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Why my Friends are Canceling FabFitFun

Canceling FabFitFun

I am a FabFitFun customer for almost a year and still like it very much. I never had any problems and don’t anticipate any in the future. However, I know a few friends who have tried the service and didn’t like it. And I totally understand it – nothing is ever liked unanimously and that only makes our world more beautiful. Imagine the fights we would all have if everybody always liked the same thing.

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Recent cancellations from my friends prompted me to look for reasons why people don’t like FabFitFun, and there some very understandable ones. Let’s take a look:

Too expensive

Yes, shelling out $50 every three months can sometimes feel not worth it, especially when you are not always crazy about everything you receive. FabFitFun justifies the price by listing how much each item is worth, but that only applies to products that we like and have a use for, otherwise $50 might seem like a total waste.

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Poor product quality

This can definitely be true for people who are used to very pricy and luxurious cosmetics and other products. If you normally use Tarte, Channel, Prada, or similar beauty items and shop at Neiman Marcus all the time, most things from FabFitFun will definitely seem of poor quality and not worth your money.

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Not natural

While FabFItFun doesn’t make a promise to deliver all natural, vegan, and organic products, some people might be used to that and subconsciously expect it. Some items can be natural and cruelty-free, but don’t expect all of them to be that. However, many products are environmentally friendly or encourage such responsibility, for example, reusable straws or reusable packing cubes. Hopefully, FabFitFun will be including more organic products in the future.

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Not enough items

Many people complain about not receiving enough items or are unhappy that many products are small. Each box promises to bring 6-8 items, but there have been cases when somebody received just 4. It might be a starter box though, but it still makes people unhappy. The box might seem not very full when products are smaller, and that would explain the negative feelings people have.

Extra clutter

This is really true if most items that you receive are not liked by you. In that case they really just stay around in your closet and take valuable space. I can see how some people feel this way. There are quite a few products I don’t have any use for and they do stay in my bathroom drawers for a long time. Fortunately I have a big house, so they don’t get in my way very much.

Would not buy these items myself

That’s a big one. There is definitely no way you would pick all the items you receive from FabFitFun in stores while shopping independently. Some of us like that, others – not so much. People, who know a lot about health and beauty products, can really feel this way and be dissapointed. 

Hard to cancel

I haven’t tried that, but I believe that every business kind of makes it hard; it has to be in their interest to retain customers at all costs. It is very important to apply for cancellation before the billing cycle of the next seasonal box. Failing to do that does result in another charge.

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Bad customer service, no refund

Many people complain about problems with customer service and all the hardship they have been put through to get a refund. The company states in their contract that they don’t offer refunds, so that’s that. You might be lucky in some cases, when your order is damaged or something like that, but this is not a routine practice. Customer service is often regarded as good, but every experience is different. FabFitFun has customer care in the US and in Philippines. 

Bait and Switch 

This complaint has been heard many times. Sometimes products that are being advertised become sold out and for later in the season box orders FabFitFun has to use substitutes. It’s not really bait and switch, but it can definitely be disappointing.

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Charging for a full box before trial box even comes

Final complaint worth addressing is that some people order first welcome box to get an idea about the service, but before they even see that box delivered, their credit card gets charged for the next full size, $50 worth seasonal box. Obviously, this is not right and is understandably upsetting.