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FabFitFun Spring 2020 Boxes' Comparison

Fabfitfun Spring 2020 BoxesFabFitFun Spring boxes/20off.com

When I was just getting busy opening my FabFitFun Spring box, my sister already had hers delivered a few days before.

FabFitFun Spring Box 2020FabFitFun Spring 2020 in orange

We both have seasonal boxes and always enjoy getting different items and then comparing.

FabFitFun Rosy Rings DiffuserRosy Rings oil diffuser as a surprise gift

She had the same code as I did for $125 value mystery gift bundle and received the same mystery gifts as me – organic Swarovski crystal bracelet, LashesMD eyelash conditioner, and Rosy Rings oil diffuser.

FabFitFun LashesMD eyelash conditionerLashesMD is another free gift with coupon code

It sounded like she enjoyed her gifts just as much as I did.

Fabfitfun Spring 2020 PromotionFabFitFun Spring box was hefty with extra free gifts

The coupon code for this special deal was SNUG and it was really worth it! I advise everybody to look for a promo code like that before ordering the next seasonal FabFitFun box.

FabFitFun 20OFF Exclusive CouponSpring box looks very sprig-like

FabFitFun Spring Coupons:

  • 20% Off your Box with code FABFITFUN20
  • 20% Off your first box with code HURRY

FabFitFun Spring Box Coupon/20OFFFabFitFun offers great deals for new customers/20OFF LLC

Her box had various color butterflies on orange background. She likes bright colors, so it just worked that the box was accidentally tailored to her personality. My box had pink background and my 9 year old daughter was delighted.

FabFitfun Spring 2020FabFitFun magazine is always informative

My sister enjoys clean and organic way of life and never uses too much makeup, so she likes FabFitFun for delivering mostly beauty and health products, not so much makeup.

FabFitFun Spring Box 2020 CouponsFabFitFun Spring 2020 goodies and coupons/20off.con

I have to agree with her here. I think that beauty boxes that strive to send makeup and cosmetics often fail, because those items can be very individual and hard to pick without seeing a person.

Fabfitfun Spring 2020 CouponsFabFitFun spring box is ready for swimming season

FabFitFun curate their boxes and select natural and often lesser-known brands to let us try different things and get introduced to new products. We both love that! We also enjoy finding something from cult brands, like Tarte or Aveda, inside the boxes without paying steep prices for them.

Fabfitfun Spring 2020 BoxBeauty products from FabFitFun

Whatever way you look at it, you have to appreciate the beauty of receiving amazing stuff without shopping and without leaving your house. And did I mention how the value of the box is often 6 times that of the price per season? My sister introduced me to this service because she couldn’t get enough and now we both can’t get enough.

FabFitFun Spring Box Hello Fresh - 20off.conFabFitFun coupons from Hello Fresh

Let’s take a look at what we got in our boxes. I’ll start with items that are different and them will go over the matching products and will describe how we both like them.

Fabfitfun Spring Box OfferFabFitFun Spring 2020 box and mystery gifts

These are the items that were uniquely hers:

FabFitFun Spring Box - 20OFF LLCOrange FabFitFun box contents

Caravan Diamond Woven Rug – $48

FabFitFun Caravan Diamond Woven RugPerfect rug from FabFitFun spring collection

The rug is beautifully made, black and white, and matches her home décor very nicely. She said she might have it outside or on a coffee table inside. It always takes some time to decide what goes where after the box is opened and enjoyed. If nothing else, she can use this rug for displaying her Balmain shoes and handbag. Yes, as you can see, I am a little bit jealous!

Shoshanna Umbrella – $40

FabFitFun Shoshanna UmbrellaUmbrella from FabFitFun for spring showers

She said this umbrella was very cheery and bright, so another great match for her personality. I might just have to buy it from FabFitFun market with a customer discount and keep up with my sister! I love the purple and yellow color combination on it.

FabFitFun Shoshanna Umbrella dealReady for all sorts of weather

Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask – $39.99

This is one thing she enjoys, but I have no use for it, so at least one product won’t encourage me to compete with her. The mask is looking good and snug, so definitely a good buy for those who use sleep masks for better rest.

FabFitFun Gravity Weighted Sleep Mask Sleep mask from FabFitFun

Purlisse Watermelon Energizing 2 Minute Polishing Peel – $35

It works kind of like a facial mask – takes two minutes to use this peel, which leaves the skin radiant and energized, thanks to watermelon and lychee extracts and glycolic acid.

FabFitFun PurlissePurlisse watermelon peel from FabFitFun

This is what I got that she didn’t:

What in FabFitFun Spring BoxPacking cubes, silicon straws, and beauty supplies from FabFitFun Spring 2020

Revive Light Therapy Glo Wrinkle and Antiaging Light Device – $68

I have been obsessing over my small wrinkles lately and even started using eye cream before bed, which is quite a step up for me. I think this little device will be very fun to try and hopefully give some visible results.

Fabfitfun Revive OfferRevive Glo wrinkle treatment from FabFitFun

Calpak Set of 3 Packing Cubes in “Tutti Fruity” – $40

I love traveling and try to go to Europe with family and on girls’ weekend trips when I can, so those cubes will be used for sure. I usually separate all my clothes in bags and now cubes will take over that, making it all look more stylish.

Fabfitfun CalpaxCalpac packing cubes to help me travel

WEI Two-In-One Purify and Glow Mask Collection – $45

I enjoy using face masks, so this product really appeals to me. The masks are each in their little cute pods, 4 clay for purification and 4 glow for glowing. There is also a brush included for application. I am trying it tomorrow!

FabFitFun WEIWEI face masks from FabFitFun are beautiful

Avene Thermal Spring Water – $14

FabFitFun Avene Thermal Spring WaterAvene spritz water for fresh face

Spring and summer might not be the optimal seasons for this product, as least for my oily skin, but come fall and winter, and I will be spritzing this scented hydration all over my face.

What in Spring Box from FabFitFunFabFitFun Spring Box Beauty Products

And this is what we both got:

AG Hair Fast Food Leave–In Conditioner – $24

I color and straighten my hair all the time, my sister is a lot less abusive to her hair, but we both like this product. It is super easy to use, smells good, and makes hair silky smooth.

FabFitFun AG Hair Fast Food Leave – In ConditionerAG Fast Food hair conditioner from FabFitFun

Jaboneria Marianella Imperial Jade Body Oil – $68

If the price reflects the quality, this is it then! It smells divine, lasts for a long time once applied, and does skin good, so we will be using it all the time!

FabFitFun Jaboneria Marianella OfferJaboneria Marianella body oil smells heavenly

This Works Deep Sleep Body Cocoon – $40

FabFitFun Body CocoonDeep Sleep Body Cocoon for my restful nights

Who wouldn’t love deeply hydrating cream with calming effect for the entire body? We sure do and plan to use it even if it takes a few minutes to apply before bed time.

Chick & Tonic Silicone Straws – $15

FabFitFun Chick & Tonic Silicone Straws PromoReusable silicone straws are all the rage now

My sister and I both limit harmful chemicals in our household and food. She might be doing even more than me, but we both agree on this and haven’t been using plastic straws for a while. We both have kids who want to drink with a straw once in a while, so these are perfect to have for those days.

FabFitFun Spring Box DealsFabFitFun Spring 2020 Box amazing treats

My sister’s box was worth $310, mine – $314, and then both of us got extra $125 worth of mystery gifts. All of that left both of us very happy repeat customers who are planning to remain loyal to FabFitFun in the future.