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FabFitFun Seasonal vs. Annual Membership

FabFitFun Promotion BoxFabFitFun goodies

FabFitFun is a subscription service that delivers quarterly boxes geared towards women who enjoy beauty, fitness, healthy living, home décor, and fashion.

After the discounted first box for new customers, there are two ways to go and become either a seasonal member or an annual one. Seasonal members pay per box, which means 4 times per year and receive their boxes right before each season. Every box costs $49.99 and contains goodies wort at least $200, but usually even more. Most people start out like that as everybody is always afraid of commitments.

FabFitFun GoodiesThe entire view of FabFitFun seasonal box contents

Annual membership is when you prepay for the entire year and wait for new boxes worry-free. This saves money and gives a few different options, but we’ll talk about them a little later.

I am quite new to FabFitFun and haven’t done my switch to annual membership just yet. I was introduced to FabFitFun by my sister, who lives in California and has known about FabFitFun for a while. She was the one who gave me $15 off the first order coupon code and now I am hooked.

FabFitFun Winter 2020 BoxEven gnomes like FabFitFun boxes

I received fall and winter boxes so far and love them both, so I think I’ll stay. As I am thinking about staying with FabFitFun, I also need to think about becoming Annual or Select member. And this is why:

Seasonal membership:

  • $49.99 per box, which is $199.96 per year
  • Boxes arrive at the beginning of each season
  • 8-10 items are included in each box
  • There is minimal customization available
  • Everybody gets curated by experts products

FabFitFun Daily Hair RepairAveda hair remedy is just one of the products from seasonal FabFitFun box

This is what Annual membership gets you:

  • $44.99 per box, which is $179.99 per year, so you get $20 off coupon in total
  • You prepay for the entire year and don’t worry about making quarterly payments
  • Your boxes ship early, so you will get products before all others
  • You have early access to seasonal add-ons and edit sales
  • You can customize your box
  • You get more items in each box
  • You get to customize early

FabFitFun Winter BoxI celebrate each arrival of FabFitFun

FabFitFun Discount Codes:

  • 20% OFF Your first order with code JEAN10
  • 20% OFF Your first Box with code TOPFAVES

If all that doesn’t sound convincing, listening to my sister brag about her full to the brim box does make me quite jealous. While I feel that my seasonal box is always full, she gets even more exclusive items. I think my box has to be smaller in size because hers just fits so much more. Take the last one for example – mine contained hat and gloves set, makeup removal innovative towel, Dead Sea salts, and a few lotions and hair care things. Even though I loved them all, her box contained no lose paper for filling, but only products, and so many of them that the box barely stayed closed. And she pays less than I do, so talk about sister rivalry!

FabFitFun Editors BoxThis box is definitely stuffed to the brim with products

She told me and happily showed off her new faux fur blanket, cozy winter slippers, daily calendar planner for 2020, the same salts as I got, and what seems like a ton of makeup and beauty items. As I said, I love my box, but simply can’t let my sister win like this every time, so I will be switching to annual membership in the next few days.

FabFitFun Goods2020 planner from Paper Source

You can upgrade and make the switch anytime. Once you prepay for the entire year, you will automatically become Select member, which means that you will be able to get your upcoming boxes customized and receive them about a month earlier.

FabFitFun Adore's Signature Organic Circle BraceletUnique Adore bracelet is always with me

I think my best friend will be the next one making this switch after she sees my new box in spring. She just got her first box this month thanks to my FabFitFun $15 off coupon. My plan is to get all my friends on FabFitFun because it’s just too much of a good stuff to miss out on! I can give out one coupon per quarter, which is exactly what I’m planning on doing.