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FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box Review

FabFitFun Spring 2020 Box Coupon

Today I got some butterflies to visit me, literally – butterflies. My new FabFitFun Spring box has arrived and boy have I been waiting for this!

FabFitFun Spring Beauty Promo

The box itself was packed in a big paper box and upon opening I had some extra surprises. I was expecting a mystery gift, but did not know what exactly it will be. I used a coupon code to receive 20% Off your Box value with FABFITFUN20. This is why I always say that I fall in love with FabFitFun more and more every time!

FabFitFun Spring Discounts

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FabFitFun Spring Beauty Promo

Two of three items from this mystery bundle I already have – the bracelet and the LashesMD Eyebrow Conditioner from FabFitFun Winter Box.

FabFitFun LashesMD Eyebrow Conditioner

No worries though, my daughter really liked the bracelet, so I will gift this one to her, and the lashes conditioner will be given to a friend, whose birthday is coming up later in March. The third item, oil diffuser, will be for me and just in time as I am trying to update our guest bedroom and was thinking about buying something like this for the guest bathroom.

FabFitFun Spring Beauty Discounts

Underneath these three extra items was the main box, beautifully decorated with purple, pink, and orange butterflies and full to the brim. As always, the first things right on the top were FabFitFun magazine and coupons. This time I got a coupon for 9 free meals from Hello Fresh and amazing discounts for teeth straightening from byte me. I love Hello Fresh, but haven’t tried teeth straightening just yet. It’s in my plans though; I wanted that perfect smile for a while now.

FabFitFun HelloFresh Coupon

I always love the process of opening up a new FabFitFun box and really take my time to thoroughly enjoy every item.

FabFitFun Byte Coupon

Today was a beautiful weather here, before the next 9 days of rain, so I took a blanket and went outside to enjoy spring sunshine and my Spring 2020 FabFitFun box.

FabFitFun Spring Beauty Deals

I usually leave the magazine for evening reading and go for the products right away. This is what I got to enjoy this season:

Revive Light Therapy Glo Wrinkle and Antiaging Light Device – $68

FabFitFun Revive Light Therapy Glo

Even without knowing this high price tag, I could tell that it was something solid in the box. I’ll have to read the manual first, but it looks pretty simple, so I will be trying it as soon as I have some time. The light therapy takes 3 minutes per desired spot and will feel warm. I am actually looking forward to that because who at my age doesn’t have a few wrinkles to get rid of?

Calpac Set of 3 Packing Cubes in “Tutti Fruity” – $40

FabFitFun Set of 3 Packing Cubes

I love having all my stuff separated in different bags when I travel, but now I won’t have to do that, because so many items will fit into these cute packing cubes. It’s three of them – large, medium, and small. I totally adore the colors!

WEI Two-In-One Purify and Glow Mask Collection – $45

FabFitFun WEI Mask

This kit comes beautifully packed in a box, which contains 8 masks and a brush for application. 4 masks are purifying clay and 4 are exfoliating masks. I love everything about this beautiful box and can’t wait to try its content.

Jaboneria Marianella Imperial Jade Body Oil – $68

FabFitFun Jaboneria Body Oil

After spraying some of this body oil on my hands I could smell a bouquet of scents for a very long time – it has pomegranate seed, marula, grapeseed, apricot kernel seed, and Argan oils + Vitamin E. I will apply this before bedtime for aromatherapy and silky skin next morning!

AG Hair Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner – $24

FabFitFun AG Hair Fast Food Leave-On Conditioner

I have pretty dry hair, especially after color procedures, so having products like this on hand is essential for me. I’d love to not have frizzy and dry hair with the help of this product.

This Works Deep Sleep Body Cocoon – $40

Deep Sleep Body Cocoon from FabFitFun

This is another great product for repairing dry winter skin. I always apply some type of lotion on my legs before bed and now it’ll be this. I also hope it’ll help me relax before bed.

Chick & Tonic Silicone Straws – $15

FabFitFun Silicone Straws Offer

We live in the age of environmental responsibility and I try to do my part. I have outlawed plastic straws from my house long time ago, so these silicone straws will be used a lot. And they look so cute!

Avene Thermal Spring Water – $14

I have oily skin, so I am not sure how much spraying of this water will I need, especially with humid summer coming up, but I can definitely use it next winter when it gets dry again and every type of skin enjoys some misting of such pleasantly smelling hydration.

FabFitFun Spring Beauty Coupon 20OFF

These are all 8 items that came in my regular box, so let’s calculate the total value of this shipment: $314 for the box and $125 for mystery gifts. I claim this to be amazing again and will be looking for my summer box in a couple of months!

Thank you, FabFitFun!