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Chewy's Best Dog Grooming Products

Chewy's Best Dog Grooming Products

I go to Chewy.com for all my furry baby’s needs and so far it’s always been great. I love free shipping on $49+ and I love getting my orders in 1-3 days. Even during the height of corona quarantine in April Chewy was delivering stuff in about 5 days, unlike Amazon with its sometimes 18 day delivery.

Chewy's Top Dog Grooming Products

Chewy always has some sales and promo codes, so while you can find virtually anything that is pet related, you will also have many opportunities to save.  Needless to say, people love Chewy for all of that and more.

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I recently ran out of dog shampoo that I usually buy at Home Goods. Given the corona situation and low stock of everything in stores like Home Goods, I decided to get all I need from Chewy.com. And what I needed was some shampoos with conditioner, a new brush, nail clippers, and shears for beard and eyebrow trimming.

Marlo has a very nice wavy Portuguese water dog coat that doesn’t shed or matt. I think this is the best coat in the world because I don’t even have to brush it! Most non-shedding dogs mat and need brushing at least once a week. We definitely lucked out with him because some PWD coats are more curly and do need constant brushing.

Chewy's Grooming Products for Dogs

My plan at first was to learn how to groom him myself, but it never materialized. Who wants to spend hours working on the fur when you can take him to a groomer every 2-3 months and pay just $100 for a bath, coat trim, ear cleaning, and nail trim? Not this girl!

Bath I will give him any time and very often. We go for walks and he gets his white paws dirty very easily, so I need shampoo all the time. My daughter loves brushing him, so we needed a new brush because the old one was a bit chewed up. Finally, I never cut dog’s nails before, but to save our floor from scratching I decided to try.

Chewy's Dog Grooming Products Offers

After some research and reviews reading I decided to get 5 things. Unfortunately my order didn’t show up at my door for 2 days, or 5, or even 10. I received no email update either. After 10 days I lost my patience and got mildly irritated, so I called them. It took about 2 minutes to get connected to a nice lady, who wasn’t very passionate, but polite enough. She said the reason for my order’s delay is the nail clippers, which are not available at this time. She asked if she can take them off and I said yes. That was it. No apologies, nothing. If not for my call they might’ve never shipped it. This was my first dealing with their customer service and while I found it polite, I was not impressed. The legend of Chewy sending personalized dog portraits to make it right didn’t pan out in my case. I guess I should’ve been angrier or something…

After my call I had my order delivered next day, so Chewy redeemed itself a little bit. This is what 4 items I got:

NaturVet Hemp 2-in-1 Dog Shampoo & Conditioner with Argan & Coconut – $15.99

This shampoo is natural and contains conditioner, which makes things faster and shinier. It smells like lemon verbena and aloe. Marlo doesn’t enjoy long baths very much, so this quick solution is perfect for us. He is a water dog alright, but that is limited only to natural lakes and rivers with him.

HyLyt Hypoallergenic Shampoo with Essential Fatty Acids for dogs and cats – $13.81

Chewy HyLyt Hypoallergenic Shampoo

You can never have too many shampoos on hand with a young dog in the house, so I bought this one as well. It doesn’t have conditioner, but it has fatty acids, which I figured are just as good. And indeed, his coat looks beautiful after this and he never scratches. The shampoo smells like coconut and reminds me of beach.

Safari Combo Brush for dogs – $11.46

Chewy Safari Combo Brush for dogs

It is medium sized and has a bristle side and a pin side. Since Marlo doesn’t shed, he needs brushing just for massage purposes. His tail hair is usually pretty long and can always use some brushing. The pin side is perfect for the tail, while the bristle side is great for distributing natural oils all over his shiny black coat.

ConAir Pro dog rounded-tip Shears – $8.67

Chewy's ConAir Pro dog rounded-tip Shears

I like how these shears feel comfortable in my hands and how sharp they are. They feature rounded tips, which come very handy when Marlo starts moving his head away from me as I come close to his beard and eyes, which are the only two places I trim myself. I think they will last us a lifetime with the small tasks we need them for.

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