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Panic Buying Continues for Dog Food

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As corona virus is here to stay for a while and we are to remain at home, panic buying is not going to end any time soon. Besides sanitizing products, paper towels, and toilet paper, people are stockpiling dog food and other supplies. According to Nielsen’s research, dog and cat food sales spiked by over 50% compared with March a year ago. All other pet supplies and toys are up by over 20%.

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Pet food makers all report higher sales numbers. It’s understandable – we love our pets and want to make sure we have what we need to take care of them. However, we all need to keep things in perspective. Pets don’t eat any more than before, so extra large quantities of food are not needed. This type of panic buying creates shortages and can leave some people badly in need. Despite the assurance and the fact that grocery stores are staying open, people are still buying more than they need to. Costco, Walmart, and Petco are all open, despite some of them not being essential business.

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Petco is arguing for staying open because it sells nearly a third of all dog food in the US. Grocery stores alone might not meet such demand. Yet grocery stores are not alone. There are online retailers who are also staying busy, but continue delivering groceries, other products, and pet supplies.

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Amazon and Chewy are two examples. Amazon has always been popular, but now it simply can’t handle the demand. Despite hiring new drivers and efforts to streamline their shipping warehouses, the company has been late and delayed orders by as much as 18 days. The same is said about pet food and supplies. Perhaps we all can take some clues here and give them a break. Amazon is not the only one online retailer with pet food and toys.

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Chewy.com has been way busier than always as well, but the company seems to be handling the increased demand graciously as they have always been. So don’t fret and don’t panic shop – Chewy is hiring 6,000 new employees to meet your demand and to take care of your pets’ needs.

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As our shopping patterns are changing, companies like Chewy.com experience stock surge (10%) against the backdrop of otherwise grim economic outlook. Even before the corona virus and resulting COVID-19 pandemic, pet supply industry was growing rapidly with traditional retailers venturing into pet food and giants like Walmart opening veterinary clinics at many of its stores.

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As Americans are fostering and adopting more pets, the current number of households with pets stands at 85 million, which is 67% of all families.

At the end of the day, we all need to relax. We and our pets will be fine as long as we spend this time responsibly, stay home, and don’t give in to panic. Chewy.com can and will deliver anything you and your pet need in as little as 4 days. Granted, it’s not their usual 2-day delivery, but it still doesn’t give you any reason to stockpile huge quantities of food.