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How to Save on Subscription Boxes for Dogs

Save on Subscription Boxes for Dogs

I always feel that ordering my dog subscription boxes helps me save already. If I had to get out there and spend time driving, visiting different pet stores, browsing for best and cutest toys, and picking treats that are natural, I would spend not only more money, but my priceless time as well. Having a young active dog at home requires quite a few toys and chews at all times, so the supply replenishment process is never ending.

Subscription Boxes for Dogs Discounts

Besides those automatic savings and convenience, there are actual ways to save extra on the subscription boxes themselves in the shape of deals, coupons, and perks. Trust me, the companies want you to find them, test them, order from them, and then come back to them. All of that is best encouraged with coupons and discounts.

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Let’s take a look at some ways that can help you save on subscription boxes for dogs:

Signing up for multiple months

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If you try a box and like it, do not pay month to month for it. Sign up for 3, 6, or best – 12 months. You can save a good chunk of money this way. For example, Super Chewer box will set you back $39 per month if paid on a monthly basis, $34 if signed up for 6 months, and only $29 per month with 12 month subscription. This means that yearly membership saves you $10 each month, which equals to $120 per year.

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Free month

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Another way some companies encourage you to sign up for a period of time is by giving one month free. For example, Super Chewer often gives one free month if you sign up for 6 months.

Friends referral

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Some companies, like BarkBox sends referral cards, which are invitations for friends to try a free box and hopefully sign up for it in the future. This way your friend gets a free box and often times you get a discount upon his or her commitment.

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  • Choose a 6 or 12 Mo. Plan and Take Double Your First Box

“We miss you” coupons

If you decide to cancel your account or decline renewal, many subscription boxes will send you a coupon to invite you back. They will say that they miss you so much that they are ready to give you 15% or so off on your next box or subscription.

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Subscription boxes for dogs coupons

The best coupons for subscription boxes can be found on social media platforms, like Facebook or Instagram. If you use those sites, you might as well follow BarkBox, Super Chewer, PupBox, and Chewy, and see if you can spot some coupons from time to time. Granted, coupons on subscription boxes are not very frequent, but they are not impossible either. Another good place for them is various pet forums, so get engaged and besides valuable advice you might just get significant discounts.

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New Customers

New customers are loved everywhere and often get first box free or an extra free welcome box. It is very important for all companies to make an excellent first impression, so you can always expect some perks. If nothing else, you can call them and ask for a discount on your first box – most will offer you something.

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Consolation discounts

Finally, if you don’t like something that you receive or want to cancel, give the company a call before leaving and see if they can replace products, upgrade your subscription, or give you some discounts to keep you happy. Trust me, they all want you to be happy and will do a lot for that to happen. All it sometimes takes is a phone call or an email and it never hurts to try.