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Best Toys and Treats for Happy Pets

Chewy Entertaining ToysFrisco toys for Chewy are every dog’s paradise

If you have to stay home through coronavirus danger and who knows how much longer, the best way to do that is with your cat or dog, or fish, or horse. The calming effect of pets can’t be denied. They are also the ones to drag us outside for some movement during our Netflix filled days at home.

Chewy Toys PromotionsShe is one big and alert Chewy fan

In turn, we have to take care of them and not just by being in their faces all the time, however tempting that may be. We are talking about good food, tasty treats, and fun toys. Doing that for them can help us feel in control when we can’t control much else.

Chewu Promo Spring 2020Blue boxes from Chewy better stay high up or risk getting ripped apart

There are also cases when our pets feel betrayed by us working at home and not taking them out for a walk. How is Frido supposed to know about the dangers of our modern life? To help him cope with our unusual presence consider getting him some seriously entertaining toys from Chewy.

Entertaining Toys from ChewyPerfect for hide and seek

Chewy.com is the king of all pet supplies and the capital of entertaining toys for all kind of animals, but especially dogs and cats, who really feel our changing habits. All orders over $49 ship free and many other savings are possible there.

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Chewy Spring Promo 20OFFI shall open them with me, myself, and I – I share with no one

A dog might be excited about your presence at home and extra chances for walks, but your feline friend might be downright annoyed and in panic.

Chewy Viking Dog ToysViking collection from Frisco is both cute and sexy

Here are some things that will help them and you both to cope and to coexist happily:

Frisco Mythical Mates Viking Plush with Rope Squeaking Dog Toy – $9.99

Chewy Mythical Mates Viking Dog ToyWhat’s red, fiery, and good for chewing?

This Viking is a triple threat – it has orange braided ropes for tugging, a plush body for chewing, and a squeaker for extra happiness, and what dog doesn’t love that extra happiness? Just make sure you have it hidden during that important conference call if you want to be taken seriously.

Frisco Mythical Mates Viking Bear Plush Squeaking Dog Toy – $6.99

Chewy Viking Bear Dog-ToyYou can look cute all you want, but the teeth are coming for you still

If you have a super chewer at home, this won’t last very long, but it is mighty cute while it does. It also works for keeping up with mythic hero corona saga. This plush bear also has a squeaker and thus poses the same danger to your important calls as the Viking.

Frisco Mythical Mates Viking Muscle Plush Squeaking Dog Toy – $12.99

Chewy Viking Dog ToyViking Mates toys would be good enough for kids

This sexy Viking might appeal to dog mamas more than to dogs themselves. They won’t find any braids here, but that six-pack is very impressive. That massive chest is made of rubber-like material and can sustain some serious throws and tosses, while built-in squeaker and soft rest of the body are universally enticing.

Frisco Mythical Mates Viking Sword Ballistic Nylon Plush Squeaking Dog Toy – $7.99

This is the final puzzle piece in the Viking saga for your dog. Your pup will be the real gamer with this sword that is perfect for fetching games. It’s also pretty tough and not that easily destructible, which means that it will be loved for a long time. And after the battle is won, such sword becomes a perfect snuggle buddy.

Frisco Mythical Mates Gnome Plush Squeaking Dog Toy, 3-Pack – $7.99

Chewy Coupon 20OFFCuteness overload from Chewy!

For just $7.99 you can give your dog not one, but three gnomes! They are totally cute and they squeak, so get ready to hear a gnome in every room. They probably won’t last long, but you can hide them in random corners and see which one survives the longest. Humans need some entertainment too!

Frisco Mythical Mates Troll Plush Squeaking Dog Toy, 3-Pack – $99

Chewy Mythical Mates Troll Dog ToyTrolls are safe in this puzzle toy from Frisco, maybe

The trolls fit your dog’s Viking collection to a T. They are also small and can be easily hidden for longer fun. After one dies, there are two more, so sadness is not all consuming. The price of these cute play companions is hard to beat.

Frisco Rope with 5 Knots Dog Toy – $9.98

Chewy Rope with 5 Knots Dog ToyRopes are always good and Chewy knows it

If your dog is anything like most, he will be in heaven after the reveal of this toy. It’s brightly colored rope with knots, hello! Bigger dogs will definitely get some workout and so will you if you’ll agree to engage.

Frisco Bouncy Mouse Cat Toy – $2.98

Chewy-Frisco Bouncy Mouse Cat Toy

It bounces and all 4 legs bounce for the ultimate feline instinct activation. Your furry friend will bounce and leap with it. And you never know, maybe she will be less annoyed by you if you’ll slip this toy on your finger and let her have some mouse action. And at $2.98 you can buy a few!