, most commonly every month. This type of deal is great for people who want to explore and try new things without research and shopping. The products come hand-picked by experts and include brands that people might not have found themselves. If monthly delivery seems too frequent, customers can choose quarterly, every four months, every 6 months, and so on. The boxes target various niche markets and categories, such as fashion, beauty, fitness, grooming supplies, pets, meat, diet meal plans, and countless others.

Birchbox Discount CodeMarlo likes BirchBox just fine

Our goal is to talk about beauty category and compare two of subscription boxes that are known and loved by thousands of people. FabFitFun and Birchbox offer different products, price, shipping cycles, but both belong to the same category, making it easy to compare them.

What is FabFitFun like?

FabFitFun Subscription Beauty BoxFabFitFun The Starter Box

This subscription box is geared towards women and includes more than just beauty items. It also offers various products for wellness, home, and active lifestyle.

Summer Beayty BoxFabFitFun Summer Box

Fabfitfun Promotions:

  • 20% OFF your first box with code HATMAKER
  • 20% OFF your first order when use code ACTFAST
  • Free Shipping on All Orders

Fabfitfun Subscription Box DiscountFabFitFun Fall contents/20off.com

Is it easy to become a member?

FabFitFun the Starter BoxSend a Free Starter Box to a Friend

The process of ordering and enjoying is very simple:

  • Order – it costs $49.99 per box that is valued at $200. Every three months you’ll get a box containing 8-10 full size items ranging from makeup to tea pots, and yoga accessories. If you sign up for a year you’ll get a discounted $179.99 rate.

Fabfitfun Winter Box DiscountFabFitFun box is full to the brim

  • Personalize – you can choose between a few items to make the box look just how you like it. For example, you can choose between a blush and a  bronzer or between coffee or tea pots. You can also keep it a surprise.
  • Getting it – every beginning of a new season the box will go out to you for the ultimate indulgence. We have never heard of people not loving what they get.

Fabfitfun Box for Him DiscountFabFitFun now has men’s boxes too

  • Become a member – membership with FFF is more than just a box. You will also be able to participate in workouts with FabFitFunTV app, enjoy special sales, and be a part of community.

What are FFF pros?

Fabfitfun with loweFabFitFun Summer 2019 Box

  1. Full size products – they won’t fill up your home and you’ll actually use them instead of rummaging through your huge travel size collection just to find something.
  2. Full size love – if you like the product, you already have it to use as long as you want. With little travel size stuff you’ll have to invest time and money to it as soon as the sample size is over, in like a few days.
  3. Boxes come seasonally – this gives you enough time to actually use what you got instead of just collecting little boxes all over the house.
  4. Product seasonality – you’ll get summery products for summer and wintery products for winter, which makes perfect sense.
  5. $10 off your first order – this is a great bonus for becoming a part of the community and lowering the price quite significantly.
  6. Spreading the expenses over few months – even if $49.99 is more than $10 per month, you will spend this amount or less only every 3-4 months and will keep the money in your account at other times.

My favourite item from FabFitFunMy favourite item from FabFitFun. Cutest hair dryer ever.

What are cons of FabFitFun?

FabFitFun Beauty BoxGlamglow Bubblesheet at FabFitFun Starter Box

  • Narrower exposure – getting full size items doesn’t introduce you to as many things as travel size goodies and samples do.
  • Less beauty products – you’ll be getting 8-10 items every few months, meaning that you will receive beauty products and other goods too, leaving less space for makeup and hair products.
  • No international shipping and $8 for Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Alaska.
  • It’s a bit more expensive than some other subscription boxes, like Birchbox, which is only $10 per month. However, it’s up to you if you see more value in full size and spread out payments or not. We do.

Fabfitfun Beauty at OceansideFabFitFun Welcome Box

Let’s take a look at Birchbox, which we liked less than FabFitFun.

What is Birchbox?

Birchbox CouponsBirchBox brings quite a few goodies too

Birchbox is a monthly beauty subscription box for $10. Two friends created this offer because they found that many women don’t have time or desire to look for new beauty products, but would love to try something out of the ordinary. There is a Birchbox Man too.

Birchbox Promotion CodeBirchBox might be small, but it brings powerful products

How does membership and pricing work?

  • $10 per month
  • $60 per 6 months ($50 with code FREEMONTH)
  • $110 per 12 months ($96 with code BIRCHBOX8)

BirchBox Beauty BoxBirchBox is perfect size for taking along to the beach

You will have to create a profile upon signing up. There is a bit of personal info, address, and payment form needed to start. The first box arrives next month and you can choose one sample per month, others will be selected for you. In your profile you can tell about your beauty preferences and likes to help the team get your box customized for you. When you try something and really like, you can buy it online and get points. Warning – everything is pretty pricey there.

What are Birchbox pros?

Birchbox BoxBirchbox Review 2019

  1. Birchbox is definitely affordable with $10
  2. You will get a wide range of sample size beauty products to try
  3. You can pick how often you would like to pay for your box – every 1, 3, 6, or even 12 months.
  4. If you sign up for 6 month or 12 month memberships, you will get free gifts and bonus coupons, making it a very good deal. 
  5. Birchbox is available for men, which is rare, because most boxes are highly targeted and usually don’t widen their scope.

How about Birchbox cons?

  • Small size – this is a big turn off for many people who don’t want to collect a top of small tubes and bottles at their home
  • It’s only 4-5 small products each month
  • It’s not very customizable as it gives you only one item of your choice, not guaranteeing that you’ll like what you get.

Why FabFitFun?

Subscription Beauty Box - FabFitFun Whats in the Fabfitfun box?

We like the fact that they send full sizes, which is a better value for the money, and does not produce a huge clutter in your bathroom. There are some items that can be used over and over, such as coffee pots and blankets. Products are highly customizable and seasonal, which is nice. Finally, some people love higher fee, but spread out more. These would be the main reasons for our FFF preference and vote.

Birchbox Subscription BoxBIRCHBOX Custom Beauty Box