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FabFitFun Winter Editor's Box Review

Fabfitfun Winter Editors Box Coupon CodeFabFitFun for winter is here to make post-Christmas blues lighter

FabFitFun box receiving day is always one of my most favorite days of the season. A few days ago it was time for my Winter Editor’s Box and what can I say – I was beside myself! Even my husband started giving me looks probably wondering if FabFitFun boxes are better than his Christmas gifts, which are always very luxurious. No, it’s not better than gifts, but I think I like the surprise and the expectation aspect, even if I select part of what I get.

Fabfitfun Winter Editors Box OffersFlowers or Winter Editor’s FabFitFun?

Part of Editor’s Box products are selected by staff and experts and another part is customized by me, which I did this time. You can get Editor’s Box if you start FabFitFun subscription between seasons when the last season’s box is sold out or during Add-ons or Edit Sales if you are already a member. I am a member already and got this box during an Edit Sale for $49.99. First time buyers get $20 off and pay only $29.99 for this box.

Fabfitfun Winter Editors Box PromotionI love the art on every FabFitFun box

The Editor’s box comes with 8 full size items and is a pleasure to open because it is full to the brim. Once opened, it is not that easy to put everything back in and close the lid.

FabFitFun Winter 2020 CouponFabFitFun winter selection of products

Every time I get a box from FabFitFun, my love for them is reinstated because everything is amazing and I feel like a beauty expert without ever going to beauty supply stores or reading about the newest products.

The box itself was beautiful, as always – light blue color with winter scenery adorned sides and a fashionable lady walking throw snowy hills. I use the boxes for storage and don’t throw them away. I always start with FabFitFun magazine and read featured articles and about products that come in the box. Since I am not a beauty expert, I love understanding what I am getting and how to use all that for the best results.

Fabfitfun Winter Editors Box CouponThe goodies are good for body and soul

I normally let FabFitFun team make all the selections for me, but this time I wanted to pick three items myself, simply because I wanted to be more involved and not get anything that will sit unused in my bathroom vanity.

Fabfitfun Winter Editor's Box DiscountPerfect combination from FabFitFun Winter Editor’s box

The first 3 items out of 8 each had three choices, so even if I had some say, I still had experts make those three choices for choosing for me, which I loved a lot more than if I had a pool of random items from which to choose somewhere in a big store.

FabFitFun Discount Codes:

  • 20% Off your Box wuth code FABFITFUN20
  • 20% Off Your First Box when use code Fallstyle
  • $10 Off Storewide with code KATY

This is what I got this time:

Jonathan Adler Fleur de Sel Ceramic Candle ($48) 

Jonathan Adler Candle at FabFitFunCandles are my best friends

Ever since Christmas I am obsessed with candles and have something burning every night. Maybe it’ll go away when spring comes, but for now I need a steady supply of candles to make myself feel cozy on those cold winter nights, especially when they smell like sea salt, orange blossoms, and mimosas.

Genie by Eugenia Kim Brady Hat ($60)

It can get pretty cold in Georgia at this time of the year and that means that one can never have too many hats. I didn’t have a black and white one, so once I saw this combination of ombre colors, I was sold.

Genie by Eugenia Kim Brady Hat With the hat like that I can brave any winter in the West and in the South

Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm ($30)

Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing BalmRestoring balm from FabFitFun Winter Editor’s box

Again, winter is ongoing and everything needs hydration and balms, so I will definitely enjoy this product. It is plant-based and created by dermatologists to use any time you feel like using petroleum-based products. It serves like a second skin while your skin is going through healing process underneath.

Doctor Rogers RESTORE Healing Balm at FabFitFun Winter Editor's BoxThe views and all

VictoriaLand Beauty Skin-Loving Treatment for Eyes and Lips ($55)

Skin around eyes and lips can use TLC any time of the year, so I was very happy with this product and even if I didn’t pick it, I am sure it will get used a lot. I love the scent and how my skin feels thanks to natural oils and peptides. I have visibly less wrinkles, lines, puffiness, and dark circles around the eyes after only a few days of usage.

VictoriaLand Beauty Skin-Loving Treatment for Eyes and Lips - FabFitFunVictoriaLand Beauty love for skin from FabFitFun collection

Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System 2-in-1 kit ($36)

Briogeo Deep Conditioning Hair Cap System kitBriogeo os here to make it all better, thanks to FabFitFun

The deep conditioning hair treatment is designed to be used once a week to restore the health of hair that has been chemically treated and is dry, damaged, and lifeless (I am guilty here). The kit includes 4 sachets and requires 15 minutes each time.

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Invisible ($17.99)

I have oily skin, so blemishes and pimples still happen from time to time at 37 years old. This patch is invisible and while on the skin it delivers 173 micro-points of acne-fighting acids and nutrients right to the core of the problem.

Spongelle Boxed Flower in Freesia Pear Body Wash Infused Buffer ($16) 

Spongelle Boxed Flower in Freesia Pear Body Wash Infused BufferSpongelle body wash pear infused buffer sounds so tasty

This sponge buffer is infused with luxurious scented body wash and lasts for 14 washes. It’s like going to a fancy spa every evening before bed or in the morning after the workout.

Fabfitfun Hair RingsNow you see it, now you don’t

Tease Tea Self Care Elixir ($12)

FabFitFun Tease Tea Self Care Elixir

I am determined to kick my coffee usage out the door and I think that this detoxicating and powerful natural caffeine-free tea will help.

As you can see, everything sounds wonderful. This selection of items will help me survive the rest of winter while taking the best care of my skin and hair, while burning candles and bundling up with cute hats, and while bathing with luxurious bath products and drinking rejuvenating teas. All I can say is that my love for FabFitFun is reaffirmed one more time!

FabFitFun Winter Editors Box CouponsFabFitFun Winter 2020 box