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Chewy Goody Box Pup-Fest Review

Chewy Goody Box Pup-Fest

Chewy always delivers the best stuff for pups and for big dogs, be it summer, winter, corona, or zombie apocalypse. In fact, Chewy’s Goody Box helped us survive corona lockdown by providing four legged entertainment galore and delivering everything touch-free. I have been counting on this company for all my dog needs ever since I accepted my black and white fur ball into my heart. Chewy ships fast, for free, and always has the best selection of toys and edible goodies.

Chewy Goody Box Pup Fest Coupon

Besides that, their Goody Box is another thing I am always enjoying. It comes every month and brings cute toys and best treats for my dog without me spending any time ordering and picking products. The Goody Box is curated by experts and filled with one-of-the-kind items made for Chewy.

Chewy Puppy Box and Happy Birthday

So far we have got a few monthly subscription boxes and every one of them was thoroughly loved to the last thread and bite. We tried the Puppy Box and Happy Birthday before and were not disappointed with toys for young dogs and with everything birthday themed.

Chewy Pup Fest Box Promo

Each box is themed and this month it was Pup-Fest. It is summer after all, the best time for music and celebration, even if we still have to do our celebrations and fests in safe social distance style…

Chewy Goody Box Pup-Fest Deals

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This is what we got in the latest Pup-Fest box for large dogs:

Squeaking Dragon dog toy

Chewy Squeaking Dragon

The dragon is mighty cute and happy, but it would be unwise to think that its dragon wings and charms will deter those white teeth for long. Plush toys usually don’t live long in the homes with young large dogs, like mine. The dragon is very cuddly though and makes the most pleasant squeaking sounds. I have to agree that it’s a great toy for summer entertainment, despite its short life span.

Roasted Marrow Beef Bone

Chewy Beef Bone

This chew is probably Marlo’s favorite of all – it smells heavenly and won’t budge no matter how hard he chews on it. I love giving it to him while we are outside by the pool, because he can lay down in the shade and get busy shredding it without making my carpets dirty inside. This large bone is going to last us for a long time!

Soft Baked American Journey Chicken Flavor Treats

Chewy American Journey Chicken Flavor Treats

This is why I love Chewy – their treats are always American made and all natural. They contain no grain, corn, soy, or wheat. Meat is a number one ingredient and I can definitely tell the difference. Marlo is quite spoiled and finding tasty treats is not that easy. However, Chewy’s treats are loved 100% of time.

Halo Healthsome Garden of Vegan Peanut N’ Pumpkin Recipe dog biscuits

Chewy dog biscuits

The flavor is unusual for summer, but fall will be coming before we know it, I guess. Marlo is crazy about peanut butter things and enjoys these biscuits very much. He cares not for the time of the year, it can be Christmas if I would ask him, but he will always accept a nice treat of peanut butter and pumpkin. The treats are vegan and have no meat, GMO, dairy, or rice.

Flat Plush Squeaking Alligator

Chewy Flat Plush Squeaking Alligator

We have recently ordered some flat toys for him and now we’ve got this extra bonus one. These Frisco toys are tough and absolutely great for fetching and tugging games. I like to take Marlo outside and throw some toys for him to run after and get tired this way instead of walking in the scorching summer heat. The toys like this remain intact even after quite a few fetching sessions!

Just like always – thank you, Chewy!