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CauseBox vs. FabFitFun for Mother's Day

CauseBox vs. FabFitFun for Mothers Day

Mother’s Day is almost upon us. But there is still time to get her the most magnificent gift of all – a subscription box. Sure, it might not sound very romantic, but it’s only if you haven’t tried one. If you have, you will know how addictive and fun they can be.

CauseBox and FabFitFun Spring Boxes

If your mom is youthful (and who’s isn’t?), cares about beauty, fitness, fashion, art, and overall well-being, any one of those two boxes would be perfect. They come seasonally, so if you order one now, it will probably not arrive in time for Mother’s Day, but you can print a gift receipt and let her know that some serious surprises are on the way soon. After all, the anticipation is what makes gift receiving most fun and she will have something coming her way when all other Mothers will have nothing to look forward to any more.

CauseBox and FabFitFun Artwork Covered Boxes

FabFitFun and CauseBox are fairly similar. They both contain 6-8 full size items, come every season, and are curated by beauty, fitness, and fashion experts. Part of items is included in all boxes and part can be selected by you. Nobody knows your Mom better than you, so pick what you think she will love. And there is a lot to choose from and to love from FabFitFun and CauseBox.

CauseBox and FabFitFun for Mom

Both boxes cost around $50 and can be seasonal or prepaid annual. The difference between these types is very small.

CauseBox and FabFitFun

So why do I think that a box like FabFitFun or CauseBox would be the best gift? Because they are as feminine as it gets, always sport great attention to detail, include high quality products, bring surprises each time, and arrive continuously. Every Mom will love the fact that after one gift there will be another, each with different mood and different goodies, but equally mesmerizing.

FabFitFun for Mother

Now let’s talk about a few differences. FabFitFun is focused mostly on beauty and introduces well-known and new brands, but all of high quality. It’s not uncommon to get blankets, candles, yoga mats, and hats from FabFitFun.

FabFitFun Spring Box 2020 20off Coupon

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CauseBox for Mom

CauseBox focuses on natural materials, artisan made items, and handmade stuff that also carries a message or social impact. For example, you can receive handmade mugs that support domestic violence victims or a vegan leather handbag that is made in Africa and supports solar power for schools initiative. Expect to get stainless steel straws, natural beauty products, reusable handmade grocery bags, or one-of-a-kind jewelry.

CauseBox for Mother's Day

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  • 20% OFF First Box when use promo code SUNNY20

CauseBox 20Off Coupon

Both companies are socially and environmentally supportive and involved in various charitable efforts. Current COVID-19 situation is helping us learn a lot about various businesses and companies, how responsible and charitable they really are.

CauseBox Gifts for Mom

FabFitFun is definitely on the front lines with their support – the company made special boxes for healthcare workers with essential items and those for relaxation, everybody can now watch free FabFitFun TV with workout videos and other happy content, there will be different size boxes for different product selection to avoid wastefulness, and finally, the company partnered with No Kid Hungry charity to match up to $50,000 in member donations.

FabFitFun Mother's Day Gifts

CauseBox has had giving back practices established long before coronavirus stuck. The subscription box includes products that are made ethically and sustainably by employing artisans from around the world.

CauseBox 2020 Boxes

As a result of CauseBox, many people, especially women, get access to school and health care in under-privileged areas and vulnerable communities. CauseBox donates money, plants trees, and provides job opportunities every day in India, Colombia, Mexico, and African countries.

CauseBox Mother's Day Gifts

Do you think your Mom would like to be a part of such great missions and great products? I think that it would be hard to find a mom who wouldn’t. FabFitFun and CauseBox will both give you a great chance to bond not only because of conversation about beauty, but also because of doing good and inspiring your Mom’s charitable side as well.

CauseBox and FabFitFun Boxes

All those reasons are why I think so highly of both companies and why I would be honored to get my Mom involved and let her not only feel pampered, but also enjoy giving back and become part of a community.

CauseBox vs FabFitFun for Mom

Hurry up, there is still time left for your Mom as well!