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Chewy and Asher House Support Adoptions

Chewy and Asher House

Chewy.com loves all animals and this is why the company is always on the lookout for positive stories that involve animals. This one is about dogs’ adoption.

If you’ve never thought about adopting a dog from a shelter, now you might. It turns out adopting dogs and saving their lives can be sexy, Instagram worthy, and all around positive. Just ask Lee Asher, a 6’5” former entrepreneur who is devoting his life to adopting dogs himself and promoting adoption all over the United States.

Asher House and Chewy

Chewy recognizes a good deed when it sees it, and this one is definitely it. Lee Asher is front and center in this story together with his RV and his 11 dogs. He has a huge following in the United States and worldwide; there are thousands of people who keep an eye on him and his travels, and who come to shelters to meet him and his dogs. He is also credited with increased adoptions from shelters that he visits, which is exactly what he wants.

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How does he do it? He looks good and has plenty of charisma to go around for dogs and for people. He quit his finance industry job, raised money, bought an RV, and went on a road. He travels most of the year all over continental US, and visits as many shelters as he can in every state meeting people and raising awareness.

It turns out, awareness still needs to be raised as there are many people who don’t know what to expect from shelters and animals there and avoid that scene all together. Lee Asher and his friend Luke Barton want to change that. They want to show that dogs from shelters are not any less worthy of a good home as puppies for sale. The two friends also want to show that you can live a fun life and travel with as many as 11 dogs. The sky is the limit.

Sure, every morning there are 11 bags to be scooped up and potty breaks have to take place every few hours while on the road, but all that is easily forgotten when the men spend time with all dogs exploring the country and enjoying active lifestyle.

Asher House and Chewy Support Adoptions

How many of us could really benefit from having a dog in our life? How many more adventures we could be a part of when the need to walk a dog would get us off the couches and took us outside? And all of that for a good cause!

Asher’s goal is to reduce the rates of euthanasia in this country at least by half and he is on his way there. He wants to convince us that if we can open our hearts and homes to a dog, we should open them to the dog that has been abused, neglected, and waiting for a very long time. Asher’s travels and his lifestyle is a living proof that there are no untrainable dogs, there are no dogs too old, and there are certainly no dogs that wouldn’t be ready for unconditional love no matter what the situation that they came from is.

His travels encourage us to donate, to volunteer, and most importantly, to adopt. He schedules stops along the way and meets fans at select shelters. As a result, adoptions increase at those shelters and more people become aware. This is a beautiful thing, and Chewy.com recognizes that and supports every effort for animal welfare.