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Coolest Stuff for Cats from Chewy

Coolest Stuff for Cats from Chewy

Chewy is not just for dogs, people! The company loves cats just the same. If you have some felines on your mind and in your heart, check out Chewy for all the essentials and products for the ultimate spoiling because who doesn’t want to spoil their kitties during this quarantine lockdown? They keep us sane, so we should also keep them sane, with treats, toys, and essential gear.

Chewy Deals for Cats

Chewy will deliver your order to your door fast, sell you everything for unbeatable prices, and shower your felines with personalized touches and birthday cards.

Chewy Goody Box for Cats

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Chewy Gifts for Cats

These are some items that should be in your cat shopping list from Chewy:

Rescue Remedy Calming Drops

What kitty doesn’t need some calming drops now that we are home all the time bothering her or him? I would need some too! This homeopathic formula is gentle and can help when you have to take a trip with your cat or with routine vet visits.

Toys for Cats from Chewy

Necoichi raised water bowl

You wouldn’t want to drink water bending down and straining your neck, would you? Neither do your pets. This bowl is great for older cats and for all that prefer some help from gravity while eating and drinking.

Nature’s Miracle stain and odor remover

Who says that cat’s urine smells unbearably? Not those of us who are using this product. This stain remover can also be used with laundry to remove the odor from wipes and towels. A few drops of it can even be poured into a shoe of an unfortunate visitor that your cat didn’t like.

Purr-Palooza subscription box

Purr-Pallooza for cats from Chewy

This box comes every month and contains goodies for cats that are picked by experts to ensure maximum taste and entertainment. Your kitty will get two bags of scrumptious treats to make life better, two toys to make life more active, and something extra, like an expendable cat cave for extra joys of running to be had.

Miracle care wipes for eyes

Little boogers in cat’s eyes can destroy her entire appeal and character, so don’t ever let that happen. You also don’t want to touch that stuff with your fingers, but with these wipes you don’t have to.

Cat trees & condo


The selection here is endless. Your kitty will feel like royalty on one of those multi-level creations that include some workout climbs, comfy sleeping corners, and plenty of claw sharpening opportunities (instead of your couch corners).

Safari self-cleaning hair brush

I have the highest confidence that while we love our cats, we don’t necessarily get overjoyed about the hair all over the place, right? Before that happens, brush your best friend with this periodically and you will be sure to never sit in cat’s hair with black pants again.

ChomChom hair remover

Let’s talk a bit more about hair. If brushing the cat doesn’t do 100% of the job and you can still find some hair on your furniture, brush those places with ChomChom brush and you will never have to leave the house looking like a cat yourself.

Travel bowls from Mr. Peanut

It’s enough stress for any cat to travel, but there is absolutely no reason to add to that by keeping her hungry or thirsty. These convenient bowls can be taken on every adventure and on every moving across the country trip.

Sherpa pet carrier

No cat will ever love a carrier, that is a fact, but they can hate it a little less if it is Sherpa made, spacious, machine washable, breathable, multiple door, and airline approved carrier. Trust me, you will love it too when you won’t have to squeeze your claw bearing kitty through a small side opening just to take her to the vet.

A timed feeding bowl

If you are tired of being woken up at 6 am on Saturday by a hungry cat on your face, get her this and your problems might be solved, at least until she is ready to play. The timed bowl is also amazing for the times when we’ll have life outside of the house again and sometimes won’t be home for a feeding or two.

Chewy Auto food and litter shipments

Seresto tick and flea collar

If your feline has a strong sense of adventure and is allowed outdoor time, this collar is a must if you don’t want her eaten alive by ticks. It will stay on and give you some peace of mind that she or he is protected from those blood sucking elements.

Litter Genie

If you have ever had a baby, you know what this is. This one is for cat litter, but works the same way as with diapers. There are bags inside, where you scoop the litter in, tie each one individually, and lock all odors inside for up to 2 weeks. You. Need. This!

Laser pointer toy

Chewy Laser Pointer Toy

Every indoor cat needs one of these, or a few. I love watching my cat get really into this game and get her workouts chasing the light. It will sharpen their hunting instincts too, so if you’ll ever get a mouse in your house, it won’t stand a chance, just like the little red light.

Vet’s Best water-free cleanser

This miracle in a small bottle is made of natural ingredients and will be there for you when you won’t feel like battle your cat for some bath time. It cleanses the fur gently and doesn’t require rinse afterwards, making everybody’s life easy.

Organic cat grass

Organic cat grass

If you have some type of green thumb, you might have to fight with your kitty to make her leave your plant alone. Now you don’t have to. Order this from Chewy and she will have her own garden to mess with.

A covered cat bed

Even if your cat enjoys sleeping on you, she still needs her own private quarters for other times. Covered beds help cats feel safe and secure, which is their right and privilege, you know, because cats are human too.

Chewy Cat Bed

Arm & Hammer cat litter deodorizer

Every litter can use a little extra help with odor fighting. If, or better yet, when your cat goes for an extra big deed, even the strongest litter might seem too weak. Add a little bit of this product in the litter box and your nose will be safe from those explosions.

Auto food and litter shipments

Chewy Food and Litter Shipments

Last, but not least, auto ship orders from Chewy always come in time and get 30% off the first time and 5-10% savings on every order afterwards. This will make your life easier and you won’t have to go shopping in suffocating mask on your face or lug heavy bags all over the place.

You are welcome!