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Best Dental Treats for Dogs

Whimzees Dental Treats for DogsWhimzees are always hard to resist

Chances of you brushing the teeth of not only your kids, but your dogs too are pretty slim to none, right? But you don’t always feel like smelling your dog’s bad breath and seeing brown teeth of older dogs either. It turns out, you don’t have to brush those teeth to see them white and sparkling – Whimzees have it all taken care of.

Whimzees Dental Treats for Small DogsAmazing selection of Whimzees is available at healthy food stores

Whimzees are all natural dental treats for dogs that taste good and do the cleaning job. You can buy a bag of them or get Daily Use Pack, where there is a dental treat for every day of the week. Those packs can be for 1 week, 2 weeks, or an entire month’s supply, making your life very easy and also ensuring that Fido will brush his teeth every day and with joy. After all, we do it too – brush teeth, take vitamins, and perform many other repetitive tasks based on time.

Whimzees Natural Dog TreatsWhat is natural and oh so addictive?

How do Whimzees work, you may ask? They are extra tasty GMO free dog chews with special valleys and hills to make sure all that steak gets out of the tough spots. Not only that – Whimzees also boast more chewing time and extra toughness on plaque and tartar.

Whimzees DiscountsWhimzees come in every shape and form

Whimzees come in various sizes (XS-XL), so every dog can find a proper chew for his built. The treats are sold in 32 countries and made without artificial ingredients, food coloring, flavor enhancers, and other harmful chemicals. WellPet LLC is based in Netherlands and in addition to Whimzees, makes Wellness, Old Mother Hubbard, Holistic Select, Eagle Pack, and Sojos dog food brands. For over 100 years this family owned company strives to provide the best natural nourishment for our pets with innovation, heritage, and quality in mind.

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While family pets’ health is at the foremost importance at WellPet, animals in need are too. Wellness Foundation is a branch of the company that is involved with local charities to ensure that all animals have a chance at life and happiness.

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The mission and attention to pet health is what keeps company among the best, so you know your pet is eating healthy when you buy anything made by WellPet. While we mentioned bad breath and brown teeth, neglected chompers can cause more problems than these. Bad breath can signal periodontal disease in dogs that impact their quality of life, not just the smell of their kisses.

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This disease threatens about 80% of dogs older than 3 years of age. If left untreated it can cause gum infection, teeth pain and loss, and problems eating. You won’t make a dog eat when his teeth are hurting and that can lead to serious malnourishment. As much as 50% of pet owners don’t notice any signs of periodontal disease before it’s too late.

Whimzees Natural Dental TreatsWhimzees are better than anything else on the market

When it comes to our awareness, we are not that good:

  • 30% of owners never take their dogs for professional dental cleaning
  • Only about 30% of people brush dog teeth with a toothbrush
  • About 40% of owners know that bad breath can mean serious disease
  • 12% of pet parents notice loose teeth
  • 17% can see swollen gums and bleeding

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The stats are not very good, so again, having tasty cleaning supplies from Whimzees can save many dogs and many teeth. Long chewing time ensures that all bacteria are gone and every crevice is clean.

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I think we all agree that we can provide one Whimzee treat per day to help those teeth stay healthy and those wet kisses fresh. Even after such daily cleaning with dental chews, it wouldn’t hurt to take your dog for dental cleaning at least once per year to make sure nothing serious is brewing behind the scenes.

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