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Helping Dogs Stay Calm during Natural Disasters

Helping Dogs Stay Calm

However easygoing your dog might be, chances are he tries to hide behind you as soon as the first thunder strikes far in the distance.

Helping Dogs Stay Calm with Chewy

If this sounds like your four legged love, don’t despair, because there are some things you can do to help him.

Keep Dogs Calm During Stressful Situations

From simple remedies like calming drops to more elaborate Thundershirts for dogs, there are ways to keep your dog calm and not overcome by anxiety.

Chewy Calming Solutions for Dogs

The same things help during any other anxious time, be it New Year’s fireworks, 4th of July celebration, or you staying home all the time during coronavirus pandemic.

Dogs Stay Calm with Chewy

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If your dog’s anxiety is completely out of control, talk to you vet and he might be able to help you find more serious solutions. For milder cases, try some of these and your dog will thank you. Most of those products can be found at Chewy, the king of pet supplies delivered:

A Calming Pheromone Dog Collar (Chewy) – $15.74

This collar really works and is very simple to use. All you have to do is put it on, preferably ahead of an event that causes anxiety. The collar is activated by body heat and starts releasing calming pheromones to make your pooch feel better and worry less. Your petting hand, in addition to the collar, will do wonders too.

Chewy Dog Collars

Hawaii Pharm Tranquility Formula (Amazon, Walmart) – $290

Hawaii Pharm Tranquility Formula

The drops are alcohol, GMO, and gluten free, made in Hawaii from valerian root, skullcap herb, passion flower, and oat flower tops. It will help relax central nervous system and muscle groups naturally and gently. People use valerian root for hundreds of years as a natural sleep aid. It takes just a few tasteless drops to calm down in 15 minutes or so, so give your dog these drops if you know the storm is coming.

Purina ProPlan Calming Care Probiotic Supplement (Chewy) – $49.99

You should consult your vet before giving your dog these, but normally this natural supplement is very gentle. The supplement contains bacteria BL999, which is known to keep dogs calm during stressful situations. Every box has enough for 6 weeks.

Chewy Supplements

A Dog Thundershirt (Chewy) – $495

Chewy Dog Thundershirt

This works the same way a weighted blanket does for you. It wraps you in, applies just the right amount of pressure, and helps you relax. This shirt does it for the dog – gently hugs and prevents anxiety. It comes in every size, is very easy to put on and take off, and is made of breathable fabric.

Pets Primal Organic Hemp Oil

Pets Primal Organic Hemp Oil

This natural calming formula for dogs helps pets deal with anxiety and not only due to something loud and unusual. It can take away the stress of traveling, separation anxiety, and calm aggressive dogs. It also acts as a pain reliever, so works great after trauma or surgery. The drops improve joint health, skin, coat, and even boost energy in older dogs.

A distracting KONG toy (Chewy)

Distracting Toys Promo

Consider KONG toys, because they can be a great combination of tough, interactive, and also soft. Playing with a toy can help your dog forget his worries and relax. You can join in the game and provide even further distraction and enjoy this bonding opportunity together.

All weather dog boots (Chewy) – $6.89

This might not seem very obvious, but little boots like these work. They protect dog’s feet from debris and water after a storm, and some dogs can be very sensitive about rain water on their feet. Afterwards you won’t have to wipe their paws that much, which is also a benefit. It might be tricky to get a dog to get used to them, but once they do, they’ll be very happy campers.

Hawaii Pharm Dog Relax (Amazon) – $22.95

Hawaii Pharm Dog Relax

These human grade drops are made from dried Kava Kava, St. John’s Wort, Ashwaganda, Shisandra, and Ginko Biloba. They have no harsh chemicals, GMO, gluten, or preservatives. The drops are gentle, but will keep your dog calm without any side effects, so they are safe to use any time you see anxiety rising.